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Every election comes down to a relative choice, and if you wish to not vote then you have an additional choice as well. Much appreciated! Appreciate hearing a fellow republican lament about the current dysfunction. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Will we have the transcript??

Need more interviews like this. Not sure about Pharaoh.


Leon Cooperman told investors he plans to convert his Omega Advisors at year-end into a family office. I'm from Long Island and appreciate the style of discourse that Mr Cooperman uses. One of the few, well-reasoned moments in a great talk. When Leon Cooperman’s parents left Poland to immigrate to America it was to have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and for their family. Thanks to Mr. Cooperman and Mr. Harrison. George Lucas gave away the proceeds from his Star Wars IP sale to schools -- the amount was close to the GDP of small countries, for crying out loud.
Yes - fully earned but partly from standing on both public and private sector shoulders. Energy Transfer (ET) Ashland (ASH)

Edward is at the peak of his game here. Funny how simple the entire interview sounds, yet powerfully packed with serious winning lessons.

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According to the SEC's order, CCL specializes in … 3-19689. the quality of these interviews is just astounding.

It's like taking a mental shower after too much time on Twitter.

Great job. perfect summary of this interview. I do not think I will be in his tax bracket.

PENIS ENVY. Never going to hear him say that on CNBC. I can only hope the partisanship/disrespect will give way to a new wave of centrism/cooperation, while maintaining democracy/capitalism. Most recently Leon Cooperman, decided to close down his hedge fund, Omega Advisors, Inc and start a family office. I don’t think who he is voting for is any of our business. This interview could have easily been another hour.

Lol he says his portfolio is 10, 11 x earnings but he holds large positions in Microsoft 36 p/e, Google 32 p/e and Amazon 122 p/e. Another fantastic interview by Ed. @raoulpal could call them Rum Runners or something and we all pour a tall glass neat and pop it up on the big screen. Not the uber-wealthy for sure. I do agree with Leon that it would nice to have a better set of choices, but that ship has already sailed. Seems like in the few bursts where he was able to he speak out, he addressed Lee’s questions. Based on his comments, would love to hear Cooperman's thoughts on the debate last night. I would too, Robert. Far too often this seems to be the case which should make the benefactors turn over in their graves. My view on Biden is he is 100% a puppet and controlled ... trump has many faults but he loves capitalism and the working man.

Most recently Leon Cooperman, decided to close down his hedge fund, Omega Advisors, Inc and start a family office. I loved Mr. Cooperman's editorial on the "American Politics" section, except I don't hold out hope for Biden to convince me of anything after serving 48 years as an inept politician.

Hedge fund legend Lee Cooperman is tired of running other peoples’ money.

Why didn't you follow up and hold Leon accountable? It is important to be reminded of the American Dream and a person who made it happen. Well he did say he is happy, no doubt.

The primary reason that Leon stated was because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life “chasing the S&P 500 and generating returns on investor capital”, however many hedge fund owners are also giving money back to their investors and starting family offices for a number of other reasons. It reminded me of the grown ups when I was a kid living in the NY metro, and this reminder is a good thing! This is why I pay for thé service. ED, thank you once again. Navient looks pretty attractive at the current price. Accompanied by a fair chunk of privilege. Regulatory considerations, succession planning, investor pressures and operational costs are all factors that are motivating hedge fund owners to return the outside capital and adopt a family office to manage their own funds. Great points he made.

May be it’s them. Can't sit on the fence, Ed. If he has been holding these positions for 5 years or more, the math would then make sense. Another subscriber may know.

No, it's the lower and middle classes who pay the lion's share of the bills and get shafted after the markets crash and the elite are made whole yet again. I took away a ton of solid investing advice from a wonderfully experienced guy, but few ideas on how he might help reduce polarisation in America.

Furthermore, when somebody says I've got Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon in my portfolio, cool, BUT, when did you buy them? Typically we find that in order to start a family office, the net worth of the family should be at least $100MM and closer to a $1 billion for it to be worth it.

I realy enjoy interview with smart legend.

I posit that it's not envy, it's hatred... Well, Leon Cooperman is not dead, and is feeling his least grumpy in years. Also, entertaining in it's own way to hear him use the phrase "p#^!$ envy" in regards to the wealthy like Bezos and Gates. I don't say it as an insult, it's her political views.". College was worth it, Student loans could be repaid, Wall Street was a innovating and thriving industry. The frank talk and how it is. Not sure why Coop had to resort to potty talk to describe this. Loved many of his common sense messages and his humility about having had to work hard for his success but also be lucky.

Regulation can also make it challenging for them to move into other asset classes and investment styles. Great job. Enormous respect for the great market wisdom, entertaining backstory and impressive accomplishments, but the glaring philosophical inconsistencies triggered my bruxism big time!

Ed, I wish you would have covered his fight with the SEC.

Yes, there are inheritances and such, but the majority of wealth is created. Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors also converted his hedge fund to a family office.

One of the best person I heard.

I need to go binge on some Rothbard for the sake of my temporomandibular joints. Staffing Websites by Haley Marketing. The 75-year-old billionaire behind Omega Advisors is converting his shop to a family office by the end of the year. Great to be reminded of the fundamentals of things.

People who can give a long term perspective that isn’t caught up in the 24 hour trading cycle. I've never been able to understand why George Soros is funding communist organizations (e.g. brilliant interview... loved Mr Cooperman.


Which one is it?

I think Mr. Cooperman's thermostat is my favorite part of the video. Fantastic.

Navigant is my student loan servicer. From Portfolio Strategist to Hedge Fund Manager. DLS. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I look forward to the next interview of Mr. Cooperman. The financial disasters are created by governments. I really appreciated this interview. RV is the perfect platform for an interview with Leon Cooperman.

Good interview Ed - a thoughtful, sane investment philosophy. A lot of these super-rich give their wealth away. Leon Cooperman wants an answer. 20. DLS, trump loves lying, fraud and sexually assaulting women, I love this guy! The personal anguish and disgust with the current state of affairs in markets and public office are palpable. Ha. I wonder what Lee would say about Biden’s “comportment.”.

AMC TV (AMCX) Agreed. Thank you! Hmm, how did you allow him to get away with saying Tesla is either a growth play (group 1) or a Robinhood pumped stock (group 2). Really? Awesome experience sharing ideas from Mr Cooperman.

BLM, Antifa, etc) when he made his wealth from capitalism. And he still says their cheap. Cooperman has a net worth of $2.5 billion, according to Forbes ’ estimates.
Maybe a dental guard or tolerance of other people's views would be helpful.

Best to both of you!

FiServ (FISV) Would be great to hear him on this platform, seems to be comfortable. Mr Cooperman is right. How amazing to hear Him start the interview as a 77 year the things he wants to improve and work on! That is why I don't get the envy either - it should inspire someone, not make them turn to petty jealousy. I strongly disagree with working for the government for 6 months to fund those idiots. Tough interview to lead - masterfully done by Ed!

A legend on Wall Street, he founded investment firm Omega Advisors in 1991 before turning it into a family office …

Ed, as always, was well prepared and did a great job. DLS, “You have a good name, we wanna raise you a SPAC” ... not even a whitepaper nedeed. Excellent interview!

Could be Faro Technologies or Pharos Energy. Good interview, but once he started talking politics it went down hill. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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