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wya meaning in text messages

The Lord will perfect all that is left to be perfected. 48.

You are the most merciful, most precious and above all the best, we are crowded here today to seek for your help upon our health, heal us of every pain and bless us with fresh health.

GR8 abbreviation.

Thank you Jesus. Sickness is not your portion. Let him/ her know that you care. I know that you are healed already because God told us to prophesy and whatever will say with our mouths will definitely come to pass. I may not be able to be there to take care of you right now. Thank God for the restoration of the health of our brother, we are here to seek your help to restore the health of our beloved sister too.

25 Healing text messages for your love. Please forgive me for my unavailability at this time. I pray that the breeze blows the freshness of a new day on you. 28. I pray that God’s tight hands will protect you, and the angels will never leave you behind. With just a touch of God’s almighty hand, you will be healed in all totality. I miss you my love, please get well soon. Restore his/ her body and heal him/ her completely. 14.

8. I command the healing of God upon you, every demon disturbing your life shall be separated from you henceforth. I know and can feel how you feel right now. Please heal him/ her totally.

How I wish I was just there staying by your side right now. Send your love the best dose of healing text messages from here.

The pain of the disease shall be subdued for you by the special grace of God. All your desires shall be fulfilled by the mighty name of God, and your health shall be raised to the highest standard. 32. Happiness will always surround you and the affection of the almighty will never leave you.

71. Grant healing to those that are ill. 83. 74. 10. Content here tells a story with the intention to shape narratives.

Please get well soon dearie. You better get well soon.

Bless and love us o Lord. I wish to see you standing on your feet.

If you are into textual intercourse or social media you will need a comprehensive text dictionary. Dear lovely brother, today is your day, today is your birthday so we pray you are healed any moment from now. 41. Protect his body against further sickness in the nearest future. 70. You being ill is like losing the best of me. Heal us from all kinds of diseases and protect our home from every epidemic. I miss you, darling. Please get well soon my love. 82. In your pains and weakness. Oh God, my friends and love is special to me. I trust in your mercy and goodness, king of glory and I am sure you will heal the love of my life. Thank you for everything and more Dear God as I am sure my prayers are answered already. May your body recover in a speed of light. Learn how your comment data is processed. Dear God, please let your arms be like a cover to this my love and friend. May the Lord heal you of this disease, may the Lord bless you with a new body system stronger than it used to be. 78. Miss our fun times together. Dear God, I have come before you with my need. By his stripes, you are healed. Let us come together tomorrow to celebrate complete and total healing.

13. Please heal completely oh Lord. O Lord bless my heart with health, my body with energy, and my soul with purity. I thank you oh Lord because you have healed my love completely. Connect with Detola on

33. We pray that such predicament stops and never rise again. heal my love completely.

9. Your current and future illness shall perish forever. We so much miss you and can’t wait anymore but to see you soon. Just think of me today and always and that will get you better. You lazy human. Release her out of this sickness. I am praying for you everyday. All you need to do is dwell in his embrace and he will heal you completely. You are healed by His grace. Abbreviations used in emails and text messages, Abbreviations used in computing and on the internet. 26. I miss our plays, the fun times and the naughty you. 87.


Send your nourishing food to his soul and spirit, so that he would be strong physically and spiritually as well. Send a couple of healing prayer messages to the love of your dreams. 85. Lord of mercy, we submit ourselves to you, we want you to purify our souls and heal our sickness.

Your body is a temple of God and sickness should never have a place to stay in there. 89. May you be completely healed. If he/ she has sinned that is making this sickness come upon him/ her, please forgive him/ her so that we can rest and dwell in your secret place.

Thank you for your mighty healing hand. The collection of healing text messages will do just fine when he/ she is sick.

49. 43. May God be with you. 44. 36. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon you this morning, may He grant you quick recovery from this illness. I hope for a quick recovery for you and ask God to prevent future illness from you. You mean the whole world to me, so is your happiness and well-being as well. 40. I wish you a healthy body from now on.

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