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Connie Maheswaran • Knowing you hitched the right trailer to the right rig is no easy feat. He also loves to mess around with Mordecai and Rigby. In ""Trucker Hall of Fame"," when he was a kid, he still looked the same, but with freckles. Goals Muscle Man has died four times in the series: Twice in. Mad Scientist | Belson Noles | Dreadbots | Russel • Amethyst • Mandark | According to his identity papers in "Exit 9B," Muscle Man is 5'8". Breehn • As of the episode "Gut Model", he has worked for the park for five years. Lemon Chef • Ranger Tabes, Prohyas Warrior • Hawkodile • In "Meat Your Maker," he goes to say Muscle Man pushed him at a party (though Mordecai quickly says Muscle Man was not even there). Scarecrow • Malcom and Melvin • Darla Dimple | Also he could be a zombie because of his green skin and coincidentally, hangs out with a ghost. He spends the whole day crying in the shower. Killowat • Lemon Chef | Kai Yee | Vera the Vulture | Yuji • "Best _______________ ever!" I.M. Although with the alteration in time caused by Mordecai and Rigby, the kiss never happened and the bet is still on, or at least was until Picking Up Margaret. The Emperor • Kelly | Guardians of Eternal Youth | John Wesley | In "Fortune Cookie", he switched Rigby's fortune, causing Rigby to switch Benson's fortune, nearly destroying the park. jokes, which everyone else at the park gets annoyed with. Mr. Gar, Robin • Mitchell (Mitch) "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein is the pentagonist of Regular Show. Percy | General Yakitori | DVD • You found yourself a co-pilot to help navigate the highway of life. Mona | Argost | Morg | As shown in "Prankless," he greatly respects Pops because when he was going to prank Mordecai by putting his bed on the ceiling, it fell on Pops and he nearly died, thus Muscle Man said that he would never prank again until Benson convinced him. Steven Universe Villains | Jayna • The Master Prank Caller • Night Owl | Enemies God of Street Performing • Penny Fleck's Boyfriend | They do interact with Muscle Man and Starla in "The Longest Weekend", plus helped Starla while she was going through relationship withdrawals throughout the episode. Muscle Man is a human that works in the park along with Mordecai and Rigby. Like in "Under the Hood," he gives Skips saucy chicken wings from Wing Kingdom and in "The Christmas Special" he complimented Skips on how good his Christmas cookies were and tells him about a bakery Muscle Man goes to. Leo | Suit • Esther Coleman | NygmaTech (Frogmen) | Jan the Wallpaper Man • The Beast | He lied to Muscle Man about being a trucker. Eddy • The Urge • Despite how many times Muscle Man has made fun of Thomas for being a "mama's boy," he seemed to respect (and even fear) Thomas in the episode ", He is the second known male character to be engaged, the first being. Precursors | Ronald Rump | Bert Coleman • Guy • Frank | Spinel | Agents (Agent Jones, Agent Brown & Agent Johnson) | Egomaniacal Prankster. Raymond • Bulldog • Wrongness, Camp Lazlo Muscle Man's "my mom" jokes are similar to "your mom" jokes, but Muscle Man words the jokes so they insult himself rather than others, which is the intention of his "my mom" jokes. Marcus Conner • Guardians of Eternal Youth | Celia • Starfire • Hobby Muscle Man is a green man with shoulder-length, greenish-brown hair. Chong • Cooter | Muscle Man made his first debut as a cameo character in the Pilot. Regular Show Joe Cramp | Muscle Man | Mouse King | In "Over the Top," Muscle Man lasted the longest in the arm wrestling match with Skips. Party Bus Driver • Timmy • Shake & Flick • Muscle Man has often turned to Mordecai and Rigby for help when he has a problem involving Starla, and has given Mordecai advice on dealing with his crush on Margaret. Val Hallen • Elevator Repairman Instant Martians | He also wore a white tank top and retained his dark gray pants and black shoes. They do have some confrontations though. Ludwig | Russel • Kyle Garrity • Gumbo | Mordecai's Parents • In the episode Muscle Woman, his real name is revealed to be Mitch Sorenstein. Eggscellent Waiter • Kid Cousin | Mona • In "Death Punchies," Muscle Man is forced to be look out, even though his eyes were punched out by Rigby. Skips | Gender: The Amazing World of Gumball Villains | Principal Dean • Bobby also is the guard at the door, telling people if they can enter Hi-Five Ghost's costume party, in "See You There". Lord Moldybutt | Trucker Ghosts • Monroe • Computer Virus | Low Five Ghost • Grim | Mr. Fugu | Action Hank • You can help clean up this page by correcting spelling and grammar, removing factual errors and rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and moving some elements when appropriate. He began voicing Pops and Benson in the pilot, and then voiced Muscle Man in "Just Set Up the Chairs" onwards. Carl Putter • The Teriyaki Triads | He also has a brown belt with a gold buckle, black overalls with silver connectors, brown cowboy-like boots, and a trucker net-hat that is red and has "World's Greatest Trucker" on it. Steve | Angelique Bouchard | Guardians of Obsolete Formats | Buttonwillow McButtonwillow | He spends the whole day crying in the shower. Pokemon Villains | Butch Bowers | As of the episode "Gut Model", he has worked for the park for 5 years. Starla is Muscle Man's girlfriend, and later, wife, that is seen in "Muscle Woman". Bruce Rock • Wilykat And Wilykit • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Miss X and Miss Z | Mordecai | In the Trucker Hall of Fame when he was a kid, he still looked the same, but with freckles. Swampfire • Keith • Jam | They do not talk much in the series but seem to be good friends. Argost's Army | In K.I.L.I.T. Dave D.Fly • Earl, Minor Characters Buzzshock • Chloe Park • Witchy Simone, K.O. Anti-Pops • Asher Jonah | XLR8 • Cheswick | Similar to Muscle Man's "my mom" jokes, Muscle Man's dad says "my wife".

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