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She is nicknamed Masamune in the original language and Melony in the English language. Masane was found at the epicenter of what could be considered ground zero. Masane Amaha is unlike other wielders of the Witchblade. As she tries to get Rihoko back, she ends up in an car accident, arrested and sent to South Asagaia Detention Center where she later encounters her first Ex-Con which is attracted to her. Her second and final, true transformation gives her red and purple armor, and her eyes become purple and pink and her hair becomes white. Masane Amaha is unlike other wielders of the Witchblade. Masane Amaha, real name Ohara Yasuka, is the protagonist of the anime series, Witchblade. After some debate, she relinquishes custody of Rihoko to the NSFW, but soon afterwards, she has a change of heart and tries to take Rihoko back. Masane Amaha ( 天羽 雅音) is the lead character of the "Witchblade" (Anime). She was discovered unharmed inside ground zero (A phenomenal disaster). Occupation She was also holding a baby in her arms and had lost all her memory. Still highly bittersweet as it seemed built up to be leading to a point where either Maria turned and found a 'true mother', or Maria went crazy and got killed for being powermad, allowing her subordinates to turn by being shocked at what she'd become. She is also the mother of Rihoko Amaha. Hobby She never used its abilities to create wings or gills to breath underwater.

Origin Type of Hero Protect Rihoko Amaha (succeeded at the cost of her own life), put her shoes on before rescuing rihoko (gave up) Masane Amaha were kicked out of a domestic shelter. Ex-Cons are monsters that feed on people, and it was the same thing that attacked Masane while she was in jail. Masane then agreed, and Reiji briefs her about hunting the "Ex-Cons". Thus, the Witchblade makes her an ultimately pure, killing weapon. She also gained a new form of the Witchblade, which allowed her increased strength to new levels. But, because of this new form, the Witchblade began to drain her life and eventually caused her death. She mostly used its abilities as a blade that grew from her arm or extending her hair into blades. Full Name Soon after that she would face off against two other Witchblade wielders that work for a huge corporation that is trying to over throw the government. Masane would eventually come to defeat them but, soon after, the Witchblade starts breaking down her body which leads to her death. However, it is connected to the expanded universe of the Witchblade. Friends/Allies The Witchblade soon awakens after Masane is taken to jail after stealing a police car in an effort to get Rihoko back from NSWF's Child Welfare Division. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other The Witchblade acts differently with Masane when compared to the original American wielders; when activated the Witchblade gives Masane not only a different hair color and style, but also an ecstasy-like rush that heightens when she fights. She was recovered at Ground Zero, the epicenter of the Great Quake. Six years later, Masane and the baby (Rihoko) returned to Tokyo. Later on, she would face off against two other Witchblade wielders that worked for a huge corporation that was trying to overthrow the government. Masane would be taken in by a man working for the Douji Group Industries. Do-Gooder This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll The Witchblade anime has also spawned several painted PVC figurines as is common in Japan. The machine attacked Masane and because of this the Witchblade awakened and Masane became the new wielder and destoryed the machine without even breaking a sweat. Origin Rihoko Amaha (Adopted Daughter)Reiji Takayama (Lover) Normal She lost all her memory due to a catastrophic event that nearly destroyed Tokyo. As the rogue Ex-Con prepares himself to kill Masane, the Witchblade activates and begins to transform Masane and encases her with a black armor.

Occupation Ohara Yasuka Masane AmahaMelanie (by Tozawa)

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