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hatchet chapter 6 pdf

*�� R����N��P������0;�����}�CE[.Ekk�dEYEwI���X��]&u���.�o+�).� 6�vHq�r)|F��DJ�����|�26��\�x�XA��(�sN|_��U-�_P� ��$h�+�w�1�S@�*h�j���ֻ��$:>���d����_3X�4A�{;� In the left-hand column, write down each way in which Brian uses his hatchet. HATCHET – CHAPTER 1 Brian Robeson stared out the window of the small plane at the endless green northern wilderness below. stream a) the coast in Washington state b) the wilderness of North Dakota c) the oil fields in Canada d) the cornfields in Oklahoma 2.

�Ea� But then his hunger was too great. It was easy enough, though it took several hours to complete.

And Brian saw it. No, huge. for pro+ec+ion Hatchet Study Guide Gains peace of mind 17 2. Who is it that Brian hears screaming as the plane crashes? Hatchet Chapters 6 and 7. Although they did not grow in clusters, there were many of them and they were easy to pick and Brian smiled and started eating. What is the cause? Then he walked away. x��Z[�T�l�X���0q� ��_^#E��fk�L���J$[����|շ��9;� ���UUWU_����k����p��7y��OT�������ߟ�t�;r��k�z���s^_w�ЈѶa1�ɚu�z6v�����t����\�|�������D?۬�:h? 440 Soon, as before, his stomach was full, but this time he did keep eating. He wasn’t sure if the scream awakened him or the pain in his stomach. What is “The Secret” and how does it make Brian feel? 2 0 obj stream stream HATCHET GARY PAULSEN "Plausible, taut, this survival story is a spellbinding account." h�b```f``Re`a``�� € "@ ��Ā��x��]��a��� aOb`�f�l`���4�Մ�%�q ����n He crawled out the doorway and threw up in the sand, then crawled still farther and was sick again, for over an hour. Hatchet Chapters 6—12 Class As he sets up camp and settles in, Brian uses his hatchet for a variety of purposes and in several different ways. Hatchet Chapter 6. Brian woke up at sunrise. ���Jm B�^���Y��KuY%���]��(\���:����fM��k�6�!tPHIמ�6�Ȳ`�����8mD���~0 ��Qy;P��4�;����Vd[6?�)�m1q�+�O䅤[���[Ļ7�OM��ӝ�b�6f���=����\�e�D���O��*�p���ޚ�y4κ����?�Ѧ��k�f�V� ���aV�I��{�I��;�����Jڬ��ŋ�.h����;��[6Ă̴���+ While Brian traveled, the pilot taught him ___. endstream endobj startxref He could do nothing, think nothing. 2. What is the cause? 183 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<39AB07E33C81EF4A925A75A926DB2448>]/Index[173 20]/Info 172 0 R/Length 72/Prev 1061209/Root 174 0 R/Size 193/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The bear had just walked up to him and could have eaten him if he wanted to. %�쏢 In the right-hand column, write down what he gained by using it. R����tu�)qU�.8�/�Ŧе�^��J�c�I��j4PAg� ������@T��F�b&���>�Ԝچ���Ph_[E79�duW���;�荭�O�, E1-[5���� �{��̊R�#����R��;�ܷ�UnT .�� Created with images by AER Wilmington DE - "Hatchet on Log, High Speed" • Muffet - "raspberries macro" • amitp - "Black bear". Why doesn’t Brian drown in the crash? Even after his mind began working and he could see what had happened he could do nothing. Soon, he went back to the shelter. He was so hungry. And she had leaned across and kissed him, kissed the man with the short blond hair, and it was not a friendly peck, but a kiss. %äüöß Instead Brian thought about The Secret.

His mother sitting in the car with the man. _____ Passage 6 Chapter 12, p. 110-112: Fishing: necessity is the mother of invention 1.

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endobj On the bushes were some small red berries. 0 Previous Next . He kept eating and eating and eating. 0��W�߼�(��GO���v��v�jX�q�=7��Ӗ(f x���z UL�6\���Ka�[�Vsz0��IO��Ma��5Ȳ��}1PE�� Brian Robeson was headed to ___ in a Cessna 406 to spend the summer with his dad. <> ̟n%�(1�0�~ep`�������ఀe?C�f+�l����L�T�� E��]%M"�Hؕ\������������A6d�h���F�3���@��6A ��a�OJ���U����`� ��f0�Ҍ@$` (5d� 4. Very, very ugly. The berries were full and ripe, and he tasted one to find it sweet, and with none of the problems of the berries he had eaten before. ^D����(\�r� �j�NG�ySP�k��y:L�S�0@ �X��d`0el� ������Eh�L���ی����Hِ��j��G���X��d����i^��%���W{�ӄ�"�u���x��bl���z��P����&. 4. It is something to understand, he thought, not something to run away from.


endstream endobj 174 0 obj <> endobj 175 0 obj <> endobj 176 0 obj <>stream 192 0 obj <>stream It frightened him—his face was cut and bleeding, swollen and lumpy, the hair all dirty, and on his forehead a cut had healed but left the hair stuck with blood . Then let it come and cried for perhaps three, four minutes. Hatchet Chapters 3, 4 1. The Hatchet Survival Guide Chapters 5 & 6 Recommendations: For students in Grades 6 to 9.

Outdoor activities. !%�z�M6�6hr#;��ϓ�� 6lL��Y���dҜ�қϩe�6�� ��w����!��\�7���/J/\:זٜO����!�-�����ɏ���b��:Ÿ�o,��o��c�ך�6OƷ����Ǭ�^,�P����f�WC�Ǔ6�������-º,�q�����(�%���Y�x�Vv|lޗ&���h��]��`T�Cvp����&�qI}��M�|�hyk��,�ɡe�G�[��l�Kq��;��ެ�z� �H��pf/�� @��{�T. �C����ײ;E�`�! And he was, at that moment, almost overcome with self-pity. Shining black and silky the bear stood on its back legs, half up, and studied Brian, just studied him, then lowered itself and moved slowly to the left, eating berries as it walked along. The bear was eating berries. h޴Umo�0�+�>e~�*RB5Z�E ۪E�@��2%!�u�~�3PȲ�M:�|w���0��pO�Պ�z�����8B�%ӄ�֪!$�V4'gg4ʷy�8$��M�1#��N�}e�q��3Lk�v'p�; ;���y�0Ւ��'46��%r�tEo>�~7)d�p��%�F�8)�ڶ�ue�Fej� BNG?6_�uugg�4J&��UDiMύ��d�lJ"N1�ˁ�2��L�+aL��;ɶF�rn$�\';C���lt�.�v��6?��.��W1�V�6KG���F/M���� z�c�. '��.��紎fv�����:�����/Hd�.B��9��� He felt lucky and grabbed a few. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (1).pdf - Google Drive. By Gary Paulsen. %���� �y��BwI���$�[�G��> �'���|2�.

x��]o�6�=@��V�("�����d?ڢ{����=Ȗ�-�be���73)�G�ok%�����Q��'���Woz˼�kv���}=?�\��\0�Ep�S������߱���͗���%�������q�!��p��}Y���cv� �;zJ��g�>;�h�\r�9��� n�s.�YDu=��bT8��h5u�'[u�Q�u�ߧn��N(G�s�';� vx#-`FO�^;�5�O��_�q��� `�x�S#��-r6z�ι�a�ؗ������u~v8A��CQq�ߡ(���p.ӑ��P�Y�n����-���x�X���+�H0�w���� <> h�bbd```b``f�N`� D��HVc�5DN0���� 6O���t��.F�����? Brian realized he was very hungry after being so sick.

he took his hatchet out of his belt and put it by his head, his hand on the handle, as the day caught up with him and he slept. 5. It was easy enough, though it took several hours to complete.

The berries were a bad idea.Brian screamed and woke up. On the side of the cliff, there was a rocky ledge to act as a roof, almost like a cave, and all he had to do was wall off the front of the with some fallen tree limbs. His whole abdomen was torn with great pain, pain that made him fall in the darkness of the little shelter, put him over and face down in the sand to moan again and again: "Mother, mother, mother..." Never anything like this. Sweet juice, he thought. Be … While he knew that the bear did not want to hurt him, he kept thinking about it. He was sick until he was left weak, with nothing inside his stomach. To report a Copyright Violation, please follow Section 17 in the Terms of Use.

He decided he would tell his dad after he was rescued. Sign in

3 0 obj As the sun comes up, Brian’s eyes become swollen shut within minutes. Outdoor activities. ©1995 Educational Impressions, Inc. 1 Hatchet By Gary Paulsen L-I-T Guide Literature In Teaching A Study Guide for Grades 6 and Up Prepared by Charlotte S. Jaffe & Barbara T. Doherty Be … M�_����&&�]�t��#K� Ã�y�$�T�It5����U�LJ[�(P���pm�����T4���(+'=@Mм�'�Ck�-bQ��j���E�ƒ��. %PDF-1.7 These he knew because there were some raspberry bushes in the park and he and Terry were always picking and eating them when they biked past. Please contact Adobe Support. It was as if his hands and arms were lead. 4 0 obj There was a problem submitting your report. Sign in. 173 0 obj <> endobj %PDF-1.4 %���� “No,” he thought, “I need to stop thinking about food.”. Brian remembered “The Secret.” In the mall. —Kirkus (starred review) Thoughts of his parents' divorce fill Brian Robeson's head as he flies in a single-engine plane to visit his father in the Canadian wilderness. OBSERVATION CHART Hatchet is a novel filled with strange sights and sounds. Nothing. Even after his mind began working and he could see what had happened he could do nothing. He started walking, careful not to get lost. A kiss where she turned her head over at an angle and put her mouth against the mouth of the blond man who was not his father and kissed, mouth to mouth, and then brought her hand up to touch his cheek, his forehead, while they were kissing. Adult supervision recommended for working with tools and required for safe food and water consumption. His stomach kept growling. He would have run all the way, in panic, but after he had gone fifty meters his brain took over and slowed and, finally, stopped. Every detail. The bear did not try to hurt you. 1 0 obj He stod, went back to the water, and took a small drink. He did not want to be sick like last time he ate. Never. Hatchet ~ Chapters 1-2 1. Not people. Hatchet Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis | LitCharts. ... PDF downloads of all 1372 LitCharts literature guides, and of every new one we publish. ס��F4�D6���:n endobj

(ʉ�W;R�+D�Q@CxJ֪�Ud��z���3p0'_9�M�O9�ϟQ2J���m� �d��1��S��� 6. <>/Metadata 300 0 R/ViewerPreferences 301 0 R>> © Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. HATCHET – CHAPTER 2 For a time that he could not understand Brian could do nothing. Chapter 10, p. 94-96: Tending and relying on the fire 1. x�uSM��0��W��@ӝ-�mJ����~���{�߯l'�vC�(z~O��#��^ ��{���mA�^��NAS��(q'vw��!^��-�v c��x}"[Q�@U�h(@J]� ����x�W-�q3�`B-z�\��%�ks]�z,=��i6� �-t� NN5)ۿa�c��l�t�RJ���,$�l��9R��49'P)��bC����]h���}����ɱ��:�)0���m�)L�{$d�(���/w���-;����\Ia3p2�w�W�G~L_�e�c�hx^�2x���-l4+a?�?�?n�� �4��*xcR�%�q0���1�ϑ6E��;D��7�$%�ʐ��+�7Y���r�_u/7��Qt��l���+�4�(n,�������e3�0���2��,�{�;���'��g8nN���&�X 5. endobj Their taste was bitter, bad, and Brian spit them out. <> 3 0 obj He sat back on the bank and fought crying. �� C �� �" �� �� �� `Ց�|�=��5w� S�����+x1CH5���K��9P�ajqP�!�e�\^�!�KFd$:$�ԋ.v-��kՋ�S��>�ɳ����8,7j������r���_��wQe�ֆ 7e`O��ċۼ��vɥ`�;�6����&S 2�0�I�o!T�U�!o>����as�ZJ�͝�Ig#���e���n>��~��=ͺV>�Y����s�>U��X�����I�䅝������ �Y�|E��&�諁��*��[���1@��l����vo�8�����@���,DX�>}�ui�#��f��JS�2���x���ls�� i�[T��y? stream

[�� f�� Qu@Y�w�� ���LZ��i�b�₶c���-��]��ɪ_������H��!��Mt>=���m�5�`������ It was a small plane, a Cessna 406—a bush-plane—and the engine was so loud, so roaring and consuming and loud, that it ruined any … Hatchet Introduction + Context. �a He picked and ate and picked and ate and thought that he had never tasted anything this good.

<>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 28 0 R 29 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 3.

Why is Brian looking for a lake? endobj %PDF-1.4 6. In the right-hand column, write down what he gained by using it. Adult supervision recommended for working with tools and required for safe food and water consumption. 5 0 obj Then without thinking, Brian’s legs started moving, and he was running back to the cave.

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