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radhe radhe mantra benefits

It is Krishna's relationship with Radha, his favorite among the 'gopis' and is a model for male and female love. Why is Lord Krishna and Lord Rama Blue in Color? It was great and benefited me a lot in my tough time. Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami”, Meaning : ‘I memorize the Lord in his infant form (Mukunda), who sleeps in a Banyan leaf. We take pride in ourselves for making it customer oriented. May I be blessed with a healthy relationship full of sweet intimacy and passionate love.” Recommended malas for this mantra: So great was Radha's love for Krishna that even today her name is uttered whenever Krishna is referred to, and Krishna worship is thought to be incomplete without the deification of Radha. kṛṣhṇa: An avatar, or incarnation, of Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.He is the supreme being, the Atman, the inner soul, and is known for His radiant beauty, playful qualities, and transcendent flute playing. We always put the customer first and keep everything confidential. Sometimes Hari sits with the sakhis and chants Radha nama until tears run down His lotus face (ali svayam jalpa ashru mukho hari). rādhe: Radha is the beloved of Krishna, the embodiment of spiritual love and the Goddess of the universe.Radhe is the addressive case, meaning "O Radha!" Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga | Srisailam Temple, Difference Between Valmiki Ramayana and Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas. Shri Krishna Mantra Importance and Benefits About Shri Radhe Maa:Shri Radhe Maa Ji has lent 27 years of her life in serving mankind. Once you have taken services from us you will look no where else. Lord Madhava Himself lovingly chants Radha nama (mantra japa priti svayam madhava). She incites strong desires in the heart of the son of Nanda (Lord Krishna).’, In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript, Shakti Peetha – The Holy Abodes of Shakti, Hindu Names – 108 Names of Gods and Godesses, Collection of Aartis – Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Lord Vishnu Mantras & Slokas – In Sanskrit, English with Meaning, Benefits, Krishna Janmashtami – Birth of Lord Krishna, Panchanana Aspects and Forms of Lord Shiva. Meaning: ‘I offer a salute with my hands together to Achyuta, Who is known as Keshav, Who is the consort of Satyabhama. Radha was the daughter of Vrishabhanu and lived in Vrindavan. But this is a good website. This puja is recommended for a suitable life partner as well as for love in your life. For Vrajavasis, the name of Radha is inseparable from their breathing. Real proof of the puja done is also sent to you. Krishna starts chanting Radha nama, and soon becomes drenched in tears of love (sada japa prema-ashru purno hari) as He relishes the amazing blossoming mellows of Radha’s blissful loving enchantment (adbhutam ullasad rati rasananda sammohitah). Excellence: We provide excellent customer support. Send your Prayer for Free Lord Ganesha puja. Vatasya Patrasya Pute Shayanam He is also known as Madhav and Shridhar, Who is longed-for by Radhika, Who is like a temple of Lakshmi (Indira), who is beautiful at heart. When the knowledge is right, then the outcome is always worth gaining it!! My love life is sorted now. or "Hey Radha!" It also brings the love divine harmony and peace back in the life of the married couples who feel that love is no more there in their life. Until I took its help, I had the mind-set that people who has opened shop in the name of Astrology are just there to make money and fortune luring people. Indira Mandriram Chetasaa Sundaram took little money and did it. The Radha-Krishna love is a legend. Radha-bhava or gopi-bhava. Lord Krishna vanquished his enemies and became the king. 5 stars to and the people running it. The ambrosial elixir “Radha” is my life and soul (tad amrtam radheti me jivanam).”, In this regard, Srila Prabhupada once said, “There is no harm chanting “Radhe.” (750408), Your email address will not be published. In Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi verses 95-97, Gaudiya rasika acarya Srila Prabhodhananda Sarasavati glorifies Radha’s completely pure and ecstatic Holy Name thus: “The name of Radha is the liquid rasa of blissful love (premananda rasam). Benefits of Radhe Krishna Puja: This puja is recommended for a suitable life partner as well as for love in your life. So I ordered Radha Krishna puja through it. There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary as every individual has its own horoscope and different pattern of their planets. Maadhavam Shridaram Radhika Radhikam Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Apart from this we have multiple secure payment options: You can pay for your order directly with your credit card, debit card, net banking or through PayPal. They are sure that all their details and inner thoughts will be kept totally confidential .They know deep in their heart see us as unique, highly helpful, highly reliable and highly knowledgeable. Radha Krishna puja has its own benefits. It also brings the love divine harmony and peace back in the life of the married couples who feel that love is no more there in their life. Entrusted: Our Customer trusts us. We have testimonials on almost all our pages, full of praise and thanks. She is joyful and always experiencing the highest bliss. At other times, the sakhis will sweetly sing, “Radhe, Radhe!” as they serve Sri Radha throughout the day. They hear the name of Radha in the wombs of their mothers; they’re born with the name of Radha in their ears; they move with the name of Radha in their lives; they dream with the name of Radha in their minds; and they die with the name of Radha on their tongues. Those seeking true love in their life or are having issues in their love life should perform the Radha Krishna puja., That's why we always do our best to make your experience with us as pleasant as can be. Our after sales service is considered to be our strongest point and we take pride in being one of the best in it. All my problems were gone away soon after the Puja. Our Mission: Divine Blessings for Everyone, The 5E’s of ASKGANESHA “Experience, Excellence, Entrusted, Ease of use and Evidence”. Your email address will not be published. Syama sits down like the king of yogis to meditate on the radiance of Radhika’s sweet lotus feet (pada jyotir dhyana). Disclaimer : The testimonials provided on our website are personal views and experiences of our clients. Devanagari: ॐ राधा कृष्णाय नमः Mantra Translation: “Om and salutations to the divine lovers, Radha and Krishna. This time too I decided to take's help. Hence, results or final effects of remedies could vary from person to person. Now let’s consider the reality of the present day Vrndavana where I have been living for the last 27 years. Sri Krishna becomes supremely pleased whenever He hears someone chanting “Radhe, Radhe”(japa muda gayati). This is Radha-bhava or gopi-bhava, which is the goal that Gaudiya Vaisnavas hope to attain by living in Vrndavana. He is the son of Devaki, and Who is the Dear-One of all.’, “Tapta-Kanchana-Gaurangi Radhe I was facing problems in love life and that is when I decided to perform Puja of lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Festivals, Appearance & Disappearance Days. We have tons of satisfied customers worldwide. I was facing love problems. Even once chanting of Radha nama will immediately attract Sri Krishna (japa sakrd gokulapati akarshaka). In Vraja Gokula, there are two instances wherein Radha’s sakhis will sometimes chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra: to nourish Radhika’s taste in sambhoga-vilasa when She meets with Krishna, or to soothe Radha’s searing heart in times of separation from Her beloved Syama. “Sometimes Krishna goes along the banks of the Yamuna and enters a bower house alone (kalindi tate kunja mandira gato). They are born with the name of Radha in their ears; they move with the name of Radha in their lives; they dream with the name of Radha in their minds; and they die with the name of Radha on their tongues.

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