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percy and his sister lemon fanfiction

His uneasiness increased when the servant vanished, and he began to silently pray to his father that Triton would appear any moment.

They were halfway to their rooms when the little boy broke the silence.

", "You are not annoying.

I heard about Chiron's permission to-" he cut himself off as he noticed Percy's suspicious glare. Smut.

She's a demigod, and to top it off, she's Percy Jackson's twin sister!!!

He could hear the rattling of the thing behind him, could feel his heart pounding so hard that it felt like it was going to burst from his chest. I got any one favor from any God. Lean back, baby."

Don't worry. Of course as you walked across the camp lines attention was drawn to you. Everything here looked so . Lemon. I know you guys want me to update this quicker, but I only have 3 weeks plus finals until I am done with this semester and I am currently drowning in final projects and essays.

The threat was enough to get Rhode to shut her mouth and glare between her parents. Percy protested in dismay, looking out the windows, "my bed time is not for another hour at least!". Percy skittered sideways, avoiding the lines of people, wanting to cry harder when he realized he had just put himself between the skeleton and the dog who was continuing to growl above him.

"Night," Percy whispered, rolling over and burrowing into the softness of his bed and pillow. "For your work in not one but two of our great prophecies we thought it fitting to bestow upon you a gift.". Where am I?

"Triton says it does not matter what I am. They rolled around on the floor, the child's screeches high-pitched to match his older brother's deeper laugh. (collapse), tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types. Hypnotized as you call it. He was shocked to say the least. It angered her when Triton took a step forward and moved slightly over so that he partially blocked the bastard from her view. Percy smiled at you, already dreading any bad outcomes. Mother and father love you, and I love you, and that is all that matters.

"And mother? "He was called away last night; there is unusual activity far in the north. Percy faltered, staring at her in horror.

he whispered. The good thing about having only one(or one that you see often) sibling is the fact that your cabin isn't very cramped, unlike some-Hermes' and Aphrodite's to name a few. Well, some of the time you are, but s am I," Triton sighed, lifting Percy onto the trunk at the end of his bed and helped him out of his tunic. "That's enough of that.

"I will return with your breakfast in a moment, young prince.".

She is mine, mine and Triton's!".

After the giant war, there was peace at Camp Half Blood. Rhode said with false sincerity.

You rushed out. "Aww," Percy whined, jutting his lip out. It was dark but the full moon shone over head.

A couple of things to note before we jump into the best Percy Jackson fanfiction: The following recommendations are based on you being familiar with the official and original series of The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan.

But the bad side is that the one brother you do have tends to be very, very protective. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 45 - Words: 9,741 - Reviews: 97 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 8 - Updated: Angelina is happy now that she's finally gotten rid of her curse. He couldn't go forward, and he couldn't go sideways, so he went the only way he could go—straight between the dog's legs and through the gate, skidding to a halt a few feet within. Son of the sea God, son of the Sea God, the fish was whispering in awe.

It all started when you had first appeared at camp when you were six.

To them open sex and orgies was not uncommon. Percy- after having the news yelled at him- bounded out of his cabin (still in his sleepwear) and went to discover his new sibling. "Oh, well, you know. He dug through his sock drawer, pulling out the old wool socks Aphros had knitted him that didn't fit anymore. ", They all smiled at me, "when you wake you shall have the gift.

The pearl was still there. He didn't know what that meant, and it frustrated him. Some kind of gate was in front of him, and there were two lines of people with signs over them but he couldn't read them because the letters got all scrambled. Lemon.

"By the Gods, Rhode, not another word.

", "Rhode," Poseidon thundered, lunging to his feet. What if Percy had a half sister watching him that he never knew? "Oh, you poor thing."

When Percy returned from his first quest, he came home to find his mom had been murdered by Gabe. Not really. "Good morning," he told the fish pleasantly, who swam in a few rapid circles around his head and gave off a sense of happiness.

So imagine the shock that came when you were claimed. Percy swallowed and looked around, but this morning he had actually beaten his parents and brother to breakfast for a change. AU. Being the son of the water god, it made perfect sense that he had his own hot-tub.

He says.

He clenched it in his fist and started when he felt it crush in his grasp. Now is hardly the time for such a discussion. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 16,092 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 15 - Updated: We all know the story of Percy Jackson, correct?

Rated MA. "Oh? Her lips curled into a malicious smirk. He never let you do anything interesting, claiming it was dangerous.

Personally I prefer Capture the Flag. But you need to protect her okay Jason, she is very special" my dad says. This could be useful, "and does this affect anyone?".

I've always wanted to climb the rock wall and it's-" You spoke, but before you could continue he cut you off. How will his life be now with his newly found sister? "Percy Jackson has a little sister" I question my father. Browse through and read percys little sister fanfiction stories and books. "Papa?" When he opened his eyes again, it felt a lot hotter. [Percy] Percy took a look into the water fountain full of golden drachmas.

"Hey Perce," you stated nervously as you shuffled to his side.

he thought desperately.

About four years later (you had finally turned ten) you found yourself cursing your brother in with the words you've overheard the Ares cabin say. I was impressed.

But of course the gods decided to throw another roadblock in your quest to climb the rock wall. Will she? Percy suddenly grabs my wrist and pulls my finger out. "She is my mother! He held his silence, his unease increasing to something like fear.

what if max and the flock were all demigods who had been sold, kidnapped or thought dead by there parents. Please consider turning it on! It would seem he had a little visitor this morning. "The palace is underwater," Percy pointed out with a giggle as he pulled on the nightshirt his brother handed him. "Percy-". Percy grinned, momentarily distracted. But then some weird stuff starts happening. Sorry, it's a Tumblr thing. Was Rhode right?

He didn't have any weapons or amour, and could only watch as they drew closer.

", "No."

(Percy Jackson x Daughter of Venus!Reader) Add to library 7 Discussion 3.

You were placed in the Hermes cabin were you quickly adjusted to the hustle-and-bustle inside.

He wished that Triton was here with him; he didn't know Rhode but he knew that for some reason she hated him. It took him by surprise when they stopped suddenly, their heads tipped back.

"Well, half-breed, can you speak or not? In this way you can control and alter the minds with ease." Percy Jackson's Twin Sister Fanfiction (Disclaimer: This Fanfic has a lot of errors, will soon be edited once part two is finished.

I asked still suspicious. But as you reached the middle of the creek a glow above your head made everyone stop. There were more skeletons coming, running towards him brandishing all kinds of weapons.

Slowly Percy started shaking his head. as well as I think of it as his way of saying "Yeah, sorry. But standing on it was even more angry Ares campers (who's hair were all dyed different shades of pink and purple). I AM SATAN HEAR ME ROAR. He looked around quickly, but who he had assumed was his mother was in fact Rhode.

Just so you know, I've always liked the idea that Hermes claims his kids right away. Are they the same people they were when they last saw each other six years ago?

Anonononon, TeenSummer, 0_bubbles_0, fireandash, HOIYAAA, KikaKitty13, Copper001, lover_of_all_awesome_things, TsxkkiHime, Justdeeplease, PogoChanXP, Simons_Girl, FancyTragedyCat, AugustMoon259, Mistress_Insanity, WizardHallow, slightlydark, NnOoTtSsEe, Shanmalon, GenieGirlRocks, fuckingknows, walktheflowerypath, KiraKitsune1993, L_y_n, GlowInsta, Numb, fandomfrantic and TSWSYL Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,927 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 8 - Updated: what if percy wasn't the only child. Work Search: She's only nine years old and instantly makes a connection with Percy and Annabeth.

Anyway this is my first Percy Jackson fanfic.

FanFiction | unleash ... Percy gets new powers from the fates and sets out to use them to make his harem. In fact you have been waiting weeks for Chiron's permission to climb the rock wall, being previously told you were to young to. More notes at the end. Sparring with the Ares cabin had not gone well. "Mama," he called out as he raced into the dining room, "do you know where my armor is?". Do not listen to what she says.

With a yell, his temper exploded. Whenever you cum inside a female she will be bound to your will.

Triton bent to kiss the top of his brother's head, noting with a soft smile that Percy was already half asleep. By Olympus, Percy, you could set the palace on fire and they would not get angry with you.".

It was the start of spring break when you were wandering around the cabins (since you stayed at camp year round) that you gained some astounding news. Usually gifts don't come without a price from these high powered types. The dog looked just as surprised to see him as he was to see it, but at present he was too scared to realize that.

You quickly grabbed Connor's hand and made a mad dash for the bridge that went across the creek. He felt weak, weaker than he ever had before. I still think some were luckier then others with the gifts they got.

", "She is!" what if he had a twin sister who knew she was a demi-god. I nod and lean back against the door again. He would eat breakfast, and then hurry to Triton to ask for help putting his armor on, and then he could do his absolute favorite thing: sword training with his brother. A parrot fish nudged him on the temple, and he smiled at it. That is, until her mother reveals that she is a demigod, and they weren't only nightmares. Reboot of Percy's sex slaves.

Like, I know it's probably not true(so no need to tell me).

He asked with a small bit of threat in his tone.

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