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street dance of china season 2 winner

After today ends, the excitement of the future is just about to begin! (Cover photo shows Ye Yin during performance at the TV show. The final 4 battle consisted of Lil Chao vs. Bingo Xiao Zhibin and Keven Yang Kai vs. Bouboo. Due to the backlash from the netizens thinking the show was rigged and racist, many netizens aren’t looking forward to next season. Wang Yibo made a quick speech saying, “I’m really touched. It's also been very inspiring at the same time. Team member Yang Kai clinches victory while Wang Yibo places fourth. All rights reserved. The “Street Dance of China 3” (这!就是街舞3) finale took place on October, which lasted for a little over 8 hours.

became hugely popular, The Development of Hip-Hop Dance Culture in China, Wa ethnic minority group from Yunnan province, Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires introduced dancesport, infamous hip hop music crackdown in the aftermath of the first season of, Rap Reality Show Ends in Controversy After Anti-Sexual Harassment Lyrics Allegedly Cut. Before the finale ended, they showed a video of dancers from all over the world announcing they'll be joining next season and looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

It's quite a deliberate approach," said Merriden Varrall, director of the East Asia Program at Australian think-tank the Lowy Institute. He is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with an interest in culture stories with a social bent.

After three months, the finale of Youku-produced talent show Street Dance of China 3 <这! Copyright © 2020

With massive stars such as Jackson Wang, Lay Zhang and Wang Yibo lending their influence and dance skills, the show has helped boost street dance from a fringe cultural offering to the mainstream. Jackson Wang Explains Why He Hasn’t Pursued Acting Yet, She also posted shortly after the finale cheering on Bouboo. Bringing in millions of viewers for its second season, the reality TV series "The Street Dance of China" crowned its latest champion in Ye Yin, and CGTN had the opportunity to speak with the new "King of Street Dance".Ye Yin said, "The competition has been quite an experience for me. At first glance, both programs appear to have much in common with last year's breakout rap competition "Rap of China," which drew nearly 3 billion views during its June to September run, but has since seen its stars come under scrutiny. Older dancers tend to have more experiences in life and with the art. In the early 2000s, crews like Zaha Sugar and Wujiawu (舞佳舞) Family in Beijing also emerged, the latter of which has since become known as one of the strongest promoters of hip hop dance in China. To talk about specific episodes, go on the episode page. They choose street dancers for their team and the teams battle in different street formats, but they still maintain the motto of the show that is “Love and Peace”. Hot Blood Dance Crew brings together 191 dancers from all walks of life, both within and beyond China, including individual trainees who aren't associated with any agencies and they battle it out to be the best dancers in China.. Mentors. Your moves are so comfortable. For Keven and Bouboo’s battle, Wang Yibo’s “No Feelings”/ “No Sense” was played in the beginning. Unbeliveable, amazing. Photo: iQiyi Collaborating with Chinese urban dance brand Sinostage (home of dancers such as Apple Yang), the establishment of Kinjaz Dojo was further proof of the growing international interest in China’s dance scene.

Lastly, thank you leader @UNIQ-王一博 again for your support and love for him. Danny (Wang Shenjiong), the founder of Shanghai-based Caster Studios, was the coach of China’s dancesport team at the 2018 Youth Olympics and welcomed the inclusion of the sport, saying, “Through the Olympics we will take the competition to the most professional and highest level.”, Breakdance as Tai Chi: How One Man Built a Hip Hop Empire. Street Dance of China 3 w/ Eng Subs. The show is hosted by Alan Wong and Justin Bratton, both returning from the previous season.

Although rules specifically targeting hip hop were not available on official platforms, Chinese news site Sina Entertainment reported in January that regulators had requested that television programs avoided guests associated with the genre. Around the same time, the infamous hip hop music crackdown in the aftermath of the first season of The Rap of China saw blowback against rappers such as PG One, whose controversial song “Christmas Eve” was called out by the Communist Youth League for including explicit lyrics about sex and drugs.

The show was quite controversial with many netizens saying it was rigged when they didn’t spin the bottle in the final 4 to 2 battle.

If regulators had been absolutely clear on where they were drawing the line, that would have given people the confidence to go up to the edge of what's allowed, she added. While the history of Chinese breakdancing and hip hop does indeed stretch back to the ’80s, the development of the culture in its early years can be best described as a series of short-lived fads that failed to catch on in a meaningful and deep-rooted way. Both Lay Zhang and Jackson Wang are part of K-pop groups (EXO and GOT7 respectively) and, as Lay Zhang has said before, use dance as “a weapon.” Their participation in the show, as well as their prominent use of street dance in their music videos and performances, show the continued interest and importance of the form in modern Chinese popular culture. To keep things organized, please keep specific episode discussions under their respective threads.

Amid restrictions aimed at China's burgeoning hip hop scene, some elements associated with the culture appear to be getting a pass. Netizens immediately went to Weibo and complained the competition was rigged.

In many ways, it made sense that the hyper physical movements of breakdance connected with Chinese audiences, as in the US prominent early Bboys claimed that they took inspiration for their power moves from kung fu or martial arts.

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That allowed regulators, she added, to selectively come down on some hip hop-related programs, but not others. The final 8 contestants consisted of: eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'38jiejie_com-box-4','ezslot_10',140,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'38jiejie_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',139,'0','0'])); Jackson Wang’s team: Lin Li Chunlin and Lil Chao (Jiang Dechao)Wang Yibo’s team: Keven Yang Kai and BoubooWallace Chung’s team: Bingo Xiao Zhibin and AK DongLay Zhang’s team: George (Qiao Zhi) and Sharkbomb, Lay Zhang Comments on Lyric Lan and Jin Chen’s Praise of His Krumping on “Street Dance of China 3”, Wang Yibo was Touched by Female Dancer with Hearing Impairment on “Street Dance of China 3”. Fighting for love! a close on streaming platform Youku this weekend, K-pop groups like NRG and H.O.T. Home; To Dear Myself (2020) Once Again (2020) Mom Has an Affair; Brilliant Heritage; Love Designer And the bond that they all formed, be it the four captains or all four dance teams. Add to List.

Wang Feifei Reminisces Meeting Jackson Wang During His Trainee Days.

After the “Hip-Hop Ban”, Chinese TV Turns to Street Dancing Shows.

For Most Indians, That’s Unthinkable, How Women are Quietly Diversifying China’s Taste for Wine, Volunteer Efforts are Keeping New York’s Chinatown Businesses Afloat, Watch: Everybody is a “Ghost” in Mandarin Chinese Slang. Beginning with the outbreak of a movie-driven fad in the 1980s, China has had a long-running fascination with the art of hip hop dance. Watch: Were You Born in the Year of the Walnut? I've also witnessed the obsession some dancers have about their style. According to Chen Min’s paper “The Development of Hip-Hop Dance Culture in China,” this was by no means a new phenomenon — Chinese instruments such as the zither had been used to provide musical background from the start of street dance culture in the country. Also want to thank everyone for supporting Bouboo! Throughout the 2010s, street dance in China began to add more localized elements. Ratings: 8.2/10 from 47 users # of Watchers: 134. He is fighting for dance! The four captains guard the Chinese style old Beijing street, Guangzhou arcade street, Shanghai Shikumen street and graffiti street. GAI, the other winner of "Rap of China," was pulled from "Singer" — a reality show he had been participating in — while Reuters reported that VaVa, another rapper, was edited out of a variety show. Despite all that, there hasn't been any official pronouncement from Beijing explaining the apparent suppression. How 2020 Kicked Off a Nationwide Discussion about China’s Hidden Epidemic, Boycott Indian-Chinese Food? There’s the extra element of music, but when all is said and done, the dancer has to use his body and limbs to convey his feelings.

For this season, they drew lots instead. Many people felt Bouboo was robbed for not making it to the final 2 battle.

That is as fascinating and inspiring as the youthful energy. She wrote, “I still couldn’t hold it in and cried on stage today. Street Dance of China: Season 2 (2019) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. "Taking part in the competition has deepened some of my ideas about street dance.

"Generally, restrictions tend to be unclear.

Wow, they have already recruited world class dancers for "Street Dance of China S4". Report.

© 2020 CNBC LLC. I am very touched for all the hard work Bouboo has invested into street dance culture all along. All Rights Reserved. The third season of dance battle TV show Street Dance of China comes to a close on streaming platform Youku this weekend after a run that has proven to be a phenomenon across the country. After three rounds of battling, Keven Yang Kai from Wang Yibo’s “Yibo Wang Zha Boom!” was announced as the champion of “Street Dance of China 3”. is the best!”, Jing Boran Disbands “Wang Fu Jing” After Jackson Wang Forgets Their Group Name. Young and old generations come together to create/perform some of the most intricate pieces. Edit Translation. Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10

The series premiered on Sat Feb 24, 2018 … The film, in which “Youths from different social classes in China learn what it means to be a family when they come together to form a dance crew,” had a budget of around 17 million USD.

Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, "Street Dance of China" champion Ye Yin: The experience is inspiring for contestants.

Another driving force behind the growing popularity of hip hop dance in the early ’00s was the emergence of a new wave of Mandopop idols such as Jay Chou who were inspired by the moves of K-pop stars. #StreetDanceOfChina3 In the mid-2010s, KOD launched their World Cup series, which saw the competition cover eight different countries over the course of seven months. "He went on to say, “How cool our street dance is, that’s what we're trying to show the audience. This enthusiasm for breakdancing also influenced how hip hop culture was depicted in Chinese productions for the big screen, a year after Breakin’ had become popular. I hope street dance will keep getting better and better in the future. 'Street Dance of China' Wins Big at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018. After three rounds of battling, Keven Yang Kai from Wang Yibo’s “Yibo Wang Zha Boom!” was announced as the champion of “Street Dance of China 3”. It’s quite a normal way to express yourself, and display your energy and your passion. Chinese dancer X-Rain competed, finishing eighth out of 12 participants.

The final 2 came down to Lil Chao battling Keven Yang Kai with the latter winning the first two rounds.

In Hong Kong in 1985, where the hip hop craze had caught on earlier, Donnie Yen displayed the connectivity between the two art forms in the movie Mismatched Couples, in which the martial arts master showed off his popping and locking skills.

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