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During that time, Krolia experienced a vision of Keith's father's passing, saddening her. But trouble soon came in the form of more Galra scouting parties. Writer(s): Keith Casim Elam.

In essence, Keith's journey in Legendary Defender is one of "forming the head", to paraphrase his Defender of the Universe counterpart. Unlike the others, Keith had to earn his Lion's respect by fighting to protect it at all costs, thus impressing Red. Stay safe everyone.

Her hair is a darker shade of purple, and has a pale magenta shade around the back of her hair.

She also possesses a cunning streak. August 2017, AfterBuzzTV with Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, August 2017, ComicBook: "Voltron: Legendary Defender Showrunners Explain Keith's Big Change in Season 6", June 2018,,,, Consequently, Keith ages two years ahead of the rest of Team Voltron, on top of the year he experiences along with everyone else, making him 21 years old at the youngest by season six's end, three years older than his age in season one.

What is known about. He assumed that it was because she had to put the mission first, only for her to correct that she wanted to protect her son. 7,382 followers, null followings, 9 posts from Keith Casim Elam (@keithcelam) - Instagram Thus far Keith's experiences and performance have given much promise that his inner struggles will at last crystallize into a beacon of hope, like grim percussion replaced by the clarion call of a trumpet. Krolia and Keith both appeared to have come to terms with her decision to leave for Keith's safety during their two years living on a cosmic whale's back in the Quantum abyss.

Biography Debut 1 Appearance 2 History 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Notes 6 References Despite being Galran, Krolia bears a striking resemblance to her son, Keith. GALLERY Krolia is a female Galra and the mother of Keith, as well as a spy for the Blade of Marmora. Naturally, he bombarded her with questions as to how she met his father but she brushed them aside, insisting they travel to the Quantum Abyss, suspecting the quintessence Ranveig found was connected to the same quintessence Keith and Kolivan were tracking. This also coincides with his, Unlike the other Paladins, Keith's birth date was not revealed on social media, but instead first published in. Keith is also physically the fastest of the team, making his way across the battlefield like a blazing meteorite. During those two years, they spent their time hunting for food together, training a cosmic wolf, and finally getting a chance to be a family. AZLyrics. Violet Relatives Affiliation Galra Keith is notably fond of the outdoors, finding the quiet of the forest and wild lands to be enjoyable. Despite his percentage of Galra heritage being unknown, Keith's Galra bloodline appears to be dominant over his human heritage in all but appearance, as Keith is able to access tech that is genetically encoded to the Galra; it did not reject him due to his human heritage. Keith is quick-witted, making many deadpan remarks and observations at other's expense, particularly Lance's, who believes Keith is his rival.

When Ranveig discovered an unmarked transport traveling through his territory, Krolia investigated the wreck on his behalf, finding only a single container of quintessence, discovered to be more potent than any quintessence the Galra had obtained.

Rumor of the new superweapon soon reached the ears of Commanders Ladnok and Trugg, who began fighting over Krolia's planet for control of the superweapon. It can be seen that he no longer is as anxious or aggressive in his leadership style, able to master control over himself enough to see through the eyes of the Black Lion, a feat only displayed among the current generation of Paladins by his predecessor, Shiro. However, as she was not invincible, Krolia was skilled at manipulating her enemies into harming themselves, sometimes with lethal results in the case of Commander Trug, as the commander had no idea that the super weapon she sought was a living creature with a savage need to kill. AMSTERDAM - De moeder van Keith Richards is overleden. My name is Keith Casim Elam And Guru is my father The late king who provided lyrical slaughter And he's still here Shinin' down upon us One of the best yet Submit Corrections.

18 (Season One)21 (Season Six) Upon meeting, Krolia did not reveal her identity as his mother and instead cut straight to business as they attempted to access the superweapon. She purposely allowed Commander Trug access to the super weapon, knowing that it was a living entity that would murder the unsuspecting commander and her forces, thus playing her for a very dead fool.

Despite his tendency to jump into battle, Keith can be quite calm and cautious at times.

I wish I was able to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance and how it molded me into an intelligent young man. Due to his mother leaving him as an infant and his father's death when he was still a small child, Keith had some serious barriers that he kept up around his friends and teammates, which initially impeded his abilities as a leader during the first few missions as the head of Voltron. Normally extremely perceptive, Keith's fiery personality sometimes causes him to forget crucial details of his missions, such as being so focused on destroying enemies that he forgot the Balmera was a living creature and that he had to be careful to not cause any damage to it in battle.

His combat skills allowed him to knock three Garrison military doctors out cold with minimal effort and incredible speed. Kolivan gave Keith the mission of infiltrating the base where she was located, extracting her, and destroying the weapon housed in the base. Age Debut

GALLERY Krolia Following Ranveig's departure, Krolia minded his base where he had experimented with the quintessence that resulted in a heavily mutated and vicious monster. Keith's latent leadership abilities came to surface along his journey, though he is less decisive and more aggressive as a leader than Shiro, though he is quickly calming down into a leader of great skill, as noted by the Black Lion who only allows born leaders to partner with it. They hitch a ride on the back of a whale-like creature, which possessed a habitable surface which they built a home for two years of the warped time in the Quantum Abyss. This was confirmed in "Bloodlines" when he rescued a Blade from a Galra base who turned out to be Keith's mother. Due to his father being human, Keith's maximum possible percentage of Galra heritage is 50%. Due to her duty as a Blade, Krolia has had to endure great internal conflict. This can be seen in his wariness of the local Arusians, taking a while to warm up to the friendly aliens before trusting them completely.

Since returning from the Quantum Abyss, Keith's ability to connect to Black's consciousness directly seems to be indicative of his newfound maturity. Home Planet

Team Voltron, Blade of Marmora This trait is best witnessed during his battle with Zarkon, who was using the Black Bayard to push Keith and the Lion beyond their limits. There, they discover the second colony was in fact a laboratory which Lotor was using to harvest quintessence from Alteans. G. Gang Starr Lyrics. Over time, she considered her crashing on Earth to have been the best thing to ever happen to her.

Keith is also skilled with explosives and diversionary tactics, as he was able to distract Galaxy Garrison personnel with multiple calculated explosions in order to clear the way to bust Shiro out of quarantine.

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