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percy jackson is the most powerful demigod fanfiction

People overreact about it, especially considering the fact that if it's on him when he transforms, it just disappears with ...more, As a son of Mars, he shares the same tactical abilities of Annabeth, is super strong {tackled 3 heavily armed romans, killed a giant with one punch, broke a golden pilum and put a god in a chokehold}, is a natural fighter, good with all weapons, can summon the dead soldiers of any lost war, has his fathers voices that grants him blessings and advice as well as can shapeshift into any animal even mythological such as a dragon, nemean lion or even Medusa or a hydra the possibilities are endless.
She is definitely more powerful than her brother, Jason Grace. He is the most important part of ragnarok. She has been trained in sophisticated fighting style, and has the whole plant thing going for her, plus peaches.

She has been training since she was six years old and arrived to Camp Half-Blood at seven. Yes, she's higher than Piper. Poseidon needs to flick his finger and BAM!

And it's not even that bad of a weakness, anyway. He could command the skeleton warriors and has superb archery skills. Percy Jackson had the life everyone wanted, he was the hero of Olympus, respected by the most powerful beings, and had the best of friends.

He is sooo awesome! Mist Control. 12.) But, again, Calypso has literally no training, doesn't know how to use any sort of weapon, and only has a bit of her powers back (and she gets knocked out and tired fairly quickly) so she's pretty weak compared to everyone else. Besides, we all know that pirates train hard. 15 just learns about his powers, relies on a troll and a elf to save him all the time. I love Reyna but the 7 are the strongest Half-bloods of the current time except Thalia and Nico.

That's ten years, all of which year-round. And, seeing that Camp Half-Blood forces demigods to train with a variety of weapons and Annabeth is obviously smart enough to know to train herself with weapons other than a small dagger while fighting giant, blood-thirsty monsters even without a schedule, Annabeth has clearly trained with basically every weapon available at Camp Half-Blood.
He is potentially Storm from X-men but with added physical boost as well as to communicate with aerial creatures. Thalia should be in third place! She trained at Camp Jupiter for a whole year. Darkness Control.

So that's eight demigods who can beat Percy Jackson. He does have epic water powers and his pegasus Blackjack, but using said powers drain him very quickly, and he's never really used them as an offensive attack, only to strengthen him.

And, even the Not-so-great Apollo, said about his slight fear of the Ghost King and his father.He has suffered more then ANYONE else, even Misery herself said that there want much more pain she could inflict upon him! Charmspeak wouldn't work on her, and that's really the only thing Piper has since we're doing this realistically.

She defeated Luke Castellan single-handedly and has her spear, the Aegis shield with the terrifying Medusa head on it, a bow and arrows, and twin silver knives. Not that that has anything to do with how powerful she is, but I mean come on, it's kind of sick.

People who say that she’s bad with a sword/dagger has only read the first couple books.

Let's not forget, Jason stuck Percy with lightning bolt and Percy was smart enough to stay down and swipe his feet under Jason. Due to the "blessing" of Mars, he's got huge muscles, and so out-muscles the rest of the whole 7.

She is great with basically every weapon. Also he is a good, but misguided person, and his powers, which we didn't see much of, are very powerful. She deserves higher, but I'm doing this off of powers, so her pure smarts aren't enough to top charmspeak and fire and the lot.

Leo Valdez.

Although many would argue Percy is more powerful, I somewhat agree. Jason's lightning bolt didn't do much to Percy and so therefore, Jason can not kill people with a single lightning bolt of a flick of his hand.

First of all- any demigod or monster who's fighting Piper wouldn't want to 'stop attacking', 'freeze up', or 'drop/lower their weapon', which is literally the only thing Piper would charmspeak them to do. 9.) He was rescued by a goddess who took him in along with his new brother, and they became a … Achilles is better than Herc! Could you imagine a 6'6 giant that is superhumanly strong, durable and swift who you can't use weapons against {his Telumkinesis}, that is making you angry or even scared, that can summon his own army, has crazy strategic powers as well as 2 gods giving him advice and as soon as your close he can turn into a Nemean lion and tear you apart or a swarm of bee's. Plus- Calypso is a female and a sorceress.

Frank Zhang, as a son of Mars he has natural fighting skills, Telumkinesis, physically enhanced {Tackled 3 soldiers, killed a giant with one punch, put a god in a chokehold} as well as his crazy strategic abilities. He is not the best character. If I'm choosing the positions by realism (which I am), Percy is definitely not at the top three. Second- everyone above falls into at least four of those categories, so it most definitely wouldn't work on them.

I'm nit saying that I hate him, but I mean he is not that powerful. However, fate works in cruel ways, and everyone around him began to change. Jason Grace.

Percy Jackson And Nico Di Angelo are in just the right places. Other than that, once you think about it- most of the situations he got out of was by outsmarting or tricking his enemy, and because we're doing this based off realism, Percy would be dead the moment he tried to open his mouth, because no one in the real world is stupid enough to listen to their enemy talk to them.

She is the one demigod without any special powers or skills, yet she is one of the most feared demigods at camp.

He's been at Camp Jupiter for twelve years, all of which year-long, and has had two years of training at the Wolf House with Lupa and the wolves, and he has Tempest his horse storm-spirit. That's quite dangerous.Don't forget, "The world to storm or fire must fall" The world fell to fire, not storm.Keep in mind his abilities as well.

Percy is the most powerful demigod of all time, and I really love him!

Exactly what the title says- it's some of the demigods ranked from most to least powerful if everything was actually done realistically and Rick didn't insist on making horrible Mary Sues/Gary Stus that give us headaches bigger than earthquakes and humiliatingly degraded everyone who actually had realistic potential and could literally kick anyone's ass if Rick wasn't so annoyingly hell-deep in the Piper and Percy Boner Club :). Besides, once you think about it, most- if not all- of Leo's contraptions were created either while other demigods were stalling the monsters, while the monsters couldn't reach him, or while they didn't know he was there. He can shadow travel. Thalia's just awesome in general. Thanks to him Percy is still alive.

Most people would kill me for saying this but,Bianca is not that impressive.sure she is nice and all but (to the nico fangirls,) she left her kid brother at camp.sure I have a younger sibling who annoys me but I would not leave her or him at some camp knowing that they would be dependant in me just so that I could freely be a sexist twig -nut and hunt animals with my new bff s.also I have this feeling she would not approve of solangelo(my otp ).

THESE DAYS ⊰ ∴ ━━━━━ ⸙ ━━━━━ ∴ singing old songs about change I THOUGHT WE WERE FOREVER : after the defeat of Gea, Percy Jackson thought his life would be as close to normal as a demigod's life could get.But destiny had a different wish. I can go on and on.

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