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luka magnotta mom knew about cat videos

Well, perhaps in purely formal documentary terms, it offers a new perspective and a new angle. During Don't F*ck With Cats, the filmmakers interviewed an attorney named Romeo Salta, who Magnotta approached after he had been connected to the kitten killing videos. “It was like I lost my footing in the world,” she said. Following the verdict, Magnotta's lawyer Luc Leclair said that his client suffered "as the experts have said, from schizophrenia and personality disorder. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? (Luka's mother asserts that a "third hand" in the videos is Manny's. She said when she first heard about the kitten killing videos, she felt something wasn't right and asked her son about it. He had reported hearing voices … Waiting for your permission to load the comments. He would continuously say, ‘I have connections, you’ll do what I say.'”. During the trial, Leclair had argued that Magnotta was in a psychotic state at the time of the crimes and did not know that what he was doing was wrong. Don't F**k With Cats is available now on Netflix. New Details About The Serial Killer Who May Have Murdered More Than 90 Women, 8 Unromantic (But Real) Signs You've Found The Love Of Your Life, How Tall Is Barron Trump? It's an especially queasy development given the revelation in the documentary that the killer was so desperate for notoriety that he created fake fan pages to himself. "I will never see his smiling face on video chat or hear about his new accomplishments or hear his laugh. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. According to a CBC article from the time, Jun Lin was described as a smart young man who was committed to his studies, and who was the pride of his family. There’s no proof that Lopez is exists. RELATED: Who Is Samuel Little? NETFLIX fans have branded Luka Magnotta's mother "delusional" after she insisted that the Don't F**k with Cats killer was influenced by an unknown friend called "Manny". Another by-product of Don't F**k With Cats's approach is the lack of information or context surrounding Luka Magnotta himself. But this isn't a documentary about flower arranging or competitive angling: it's about murder. I never completed high school but I did however earn several untitled degrees in the field of life. He also said that Magnotta sent him emails late at night claiming Lopez was outside his house. In “Python Christmas,” a man suspected to be Mr. Magnotta feeds a four-month-old kitten to a 17 foot long Albino Burmese Python, all while dressed as Santa Claus. The Netflix documentary Don't F*ck With Cats delves into the twisted tale of wannabe serial killer Luka Magnotta, a man who posted videos of him killing kittens on the internet, which prompted a group of people to create a Facebook group to track him down. No doubt about it, but at the same time he seemed utterly dead emotionally," Salta said. When authorities announced that Magnotta was a wanted man, Yourkin said her heart “sank.”. As the hand is static it is said that it is not real. The pair would go on to have two more kids together, Conrad and Melissa. He had been working part-time alongside his University course and his family said that he had plans to stay in Canada and was hoping to start a business. For other inquiries, Contact Us. New Details On The Carnival Worker And Serial Killer Who Killed Three Women. They had been determined to find this in order to give closure to Lin's family. “He might just not stop with animals.”. Benjamin described Jun as "shy" and said that it was "extremely unusual" for nobody to have heard from him. Magnotta’s parents were only teenagers when they had him; Yourkin was 16 years old, and his father, Donald Newman, was 17 years old. I am young at heart and I enjoy life to the fullest. It was said that he was reading information about himself when he was caught. He also claimed that Magnotta’s grandmother was abusive as well. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Magnotta pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. 'Don't F*ck With Cats' Killer Luka Magnotta Claims 'Manny Lopez' Forced Him To Kill — Does He Exist Or Is He Made Up? He said, ‘I was forced to do it.’ He explained that Manny was selling videos of animals being tortured or murdered on the deep web, and he was making an awful lot of money," Yourkin said. According to an archival CBC News report, Magnotta "closed his eyes and showed no emotion" when the verdict was read. A welcome email is on its way. So we did.”, Yourkin did not appear as a witness for Magnotta’s defense during his trail, but she did speak to Netflix about the experience. Magnotta’s name at birth was Eric Clinton Kirk Newman. Meanwhile, during their search two new cat-killing videos allegedly featuring Mr. Magotta came to light. In her author bio for the publisher Wild Blue Press, Yourkin writes, “I enjoy writing, creative art, music, martial arts, traveling, boating, cooking, gardening and nature. The perpetrator conceals his face with a hood and digital manipulation, but by intricately noting the clothing, jewellery and physical features of the man in video, group members were able to make near-perfect matches to publicly available photos of Mr. Magnotta, who had first come to the group’s attention by way of an anonymous tip. ... For Unloading Haymakers On Saints Player, ©2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. The documentary Don’t F**k With Cats shows how a team of armchair amateurs hunted down the narcissist by exploiting the weakness that was also his motivation to kill — a desperate need for attention. In that bio, Yourkin confirms that she has four other children besides Magnotta, and has seven grandchildren. Luka's background and mental health was referenced within the series, but largely to push the narrative of the internet sleuths. News), it raised further questions about public safety in Canada particularly because, at that time, Lin's murder was the second killing of a Chinese student in just over a year. I am also a true crime enthusiast, I have spent a lot of time over the past 4 years studying the minds of criminals.”. But if Don't F**k With Cats was going to start going down the road of explaining motive or profiling him from sleuths' perspectives, the series should have included further analysis from the experts. In 2012 Interim Liberal Party leader Bob Rae asked that Canadians mourn the victim rather than "in any way, shape or form" celebrate Magnotta's notoriety. She also said that at the end of one of the kitten videos someone else's hands were visible at the end of the video. No schooling, no friends of any kind.”, Yourkin maintains that her son is innocent of the crimes he has been convicted of, even though he pled guilty and is now in prison. The group started their investigation on December 22, 2010, one day after the posting of 1 boy 2 kittens, a video which purports to show a man putting the kittens inside a vacuum-seal bag and suffocating the two animals by sucking out all the air. The series doesn't go deeper or offer much in the way of deep psychological insight. Newman also talked about how their children were often isolated because of their moving. Perhaps unsurprisingly when you consider the title, much more focus was placed on Magnotta's crimes against felines than the actual human victim who he was found guilty of luring to his death. On Sunday, two days before police kicked off an international search for Mr. Magnotta following the discovery of severed body parts at Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa, an administrator on the Canadian website, which had posted the gruesome video, wrote “my mailbox was full of leads all pointing at a possibility that the perpetrator of this horrible crime could be one Luka Magnotta.”, National Post• Email: I informally counsel many people in need and I advocate for inmates in the correctional system. Per the book, Donald would eventually be diagnosed with schizophrenia, and the pair separated for good when Magnotta was 10 years old. Don’t F*ck With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. Making a Murderer's Kathleen Zellner is back, Best true-crime docs available to watch on Sky, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Magnotta's mother explained in the documentary that her son had started talking about Lopez years before he murdered Lin. The Facebook group that tracked Magnotta after the kitten videos eventually uncovered the truth about Lopez by looking at the aliases Magnotta used. According to a 2014 report in the Montreal Gazette, which published details from a 124-page report filed in court, Magnotta had told a psychiatrist that he had started hearing voices at the age of 17, and had been previously treated for severe mental illness. Magnotta’s schizophrenia diagnosis was a central part of his defense. Although Lin's family did not feature in the documentary, they delivered a victim impact statement following the verdict back at the 2014 trial. In a follow-up video, the same man can be seen rubbing the cat’s limp bodies against his genitals. She told TMZ: "In the cat killing video there is a third hand, as you can see, my son's two hands and third hand. Here's where she is today. There was an error, please provide a valid email address. He said of Magnotta, “He did not [have friends]; he was isolated. He is also believed to have started a rumour that he was dating convicted killer Karla Homolka, for which he was able to secure an interview with the Toronto Sun to “clear his name.”.

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