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It means that everything will happen from within Google Classroom itself, and you won’t even need to open another website.

Kami is a great tool for teaching. The students can use the tool bar on the left to make annotations and complete the assigned tasks.

But with Kami, you can hand these out virtually! Fill in these details and click on ‘Finish’ to complete the Sign Up process. You can also enter any comments from the Google Classroom viewer itself. Although Kami is useful for anyone who needs a simple yet effective tool for annotating documents, its best usage has to be for a classroom. Steps for pushing out assignments through Canvas on the free version of Kami.

If you have a PDF that you only want a few pages of, you can use the Split & Merge tool to select and delete pages. Using Kami In Your Classroom. The Home Page for Kami will open. To unsubmit the assignment, click anywhere on the assignment in Kami’s web viewer. The name gives away what the tool does. You can create an account using your email id and a password, or use a Google account to quickly sign up. All assignments will open. If you don’t have an account, create an account on Kami as a student first.

Go to Google Classroom and click on the class you want to view the assignments for. Sign up for free The students can then re-open the file, make any corrections and re-submit the file. Learn. A Letter to Teachers New to Distance Learning, has to be done from Google Classroom only. And even if you’re looking to use it for personal or professional use, there are separate plans for everyone. The options include K-12 school, College/ University, Work, or Personal. Download Kami Home App. The Kami Chrome extension and app installed in both your own and your students' Chrome browser. Kami is a digital classroom app that you can use to annotate, markup, and collaborate on PDF or Word documents. 3. Using Kami's Google Classroom Integration To Push Assignments Out To Your Students [UPGRADED] A walkthrough of how to create a Kami assignment in Google Classroom and have your students turn their work back in for grading. Students enjoy annotating text and editing documents using Kami. Click on it. Please note that despite the "Turn in" button, direct submission from Kami is restricted to the paid Teacher License.3. The main tab on the left contains your most recently used kaomoji, giving you easy access to the ones you frequently use. Teachers can markup, discuss and provide feedback using Kami’s text, audio, and video annotation tools.

Uncheck the ones you want to restrict access to and click ‘Ok’. When they have finished, they can save back to the file in Drive created by Classroom. Kami is a leading digital classroom app built to transform any existing document into an interactive learning experience.

The student can turn in the assignment by clicking the Turn in button in Classroom. Important Note: To use the Google Classroom extension in Kami, you need a Pro account with a Teacher or School & District plan. The student will be able to see their grade on the returned assignment, as well as any annotations or comments you must’ve made. Individual copies of each student’s assignment will appear, and you’ll be able to see the status of the assignment, i.e., whether or not they have turned it in.

If you don’t have a Kami Home App, you can download it from the Google Play or Apple App store and create an account. Kami has a Split & Merge tool that’s quite interesting.

Time-saving teaching tips, effective strategies, and freebies right to your inbox! Attach the file you would like to distribute to students and select 'Make a copy for each student'.

The document will open in Kami’s editor on the web. Create an assignment (An announcement will not allow you to generate individual copies for students.).

Here is how the students will turn in the assignment. You can select a document from either your Google Drive or locally from your computer. Now you can either use Google Classroom from Kami’s web app, or you can have a direct integration of Kami in Google Classroom that adds buttons to create an assignment with Kami for teachers and submit a Kami assignment for students right into the Google Classroom’s interface. You can also restrict the Kami tools that students can have access to for that particular assignment if you want them to have access to only required and limited tools. With our kid-friendly app, students can annotate on ebooks, publisher-supplied PDFs, worksheets and more.

Optionally you can install optifine too.

Preparing Your Students to Use Kami Kami allows students and teachers to annotate on ebooks, images, publisher-supplied PDFs, worksheets, and more.

You can draw, write, comment, and much more with Kami on your documents. Make sure to charge your batteries before the first use! Create an account using either a Google account or an email id and password.

This is the setup I use and it works perfectly You can also open the assignments before the students have turned them in to see if they need any help and provide any in form of comments. The option you select will further determine the premium model for you as the prices vary for schools and professionals. Kami also has an ‘Annotation Summary’ feature that shows all the annotations and the pages they are on in a summary form. This PDF can then be stored on your computer, in Google Drive, or opened directly in Kami. Check it Out! A confirmation dialog box will appear. Then, select ‘License Dashboard’ from the menu. To install go to the Chrome Web Store here, or use the Google Admin panel to deploy the extension directly to your School Domain. Steps for pushing out assignments through Google Classroom on the free version of Kami. To share your license, click on the ‘Profile’ icon on the top right corner of the screen. You can also specify marks, due date, etc. Once the teacher has graded your assignment, you’ll be able to see your final grade from Google Classroom. This is the tool you need for your classroom. Intuitive home and away modes Created with Sketch. Over 11 million educators and students worldwide use Kami in the classroom, at home, or a blend of both. You can use all the tools your teacher has allowed for the assignment from the toolbar on the left. To assign worksheets or assignments using Kami in Google Classroom, log in to your Google Classroom account, and open the class you want to create the assignment for. But if there are too many posts, click on the ‘Classwork’ tab. And once they have turned it in, you can also grade the assignments. Now, if the teacher shared the code for the license with you, click on the ‘Profile’ button on the upper right corner of the screen. The free version doesn't include these improvements, but you can still use Kami effectively in your classroom. Click on the ‘Administer License’ option. Teachers can then grade the assignments students have submitted from within the Google Classroom.

How to set your students up with Kami on their device and how to add new students to your Kami Teacher License. It’ll be immensely helpful when you want your students to be able to go to your annotations easily. Go to and click on the ‘Create an account’ option to get started. 2. 10 articles in this collection Written by Aden Cooper, Cathy Breed, and Zachary Johnson. When you’re using Kami for teaching, you can share your license with up to 150 students so they can have access to all the premium tools too. If you haven’t authorized Kami access to your Google Drive before now, it will ask for permission to access it.

Your students won’t be able to use those tools for this assignment. It feels almost as if you were present in the classroom and handing out assignments in person. Then, enter the final grade on the right and click the ‘Return’ button. At this point you can select how you want to share the file out to your students.

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