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lyretail molly pregnant

Joni. Mollies do not lay eggs and are an ideal choice of live-bearing fish to place in a fish tank. If the number of males surpasses the females, the environment of the tank will be anything but healthy. Keep a close eye on them and mark your calendar when you see signs on pregnancy. You can easily purchase suitable food in local pet stores which are prepared especially for the fry. Your aim should be to provide enough that fills it stomach. Continue to do this until all your fry have been moved into the large tank. But it ranges from anywhere between 2 and 60. Lyretail molly pregnant? It can be 6 weeks, it can be 8 weeks. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. In light colored females pregnancy can be recognized by the growing dark body marking in front of the Anal fin. I have a new lyretail molly and think she might be pregnant, she has like a "bump" on her stomach but she´s not big, so I wonder if a more trained eye can say if she is pregnant and in that case how far along? Other popular mollies include the Dalmatian, Balloon, Red, White and Orange. If you purchase the fry from the pet store or a breeder, then remember to pick them up as quickly as possible after birth and make sure that you carry the fry in a sealed bag filled with warm water and sufficient room for the fry to move around. White balloon molly gave birth to 8 fry, with my Male dalmatian lyretail. Try stretching a small strip of nylon and place it on top of the filter and fasten it with a rubber band. Or Mean? They are the same size, Yes. Having healthy bacteria in your fish aquarium is a must for your fish to survive. You have very beautiful fish! Another thing you can do is make your own filter modification. There should be enough room for the fry to freely move around. Carefully observe the progress of your fry. Are Bombay Cats Friendly and Affectionate? So being on top of their schedule is important. And most people seems to say their gestation is 4 weeks, but Ive noticed with my mollies it seems to be closer to 6 weeks. You can sign in to vote the answer. And remember to keep one male with at least two females. If you don't have this ratio, the male will stress the female(s) out with constant attempts to breed. What to Do ( Let us know! Mollies mostly release approximately 10 to 60 live fish at once. The spots near her tail fin will darken as the delivery date gets nearer. What a nice looking male sailfin. Even if you were to remove the male and the female … If you have a running filter in your fish tank, then you do not necessarily need an air pump, although it does provide a good back up option for when your filter fails. A swollen belly and dark line at the underside of the molly are sure told signs that your molly is pregnant. As the male matures the Anal fin develops into a structure for reproduction called the Gonopodium. Mollies are actually omnivorous fish so they can eat all kinds of food including live, artificial and frozen food. I like plants because a female will often times hide in them when giving birth and it will allow for near instant cover for the fry. If you are unable to find a breeding tank, then you can use a mesh breeding tank. One thing to note, the best ratio for male to females with Mollies is 1 male to every 4 females. The gestational period for this kind of fish is around 60 days; these would roll by very quickly. And what are the signs ... How can i tell if my balloon molly is pregnant and how can i know when it i... Why is my male molly following my pregnant one he nipping at her behind. If the mother Molly and the molly babies are in the same tank, then observe the mother and see whether she is showcasing any aggressive behavior towards the fry. Is my golden panda Molly pregnant? Still have questions? How can I grow my fry faster? Another thing that might help you out is that the belly of the molly fish will appear swollen. I had a orange lyretail in my tank but now in my mum n dads tank it looked about the same as your one mate but it wasn't pregnant n I have had it for about 5 months now n still looks the same mate by the way nice colour fish there. Since they are very large, thick fish, a gravid spot is not always visible. they have been swimming around together, and the male was kinda poking at her belly, i was wondering is she is pregnant, and how many babies will be born? Mollies are not the most aggressive fish species out there but the behavior of the female molly fish changes during the length of its pregnancy. The pet store will provide you with a chunk of its used filter pad to place in your new filter. You will easily know if the fish is about to give birth as mentioned earlier. When my mollies are about to pop, I throw in 3 or 4 of the smallest pots, upside down. How many pellets should I feed my molly? Yes I´m hoping to get fry from them I think he is more beutiful, he has silver mixed in with his colour and a big black fin with orange at the top The platy in the bakground had fry just a week ago so I think she still looks because of that. Live food such as brine shrimp, tubifex and bloodworm are also good additions to their meal plan. If you do not have one, then find a friend that has a fish tank or you can even get them at your local pet store. On the other hand, if you do not want to overpopulate your tank, then let nature do its bidding and see how many molly babies survive. Adding plants to your fish tank is also necessary in order to provide your fry with shelter and ample hiding spots. In the wild, a molly’s habitat can vary. You should do a 20 percent water change every week in order to ensure the failure of ammonia and nitrates build up in the tank water. Male mollies chase the female in order to copulate more and this puts unnecessary stress on the female molly. Avoid taking long routes home as you want to cause as little stress as you can to the fry. You will easily know if the fish is about to give birth as mentioned earlier. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. There are many different varieties of mollies and the most common type of molly species held in aquariums is known as the short-finned molly. Cherry Barb Guide – Types, Lifespan, Feeding, Tank mates, Behavior changes like staying isolated and eating more. The spots near her tail fin will darken as the delivery date gets nearer. They also like to hang around close to the heater in order to stay warm. First, let the bag sit in the fish tank water for about 15 minutes in order to bring the water temperature of the bag equal to the temperature of the fish tank. The warmer the water, the shorter the gestation will be.

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