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NPC Pumat’s Whirlwind distraction gave the Mighty Nein the chance to abandon the fight with the seemingly never-ending stream of demons, the Vrock, and the remaining cultists and pursue Obann instead. Profession Pre-Stream And other people have pointed out the meta uses of having him there and I agree. Cleaning services where they could imbue an item with special scents; black ice, lavender or new leather. On the corners of the roads stand tall lanterns containing very faint ever-burning flames, between which are long, white, silken banners.

When Caleb and Jester first attempted to enter the Tri-Spires through the gate at the Pentamarket, one of these guards named Reeve escorted Jester into the Tri-Spire. From what Obann knew of the Nein and their abilities, Beauregard and Nott were both excellent targets, in terms of both crowd control and sheer damage output. As well as being just general backup for the upcoming fight since it seems like its gonna be hectic af. See you out there in the Black Commanders o7. When Jester scrys on Yasha, she sees her crying amid signs of a slaughter and multiple bloody blue-and-grey-clad bodies in what appears to be the Cobalt Soul in Zadash, along with the Laughing Hand and Obann in disguise. Current leader Pumat Sol on her Maiden Voyage outside the bubble. Closer to the walls the fields give way to ramshackle communities of tent cities and hovel towns.

Fjord and Caduceus focused mostly on crowd control, polishing off whatever cultists and demons survived Caleb’s fireballs, while Pumat got the Nein an extra ally by dominating the cultist nearest him. Pumat claimed he would buy the glaive for 300 gp, but upon Jester tying her horn ribbon to the weapon, Pumat Sol increased the offer to 302 gp. C9 The Archmage of Cultivation within the Cerberus Assembly, Headmaster Oremid Hass runs the Hall of Erudition. [11], Oremid Hass was apparently the main person who helped Pumat Sol hone his craft by taking him under his wing. The Pumat Sol staffing the counter told Caleb that his establishment required certain cleanliness and, with a wave of his hand, removed all the filth that covered Caleb and his clothes. I would take this thread to point out that Ashley can do Pumat's accent, like, really well. Matt needs a fall-back to ensure that Ashley gets rescued. Upon arrival, Caleb, Nott, Fjord, and Jester met Pumat Sol, who ran the shop. Fun fact: After tonight's episode, Campaign 2 now has a longer running stream time than Campaign 1. Humanoid The turning point of the encounter was Caduceus’ excellent turn in Round 3, which showed just how amazing Grave Clerics can be.

Oremid Hass is his old master/teacher so I assume Oremid contacted him.

Consulting with Pumat Prime, she was told that such an enchantment could potentially work, though the process of research and development would take around two weeks and would cost, including the cost of the sponsored research, around 200-250 gold pieces. Shopkeeper & Owner of The Invulnerable Vagrant Jester then asked whether The Invulnerable Vagrant would be interested in buying Fleshrender[17] (the manticore glaive they'd looted from the gnoll pack lord in Alfield). [41] These entryways seems to be magically enchanted, dispelling illusions within a certain distance. But first, they needed to get through a cathedral full of cultists and demons. Individuals had been going missing, including two of the three parties that had previously attempted this task. She only slid out of the floor twice, but she managed to nearly halve Fjord and Jester’s health when she did, making things much more difficult for the Nein. These aren't just a bunch of jerks trying to hustle their way into the good graces of whoever is in power anymore. (As a note: Yasha got Skingorger off of Obann’s former hobgoblin bodyguard back in Rosohna.)

Powered by Squarespace. [56], The Mighty Nein were directed to The Invulnerable Vagrant by a local guide named Ulysses Stanneras to acquire magical items. Fan art of Pumat Sol, by Megzilla87.

Nos réalisations. Starosta Wyatt Fedat[1]

Upon request, thinking that the water theme of the Mariner's Armor would be an overkill in his design and theme, Fjord requested that Pumat Sol translocate the enchantment from the Mariner's Armor to Fjord's standard piecemeal leather armor.

Name The Simulacrum may be a bit on the homebrew side, if I recall they can't learn anything which would include names and knowing repeat customers and the like. Cha When Pumat was battling with the M9 against the inevitable end, he had no idea he'd be fighting. Another entrance (Money Pot) is in the Tri-Spires district in a dark alleyway 25 feet off a cobblestone road with fine buildings across the way. Pumat's a good insurance policy in case someone botches a roll / doesn't have Dispel prepared. Race [50], The Signet Wall encloses the eastern end of Zadash. The Sewers are a system of tunnels beneath Zadash, frequently used by criminal elements of the city to avoid suspicion while moving around. It was extremely fortunate for the Mighty Nein that Beau was able to sink within herself to shake off Obann’s domination, and also fortunate that Nott was charmed at a time when she had no roguish benefits available. C8 Several curved staircases that are carved through the bookshelves. Pumat Sol seemed to feel a bit overwhelmed by the encounter at first, but quickly hit his stride, dominating one of the cultists and attacking the Laughing Hand with Melf’s Acid Arrow. On a much more encouraging note, the Nein finally got to see the fruits of the labor after having spent an entire month in Halas’ Heirloom Sphere in their mission to destroy the permaheart. I thought it was clear that people from the Cerberus Assembly cast it for him. Of the parties of Crownsguard that went down to investigate, only a guard named Cloen[59] had returned.

[14], Fan art of Pumat Sol, by Ana Fedina. Languages New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the criticalrole community, Discussion forum for the live D&D show Critical Role, every Thursday night at 19:00 Pacific on, Press J to jump to the feed. [40] All different in design, these towers can be seen from some distance. The Pumat Sol staffing the counter told Caleb that his establishment required a certain level of cleanliness and, with a wave of his hand, removed all the filth that covered Caleb and his clothes.[57]. Just for the context, below is the sentence to which you're referring. The Pentamarket contains a variety of shops that don’t have high value goods. eur. High quality Pumat Sol gifts and merchandise. Fjord retaliated with a new spell for him, Enervation, punishing Yasha for attacking his First Mate and healing himself as he absorbed repeated hits from the nearby cultists and demons. Thanks to @BlackSalander for this art piece! Type Ezordam-Haar • Hdar-Fye • Ortem-Vellak • Rybad-Kol •.

He then still had time to quickly cast Spare the Dying with a bonus action at range (a Grave Domain-exclusive ability). pln. Gives paid tours to new arrivals in Zadash. [Source], Zadash is a large city south of Rexxentrum in the Dwendalian Empire.

Matthew Mercer confirmed the spelling of "Pumat Sol" on Twitter (, The Fantastic Haversack's description was consistent with that of.
Looking forward to getting out into the black with this beast. "The Chase Begins" (2x112) [14], The architecture and buildings are designed to rise and seems to curve towards the streets. share.

General Information [art 1]

As a result, most of the city's money ends up in there. He did agree to Jester's request to make the bag prettier, by having Pumat Sol Prime turn the bag pink in color. Societal Information

Size-wise, Zadash is comparable to the metropolis of Port Damali[5], though where Zadash is tall, Port Damali is more spread out. The Valley Archive has circles leading to Rexxentrum, Port Damali, the Cobalt Reserve in Tal'Dorei, and Vasselheim. This also gave Jester the chance to heal Beau through her duplicate and get her back in the fight.

Stats The tree-dappled residential area of the city, it is broken up into several parts. nzd. 75% Upvoted. The three "Pumat Sol"s introduced themselves to the group, and when Caleb asked how there can be more than one of them, the one behind the counter explained that they are magically manifested duplicates created to aid "Pumat Sol Prime" in his work. It is located on the north side of the city. [23] Following their victory against Obann the Punished, the party returns upstairs to find Pumat gravely wounded but alive, thanks to the timely arrival of aid from The Cobalt Soul and Righteous Brand. Place(s) Level [No Spoilers] Is Pumat Sol based on a real fan? Pumat and Caduceus met for the first time. Fan art of Pumat Sol, by Kent Davis.
Thanks to quick thinking diplomacy (that may or may not have diplomatic consequences with a certain firbolg later on), the party had one less distraction to waste their time and was much better prepared to handle the cult’s defenses. While working, Pumat Prime also wore thick leather gloves with runes on them, as well as a leather band on his head with a large magnifying tool that extended out in front of him. . Episode Appearances

), I don't imagine Matt wants to make things unfairly difficult when it comes to freeing her. C3 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Laughing Hand was still a powerful sack of hit points, but significantly weakened and with his resistances were removed. This is the point in the campaign where somebody switches to playing an Artificer. While the party admired the Archive of the Cobalt Soul, Nott noticed a stoic, well-dressed human patron leaving the Archive. Seemingly magically engineered to be picture perfect, beautiful courtyard parks of grasses, trees and butterfly-filled bushes grace the interior of this district.

Creature Type brl. Common, Giant, Elven Ashley is supposed to be back very soon, so having somebody who admitted to knowing a lot about enchantment/mind control magic as a way to break Yasha free of Oban's control in time for her to be available to start playing again would be super helpful. And that's gonna be such a huge tone shift in the coming episodes as they level up even higher, and I'm SO excited to see how certain members of the group work through this newfound trust in them going forward.

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