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promaster 118 camper

I just bought a 2017 Promaster 1500 136″ Low Roof and was wondering how you did the roof platform. The positive terminal with the mega fuse. We created the sealed compartment using 3/4” plywood and high-density foam weatherstrip between the lid and the box, then used a ¾” hose vented to the outside right below the taillight. I found the one you have for 300, did you forget a zero? One question… how did you mount the 80/20 system up top? Also, it looks like you didn’t put in any roof insulation? 29-aug-2017 - Image result for ram promaster 118 camper conversion If you’re interested please email me at overall, you did a nice job with your descriptive information. I am curious about the order you did the installations. Don’t forget our dealership may also help you secure car financing in Orlando for your new car. We didn’t use anything else, we just put cloth on one side of the foam and glued the foam to the wall. We bought the standard roof version because we got a great deal on it (20k for a basically new van) and for us it was the best model since we planned on going places where height restrictions were common. On the ceiling, we installed 1/2“ insulation during our conversion to maximize standing room for cooking and hanging out. We didn’t insulate the floors much and they would get cold but a small rug is all we needed on really cold days. Not only will the RAM ProMaster van out perform all other luxury passenger vans, but the refined Sherry Vans interior will truly set you apart from the rest. The only thing I would do differently about the insulation on our van would be the windows. We used a battery isolator relay to charge the two house batteries from the car’s alternator while driving but disconnect them when the car is off, preventing us from discharging the main car battery and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. We also decided to add a solar panel on the roof of the van to help keep the batteries maintained on sunny days when we don’t do a lot of driving. Hello, I am currently looking for a used ProMaster to convert. Good to see a complete walk through on Do It Yourself custom van conversion. $20k for the van–that’s unusual, at least in the Pacific NW. Is your conversion a high top or a low top 1500 136 WB? Just curious, what the height is inside, this is not the typical high-roof builds you see but still dooable. Thanks for the help! For the ceiling we used 1/8″ wood paneling but if I were to do it again, I would use something thicker since it ended up warping with the constantly changing temperature and humidity. The top of the main battery has a plastic fuse/distribution block with a blank spot where you can use an inline fuse to hook up your wire. The RAM ProMaster conversion van can be configured to seat either seven or nine passengers, and the seats are designed for comfort as part of the limousine-style interior. You can go with 4 ga if you’re worried about voltage drop but we never had any issues. We used stick-on vinyl in our Element conversion and had to place wood underneath to glue it onto. Reliable front wheel drive provides traction in all weather. I read your post but still can’t envision how you did it. The possibilities for using these vans are limitless. Hi Building out the same van I was wondering what the dimensions of your bed are and if you are happy with the size? Promaster. With Pop top down and finished floor:           72"                  86", Finished floor to bed boards:                          66"                  77", Top of bed to ceiling, top is up:                       40"                  40", 118 WB           136 WB           159 WB               159 EL, Bed width:                                     54"                   54"                   54"                      54", Bed length:                                    80"                   80"                   80"                      80", Opening size standard:               N/A*              59" x 46"         59" x 46"            59" x 46", Opening size full cutout:             N/A*              81" x 46"             N/A*                  N/A*, Opening to sleeping area:        46" x 9"           46" x 24"          46" x 35"               N/A*, * This dimension is not currently available, 1531 E 11th St., Loveland, CO 80537  |  |  970.699.6000  |  © 2018. The RAM ProMaster conversion van also has privacy shades with custom pleating and a limo tint for added privacy. We used the 6th puck light under the bed in the rear storage compartment. They are regular lead-acid batteries that could potentially release harmful gasses so they need to be in a sealed compartment. My son sews for a living, so I’ve been scheming with him already for some netting, so I’ll add window covers to his list! You can add, modify or delete any options or accessories that you want. You got it, the big black fuse in the picture with the big red wire coming out of it is the connection I made. I’ll write something up about how to do this soon. It gives it a nice, finished look, is super easy to install, and is as lightweight as it gets. If this page does not answer your questions, please contact us at (866) 906-8303. To install windows and a fan, you’ll need: We wanted to install two sliding windows in our campervan to allow air in, add better vision and circulate air for cooking. Just wonder , what model of promaster you had converted ? During the conversion’s insulation step we only sealed off the large panels and didn’t bother with the smaller crevices. Really nice looking van. The cost and weight saving ideas are so smart. We rented a van in Iceland that had sliding doors on both sides and it was nice to be able to open it to fill the kitchen or just get unobstructed views, but definitely not a must. Promaster. My only question is after the build, from start to finish, what would be any major “redos” or “should of done instead” materials, approaches to the build, or anything that has been an unforeseeable problem? The warranty is transferable too, so if you sell your vehicle during the warranty period, the new owner will be covered. RAM ProMaster Conversion Vans Introduction, If you aren’t already familiar with the RAM ProMaster conversion van, you will want to get to know this van from, The RAM ProMaster conversion van is based on the already impressive RAM ProMaster, giving you all the features of that particular van that you love. The Webasto doesn’t seem very difficult to install since it’s easy to access the top of the fuel tank from right between the front seats. Search from 7 Used RAM ProMaster cars for sale, including a 2015 RAM ProMaster 2500 159" High Roof, a 2016 RAM ProMaster 3500 159" High Roof Extended, and a 2018 RAM ProMaster 3500 159" High Roof Extended ranging in price from $24,491 to $83,500. They’re about the same price if bought new and having a taller vehicle isn’t much of an issue in the US.

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