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Grace Chow further utilizes the micro-blogging nature of Weibo by uploading eye-catching pictures of her products to introduce the products to her audience. To help brands reach out to their targeted customers, Weibo provides several marketing packages which include things like display ads, Search Engine Promotion, and influencer marketing. To monitor marketing performance, businesses can access the data analytics tool in the Account Management Centre, which includes information such as the demographic details about your followers, performance data of each Weibo post and the number of page views on your account. The process would be monitored by Weibo official, which ensure fairness throughout the activity. Weibo focuses on younger generations, allowing them to keep up with hot topics, popular discussions, mainstream information and follow celebrity-related issues. As of Q3 2017, 43.7% of Weibo’s users were women and 56.3% were men; Besides, Weibo’s audience is mainly composed of young users, as of 2017 Q3, more than 80% of its users were less than 30 years old: Weibo has been seeing a significant increase of MAU’s over the last few years. All of this makes Weibo much more than just a Chinese Twitter. Liu has an arts background, and she thinks that’s part of the reason why she can see the beauty in “Tu” styles. Interested buyers can simply click on the image and be directed to for payment. Users can perform advanced searches through keywords allowing them to browse related posts, accounts, and fan pages on the platform. No wonder they hate you so much!!! Weibo has formed alliances with several e-commerce platforms (Taobao,, etc.) 3 Nov. 2020. They share similar features, such as allowing users to share content and follow others for their latest posts. Although Weibo is no longer in the limelight, it remains a powerful tool for users and advertisers alike. In the “Profile” section, it displays basic information of the user such as Alias, Gender and Location. Since 2014 Weibo has been experiencing steady growth of its revenue, with an increase of 76% in 2017. Below let’s see some of the VIP privileges: The VIP membership is important as it is a proof of being something greater than your average Weibo user. Users can comment on others’ Weibo stories. From afar or the perspective of a complete newbie, a weibo will appear misunderstood and harmless. As the keyword can only be bought by one buyer within a specific period of time, it ensures the uniqueness of your promotional item. It has introduced several advertising packages which include display ads, search engine promotion, newsfeed ads, and video ads, which are popular among companies in different industries. To lead users to a specific website, you can also insert a link in the message. ), organization verification (government departments, social media platforms, and brands, etc.) According to the Weibo Data Centre, the platform has reached an impressive 10+ billion monthly Weibo post impressions, which proves that Weibo has a highly engaged user base. When viewers click on the hashtag, they would be directed to a page that showcases all the related information, so that viewers can swiftly find and discuss the latest product launch. In addition to consuming Japanese comics, cartoons, and video games, weeaboos might sprinkle their speech with Japanese words, often using them incorrectly. The VIP membership is split into 7 stages, from VIP 1 to VIP 7, members would need to gain “growth value”  to “upgrade” their VIP status. Weibo’s user level calculation and identification. According to IResearch, Weibo has a significantly younger user demographics, for which more than 50% of them aged below 30 (for both mobile and PC users). as Chinese youth gains their cultural confidence, “Too Cool” is here to stay. A step-by-step guide to Opening a Weibo Corporate Account. For example, L’OrealPro inserted a link to its Tmall store on the homepage, which directs its fans to shop for their products directly. The overall interface style of Twitter is quite tidy and formal with a blue tone, while Weibo’s interfaces look more fun and entertaining with an orange tone. A Brief Introduction for Beginners  Read Now, Sina Weibo V.S. Wapanese was used extensively on the website 4chan in the early 2000s to insult white people who were deemed overly fond of and biased towards Japanese culture, particularly popular exports like anime, manga, and hentai. I'm gonna go talk to him. There are 5 main ways for brands to gain visibility on Weibo: Weibo influencers are the most straightforward and efficient way to carry promotions on Weibo. There are some extra functions useful for marketing management, such as auto-replies private messages, mass-messaging and the Micro hotspot (which tells you the popularity of words on the platform). Weibo used to be the one-and-only social platform in China – it has since been overshadowed by WeChat and newer entrants such as Toutiao or Douyin. A similar but much more neutral term is Japanophile. For example, if you are a cosmetics brand trying to boost a post featuring Lu Han, you may want to target females aged 18-30 (as Lu Han is popular among youngsters), and those who have followed cosmetics brands /KOLs’ accounts, or people who have interacted with Lu Han’s posts/topics previously, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the celebrity endorsement. Newsfeed advertisements are advertisements that are integrated within the explore page feed, businesses can customize the content of the promoted posts by adding text, pictures, and videos around a specific topic. Designer Angel Chen, a self-proclaimed “Dragon Princess” herself, also incorporates dragon patterns in her collection — like Liu sporting her favorite cultural symbols. In fact, both of them are leaders when it comes to micro-blogging platforms of the world – with one being used in China and one for the rest of the world. As mentioned before, Weibo has a “Discover” page that acts as a comprehensive search engine within the platform. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Through the wallet, users can make payments within Weibo for any product someone shares or links to within the app. The numerical value of Weibo in Chaldean Numerology is: 3, The numerical value of Weibo in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9. Celebrities’ accounts are given an orange “V” badge, while organizations and companies’ accounts have a blue “V” badge. Video streaming platform Bilibili hosts hundreds of “Too cool” videos giving styling tips. Weibo’s video advertisement and its landing page. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Extra interactive functions such as “Unfold” can lead viewers to a specific page, such as your brand account. It has transformed into something completely different from any predecessor by providing more versatility, functions, and user base. To compose an engaging message, businesses can make use of the media-rich nature of Weibo to create multimedia content including things like videos, pictures, live streaming, and adding emojis in their posts. For those who are familiar with Taobao, they may have heard of the “TaoKe promotion” (淘客推廣) introduced by Alimama, which allows people to earn money by promoting TaoBao products within their social circle. All rights reserved. An English version of is yet to be developed. Fill in company information for verification (you will get the blue “V” badge after completion). “We are in a pivotal moment of Chinese youth’s aesthetics,” Shanghai-based market research agency Youthology wrote in a recent subscriber newsletter. Below we’ll introduce 3 types of promotional campaigns popular on the platform. To maximize efficiency, you can specify the features of targeted viewers, such as age, regions, interests, life stages or even target those who have interacted with specific posts/topics. Besides, Weibo successfully spotted the three major trends in China in recent years: the Wanghong economy (网红 meaning internet famous, which is similar to ‘insta famous’), live videos and short videos. Weebos just cosplay and watch anime to be like the Otakus. From a design perspective we will have to figure out ways to encourage customers to be more willing to dress ‘Too Cool.’”, The natural overlap between the “Too Cool” concept and. Apart from the features mentioned above, Weibo also provides a lot of extra functions such as Weibo Fit, which records sports and health data like walking distance and calories burnt. If participants post any content to join the discussion about #7-day eye miracle# and tag @Lancôme, they would have a chance to win a one-year supply of the brand’s best-selling serum. To her 100,000 followers across different platforms, she is one of the thought leaders of the “Too Cool” movement. Weibo launched a paid VIP membership scheme in 2012, which allows users to “upgrade” their profile functionality. If increasing your follower base is your goal this is likely the right form of Weibo advertising for you! So how does VIP membership improve your profile’s functionality? The real-name certification is useful to differentiate micro-influencers and authorities from ordinary users. This is not meant to be a formal definition of weeaboo like most terms we define on, but is For Weibo users who have over 10 thousand followers and 100 thousand monthly page views, they can register on the platform and get automatically authorized if they pass the requirements. Being one of the largest information sharing platforms in China, Weibo not only attracts ordinary users but also representatives from different sectors, such as celebrities, media, government authorities, and corporations. Weibo offers CPM (cost for 1,000 advertising impressions) often 10 times cheaper than WeChat, with a high level of engagement and a smooth integration with Taobao/Tmall. To establish a prominent online presence in China, here are some tips for you to fully utilize Weibo’s marketing functions: To kickstart your marketing journey, you should first register a corporate account/verify your official account. If a Twitter user visits Weibo for the first time, she/he could be dazed by the complicated interface of the platform. to share the post, and has successfully raised people’s awareness of the new product. Qipao and shirts emblazoned with proverbs ranging in price from $30-$70. The action-oriented trigger buttons allow marketers to create campaigns around specific goals, such as inviting others to join an activity, buying certain goods and fostering app installations. For companies that are completely new in China, you should register a new foreign business account. The upon app-open display advertisement is also particularly useful for catching users’ attention as it pops up immediately upon opening the app. 529 talking about this. The activity attracted 13 thousand people from different regions in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, etc.) Weibo’s registration page (English Version available). To understand how to maximize the effects of influencer marketing on Weibo and who some of the biggest names in the business are read our post 4 Astonishing Weibo KOL Marketing Trends to Know for more information. But Zhao is firmly sticking to his chosen aesthetic, adding: “Many people find it interesting but they don’t want to wear it. Users can post content like pictures, videos or product reviews according to organizers’ instructions. Butterfly Princess, douban, Fabric Porn, Harajuku, kuaishou, Liu Min, Mukzin, Too Cool, Y2K, Zhao Chenxi. Still, for brands with a relatively small fan base, #Super Fans Tunnel may be more useful as it can help you to reach out to fans outside your following and increase your number of followers. Represents a love letter or note, valentine,… Love Hotel.

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