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weller 12 year shortage

Just had my daughter scoop up 7 bottles reserve in Texas for $30@. She said “nothing today”. We only provided the update to consumers, retailers, and bartenders in an honest and forthright attempt to explain why bottles seem so scarce these days.”. Or the fact that its barrel proof? In May 2013 the group released a statement warning customers that availability of Buffalo Trace, Blanton’s and Eagle Rare Bourbons may be scarce. But buying overpriced bourbon just to show off is just legitimizing the gougers, and it makes you look dumb. Stopping in Louisville on the way to IN, I found a bottle of 1.75 WSR for 35.00 dollars the last one. You might not find it at two stores or three... or you might have to come back,” said Charles K. Cowdery, author of Bourbon Straight. Bernheim is 51% wheat. Joe…I’m guilty as charged with the “great white” stories. Elmer T., Weller special reserve and Antique 107 are regularly available here in the Chicago land area. Weller special reserve not worth the fuss but Weller antique is great and available where I live. If not…the two closest?

Sazerac 18 comes in at #2 on our list of overrated whiskeys. Could we stop writing articles about secondary prices? being that they only have ONE wheater (WLW) in the entire BTAC collection, it only makes sense…they have 2 Rye and 2 corn (Sazerac & Handy) (Stagg & Eagle Rare) and the one wheater, William Larue Weller. I love drinking whisk(e)y but I'm no expert, my reviews are just honest opinions from an amateur! ECBP is not a bad whiskey by any means, but it feels like it could be so much better. I really like the Weller 12. And Old Charter 10 Year. This fine twelve year old bourbon whiskey has a deep amber color, with complex flavors of vanilla, oak and cinnamon. Also don’t let the Weller’s line of underwhelming bottle design and labels deter you from finding the gem. Press J to jump to the feed. I think I paid ~$42 including shipping the last time I picked up a bottle of Weller via Ezra’s. Georgia must be behind the curve, the last bottle I got around two months ago I paid the usual 14.99. This is going to be a controversial choice, but let’s talk this through. Weller will continue to be produced by Buffalo Trace, although stocks remain low. I have been enjoying good old generic buffalo trace bourbon this week for $30 a bottle that you can find anywhere. Scarcity and price hikes are really that simple to explain. Really the only area that has a lot of it is that store that you went to ( I know the store but won’t dare mention it). It's just odd how CA and other places haven't had it for months, yet can readily get almost any other non-limited release from BT or other distilleries (albeit in limited allocation). I found s store in Denver with 1.75 L bottles of Special Reserve for $33.95!! for what it is, a great American Iconic aged 12 year wheated Bourbon. How is this possible (I suppose I'm asking an ELI5) when apparently its available by the truckload in TX and other places all over the US?

Weller was credited as the first to use a “wheated” bourbon recipe, a recipe that used wheat rather than rye in the mashbill and spent his lifetime educating consumers about the difference in his bourbon. I’ll keep chasing the 12 year but not paying the jacked price. If you read our recent article on Pappy alternatives, you know that Weller 12 Year did not fare particularly well in a blind tasting of wheated bourbons. I’ve never seen a OLW 12 in the wild. This bourbon trickle down effect can also be seen with the Four Roses. Found my stash of antique. Elmer T. Lee and W.L. If I hadn’t been present at the opening of the WLW carton, I doubt it’s appearance would have ever been Weller Special Reserve sells in St. Louis for $29.99 for 1.75L. Buffalo Trace gets difficult to find in Alabama!! Their Single Barrel Limited Edition pushed the popularity of Four Roses Store Picks even higher. Oof, you got absolutely taken. Love it. That makes Sazerac 18 overrated. Every year Michter’s comes out their 10-year bourbon and rye and people clamor over the opportunity to pay over $100 for a moderately aged and proofed product.

Res. yes !.. Oh but we haven’t gotten a good “Lu rant” in a few weeks!! “People are hearing Weller is the poor man's Pappy and … it sells quickly. Close. It’s not even W.L. One day he visits his local store and the owner pitches him Pappy’s Cousin for the low price of $100. Is this the bourbon version of trickle down economics? Richard Paterson joins Wolfcraig Distillery. Bad? I luv the OWA 107. Caramel, dark cherries, oak, pine nuts, some vanilla then loads of Crème Brule and wheaty sweetness (another term I have just coined that is grammatically flawed). Buying bourbon at second hand rates is like poor people voting for trump to spite brown people. So why is W12 nearly impossible to find? Years Aged 12. Archived. What store Arthur? is Product description. TX was a strong market for Weller 12 long before the Pappy craze. I have purchased a dozen bottle.

etc., etc., but is this still the case for Weller 12 and Old Weller 107? Here in Florida, I've been able to find both of these bottles flooding the shelves, but I'd say for the … Have developed a fondness for WLW. My liquor stores tell me they just arent getting it in. We’ll try to hunt down a sample to do a Quick Sips soon.) I left the other 4 for some other lucky people to stumble upon. "there's no whiskey shortage!" 5 Bourbon Products you NEED for your Bar! In PA, special reserve goes for $19.99 and plenty available. What is a good price for W.L. In comparison to WL12, WLR and their famous newly rich cousin, the WSR tastes young and rough around the edges- but there is enough similarity in profile to consider WSR to be an Ur Pappy. "Yes, consumption is up, demand is high, but there's still plenty of great brands on the shelf.". He gave me one for under $20 so the price was OK, but there won’t be any more here anytime soon. Experienced copper welders are in short supply. The big growth markets are predicted to be China and India.

Among them are whispers that Buffalo Trace will no longer produce W.L.Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon or Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, as it struggles to cope with demand for its other brands. Among them are whispers that Buffalo Trace will no longer produce W.L.Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon or Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, as it struggles to cope with demand for its other brands. If those markets develop the way they're predicted to, enough whiskey can't be made.”, If predictions don't bear out -– and there have been hiccups -- “everyone will have made too much," Cowdery says. I think that largely comes from  the fact that it is often hard to get hold of but that seems to be changing in the last year or so and I’ve found it easy to get bottles, they tend to be around for short bursts of time so you have to pull the trigger when you see them. “There may actually be too much whiskey,” says Cowdery. I LOVE the ENTIRE “Weller line”! I’d say that’s about right. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Yes, the bottle shape is cool, but can we all agree that the bourbon is just ok? Regardless, there is little detectable complexity in this bourbon – many releases are straight up fire in a bottle. but that is driven by its very high demand, age, brand and quality, take Pappy for instance 10 years back you could buy for $60-80.00, today +++$$+++, demand has driven its price, be fair to it and enjoy it and evaluate it without bias. Great deal given rarity. One of my regular spots called the other day to say they had received their annual allocation of Weller Special Reserve – 3 bottles. Lets use the new(er) to bourbon drinker as an example. Are people just lured in by the Stagg name? $('#force').val(count) I got a 1.75 of Weller 12 for Christmas, that’s just for me! He said try the Weller 12 year, it's the same Bourbon in the less prime casks. the others are a little more difficult, but i have managed to scoop up some weller 12 and old antique for less than $30. W.l. It will be the same with bourbon. Who knows at this point w/ how things are. I’ve been on a waiting list here over a year waiting on my allocation of “Weller 12”, but yeah, i agree, somethings going on with the Weller stuff. Bought two bottles of the Weller Special Reserve when I saw it in a small store in NY, $69 each. As their shortages continue, if you see a bottle of W.L. I have many bottles of them in my cabinet, and after reading this article yesterday, went out and bought 2 of 3 (left one on the shelf) of the “Old Weller Antique”…the store also had 3, 1.75Lbottles of the “Weller Special Reserve” going for $52.99 each….didn’t pick any of those up, as I’m pretty much stocked up with those. Weller. Others have pointed to my Poor Man’s Pappy (SB Blend) post. I live in CA and there is no Weller 12 to be found ANYWHERE here or online that ship to CA, but OWA 107 and Special Reserve are readily available on shelves. There’s loads of dark fruit on the finish which was not so prevalent on the palate. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I had a bottle of W.L. I have the special reserve and 107 and the 12 year and found them all not even twenty miles from where I live but I live in southern indiana so that might be why being so close to the bourbon capital.

It’s definitely much more scarce these days, but I’ve been able to keep a stock in the carolinas.

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