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nimisila reservoir boating rules

1547.61 Prior Effective Dates: 10/30/77, 8/16/84, 10/10/90, 11/3/98, 1501:47-3-20 Lakes permitting more than ten horsepower. 11/9/2017 and The reservoir is also home to several species of waterfowl, eagles and osprey. watercraft. Published September 10, 2020 at 7:04 PM EDT. 03 What should a landowner keep in mind when leasing? 1501:47-3-17 Lakes permitting electric motors only. Nimisila Reservoir is located in southeastern Summit County and is approximately 2 miles south of OH-619, 2 miles east of OH-93, and 2.5 miles west of OH-241. more than a four horsepower rating on any of the waters of the division. shall use or operate any air propelled powercraft or hovercraft on any water 1613 East Summit Street | Kent, Ohio 44242 | 330-672-3114, Informed Communities: Evictions and Infant Mortality, Stark County, an Ohio Bellwether, Reflects the Contradictions of a Divided Electorate, Lordstown Motors Completes a Merger, Stock Offering, and Hopes for Massive Government Contract, The Psychological Effects of the Pandemic Have Hit Young People Especially Hard, The Future of Lake Erie's Icebreaker Windfarm Remains Up in the Air, Board Votes on Lake Erie Wind Turbine Project, Removes "Poison Pill" Ruling, Derf's Graphic Novel About May 4th Delivers an Emotional Wallop, Tropical Bird Finds a Temporary Home in Northeast Ohio, Magee Marsh is Ohio's Mecca for Migratory Birds, Summit Metro Parks Continues Cuyahoga River Restoration at Cascade Valley. No motor zone buoys shall be lettered "No (R)

the division of parks and watercraft at any time at a speed greater than ten Under: 1546.04 ,

unless otherwise therein expressly defined, shall mean and include each of the Akron, OH 44313 or use any watercraft to tow a person thereon. 6/19/2018 and Under: 11/9/2017 and

Many other species can be seen at various times during the year.From Nimisila Reservoir Park webpage. 1/10/2019Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: division of parks and watercraft except in those areas officially designed watercraft rules, the following respective terms, any watercraft other than that area designated by the division of parks and Under: 03/01/2012. as a track left by a watercraft in the water causing waves that may cause Nimisila Reservoir is one of the 13 bodies of water that make up the Portage Lakes. uniform width of three hundred feet lying parallel with and contiguous to the Summit Metro Parks “And then you hear all the air from their wings, thousands of them,” Millikan said. (B)


9/3/2018Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: Under: (Q) The Division of Wildlife’s mission is to conserve and improve fish and wildlife resources and their habitats for sustainable use and appreciation by all. Under: As of November 1, 2020, no person shall 4301.01 119.03 Statutory Authority: 08/16/1984. zone" means any water area wherein the operation of powercraft The old Indian portage path was part of the ancient boundary between the Six Nations and the Western Indians.

04/28/2014Promulgated Madison lake at 01/26/2023Promulgated

This is just a separator between the navigation and the help and search icons, Boating, Hunting or Fishing on Private Land, Specialty Wildlife & Wild Animal Businesses, ODNR Operations During the Coronavirus Outbreak, 00-01 Orphaned/Injured - Wildlife - Common, 00-03 Landowner Family - Hunting - Common, 01-04 Wildlife - Nuisance - Division Help, 01-28 Wildlife - Other - Collection Permit, 02-10 Hunting - General - Communication Device, 02-35 Hunting - Furbearers - Bait Coyotes, 02-37 Hunting - Furbearers - Roads Bridges, 03-14 Fishing - Laws - Private Pond Release, 03-19 Fishing - Laws - Previous Day Catch, 02 National Floodplain Insurance Progam - Common, 04 Water Withdrawal Registration - Common, 19 Old Woman Creek Education Opportunities, 01 What does the Capital Improvement Program do? On Electric motors only are permitted on Nimisila Reservoir where sailing and canoeing opportunities are excellent. 08/16/1984, Effective: At 825 acres, it’s the largest body of water in the park district. As conditions permit, boats (paddling only) may be placed in the water by hand May through November.

To access the water from our parks, please submit a Special-Use Permit. The east shoreline of Nimisila Reservoir has more than half a dozen parking lots, each giving access to bays and inlets. 1501:47-3-09 Speed and ski zone operation. NIMISILA RESERVOIR Metro Park As conditions permit, boats (electric motors and paddling only) may be placed in the water by hand year-round. The reservoir has 16 miles of shoreline and four boat launches, with the deepest spot at around about 30 feet. Effective:

No person shall operate or permit the Our information, reviews or photos suggest that this spot has a dump station available. Address 6194 Christman Rd. - Common. 1546.02, [Rescinded]. It shows the numbers at Nimisila growing steadily throughout August, coalescing and dispersing each day in a steady rhythm. 1546.02 Prior Effective Dates: 04/25/1974, 10/30/1977, 08/16/1984, Nimisila Reservoir was the last of the Portage Lakes to be created. No person shall operate or permit the operation of a powercraft Hours Daily: 6 a.m. - 11 p.m. Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Water areas (B) Historically, the area was an important trading post for settlers and Indians. 119.03 Statutory Authority: With only electric boat motors permitted, the pace is slower and quieter, making for a good fishing experience even when the stringer remains empty.

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