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hunger games symbolism essay

Even though the movie wasn’t exactly alike it many similarities, but only a few differences. Every year, between the districts, there are games titled the hunger games, where each district chooses two tributes, a boy and a girl, to play in a set of challenging battles to the death.

The most astonishing characteristic that Katniss Everdeen possessed was her ability and motivation to stand up and take care of her family. This was an expression used back during the gladiator games but it has the same concept in The Hunger Games because the Districts provide the food for the Capitol and the Tributes for the Hunger Games. One of the most important instances where bread was used was when Peeta took a beating to give Katniss some bread when she was close to dying from starvation.

Title: The Hunger Games

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Essay, 5 pages. She shows the capitol how This means they take the rebels as slaves and cut off their tongues so they cannot talk. Over the long hot summer I read an interesting book written by Suzanne Collins called The Hunger Games. Each of the agencies that will be mentioned help out with these.... On a cold summers night the fire department received a two-alarm house fire. Each year, two young tributes from each district are selected by lottery to take part in The Hunger Games. younger her dad was in a coal mining explosion and died from it. 24 January 2012 Lastly, she could not have survived if she did not learn from Gale how to trap or from her father how to hunt. (309).

The Hunger Games Symbolism. In suspense there must be an unknown; a suspicion, a mystery, a danger we expect. One of the most important instances where bread was used was when Peeta took a beating to give Katniss some bread when she was close to dying from starvation. Suspense is built up continuously throughout the story beginning with the title of the novel “The Hunger Games” that carries a double meaning. It is a motivator that causes characters to act in certain ways and do particular things. In the novel, the Capitol controls everything they do. Her family consisted of her mother, who suffered severe depression after the death of her husband, and her younger sister Prim who meant the world to her. She has worked on Nickelodeon shows including Clarissa Explains it all, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, Little Bear, and Oswald. This quote shows that the Capitol has complete control over all the districts and that the citizens are too terrified to rebel against them because they know they would be punished. ...Hunger Games Essay

Suzanne recently finished her third book in the series, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.

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