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Thanks to his youth and apparent autism, Harlan has even less control over his borrowed powers than Vanya, which ends up accidentally killing his father and triggering a snowstorm powerful enough to get the attention of the Commission. "[70] The season garnered a weighted average score of 67 out of 100 from 12 critics on Metacritic, signifying "generally favorable reviews". The android claims to remember nothing about it, but the siblings suspect that she is hiding something. In April 2019, Netflix reported that 45 million households had watched season one during its first month of release. and 1963, he goes out of his way to find Klaus to apologize for punching him a few days ago. Justin Paul Kelly as Harlan Cooper (season 2), Carl and Sissy's son who later develops powers after being saved from drowning by Vanya. Allison shows Ray her powers, Diego tells Grace that Reginald plans to kill JFK, and Carl spies on Sissy and Vanya as they make love in a car. Ben manifests physically through Klaus and uses his powers to defeat the gunmen. He's officially a series regular. As the world is consumed, Hazel and Agnes escape, and the Umbrella Academy transport back in time just before the apocalypse can kill them. Cue Vanya impaling him. He becomes acting chairperson of the Commission at the end of the second season. This would have happened... if he was a loving father figure. Despite initially appearing to have been blown up by Number Five, she turns up alive with some facial burns. For their counterparts in the source material, see here. Leonard and Vanya bond and agree to go to dinner. His body is discovered by her siblings and Five matches the glass eye to Leonard. She later tags alongside him after he escapes. RELATED: Read all of The Umbrella Academy recaps here! Five arrives at Vanya's apartment and warns his estranged sister that the world will end in eight days. One of the hitmen of the Commission and Cha-Cha's partner. An elderly Hazel appears, and he and Five escape before the world is destroyed by nuclear weapons. His home becomes something of a base of operations for them. it was one of Reginald's serums that would give him certain human-like attributes. He shares the same birthday as the Hargreeves, but unlike them, it wasn't because of the. Allison uses her powers to make Axel kill Otto, after which he leaves. Allison incapacitates Vanya, as her accumulated energy is redirected out into space and destroys the moon. even if it means facing a lifetime without her. By Season 2, she incorporates unforeseen actions that, However, when Hazel attempts to go legit later on, Cha-Cha becomes more deranged and. Vanya confronts Pogo, who admits to his knowledge of her powers. Lila reveals she can mirror the powers of the Academy, and they realize she is another of the forty-three children who were born on the same day; the Handler had Five murder her parents to get Lila for herself. Having been kicked out of the group by Five, Lila goes back with the Handler to lure Five into meeting with them at an abandoned warehouse. Fragments begin to rain down upon the world, causing the Apocalypse. Her death is the main reason why Diego has such a large vendetta against Cha-Cha and Hazel. Looking for some great streaming picks? Shares the role as main villain with the Handler. Diego finally turns off Grace, as she is totally oblivious of the fight and shows other malfunctions. Ray receives a goodbye letter from Allison, Axel seeks a fresh start with Klaus's cult, Dave goes off to war, and Sissy begins a new life with Harlan, who retains telekinetic abilities. Vanya's insecurities, her desire to be special, and her distrust of her family members all in an attempt to exact revenge upon the Umbrella Academy, In the original timeline, this actually happened, While at first he might seem like a polite and friendly person, it becomes obvious that he's a cruel and sociopathic murderer who manipulates people in order to get what he wants. Diego and Five see Reginald in the film, Back at Elliott's house, Lila is able to save Diego, and they have sex. Tensions emerge among the siblings, and Diego gets into a fight with Luther that destroys a statue of their dead brother, Ben. Five discovers that another apocalypse is coming and that he only has ten days to prevent it. In an altered 2019, the Academy discovers that a still-alive Reginald formed the "Sparrow Academy" instead of the Umbrella Academy, consisting of five different children, a floating green cube, and a still-alive Ben as Number One. As Leonard and Vanya leave the hospital, they learn that the third assailant survived. He drowns in a lake, with Vanya using her powers to revive him. Well hopefully. In a desperate attempt to undermine the Handler's takeover of the Commission, he spells out a file number in gravel to Herb, trusting that he'll take it to Lila - revealing that the Handler was responsible for the murder of Lila's parents. 1:20 AM PST can't bring herself to come to the future out of fear of the consequences of skipping ahead in time, needing to raise Harlan properly, and not wanting Harlan to get put into any more superpower-related danger.

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