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how does a gurney explode

Tucker, T.J. and Stanton, P.L. 1 2 Hugoniot and spall data from the laser-driven miniflyer. m +

When an explosive adjacent to a layer of a metallic or other solid material detonates, the layer is accelerated both by the initial detonation shock wave and by the pressure of the detonation gas products. / − Metal acceleration by chemical explosives. 4 M All that was needed was to balance this by adding downforce in front. 1 } and Kennedy, J.E. C Kennedy, J.E., Cherry, C.R., Cherry, C.R. {\displaystyle {\frac {V}{\sqrt {2E}}}=\left({\frac {M}{C}}+{\frac {1}{2}}\right)^{-1/2}}. E } In the most common situations encountered in ordnance (shells surrounding explosives) this works remarkably well though. Tab on a wing, used to stabilise racecars, helicopters etc. A {\displaystyle {\frac {M}{C}}\left[\left(4{\frac {N}{C}}\right)+1\right]<{\frac {1}{2}}}. A o [23]

M ( This is used to correct a problem with lift reversal in thick airfoil sections at low angles of attack. At one extreme, in a high-powered climb, the negative angle of attack of the horizontal stabilizer can be as high as −25°; at the other extreme, in autorotation, it may be +15°. V Standard gurneys highlight several adjustable features including a raisable head segment so the patient may be in a sitting position, and an adjustable leg section that can be lowered for comfort. 10 1 = N + (1975). 4 E 2 (1965). Putting a cylindrical tamper around the explosive charge reduces that side loss effectively, as analyzed by Benham.

While the imploding cylinder equations are fundamentally similar to the general equation for asymmetrical sandwiches, the geometry involved (volume and area within the explosive's hollow shell, and expanding shell of detonation product gases pushing inwards and out) is more complicated, as the equations demonstrate.


All of the equations derived based on Gurney's methods are collectively called "Gurney equations". m + {\displaystyle {\sqrt {2E}}} 6 1 C and projects 1% to 2% of the wing chord. ) a The motion of plates and cylinders driven by detonation waves at tangential incidence. For an open-faced sandwich configuration (see below), this corresponds to values of {\displaystyle {\frac {V_{m}}{\sqrt {2E}}}=} Kamlet, M.J. and Finger, M. (1979). In.

(1967). The cylinder's walls are accelerated outwards as described by:[1], V ) Terminal velocity and rotation rate of a flyer plate propelled by a tube-confined explosive charge. M

2 ( [13], Gurney was able to use the device in racing for several years before its true purpose became known. 1 [3], The device operates by increasing pressure on the pressure side, decreasing pressure on the suction side, and helping the boundary layer flow stay attached all the way to the trailing edge on the suction side of the airfoil.


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Another guy in Texas got a reprieve while on the gurney with an IV …

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