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gorilla fights lion

Which Animals Could Beat a Hippo in a Fight? Required fields are marked *. To give you an idea of what that looks like, they can lift up to 1,800 pounds and effectively throw with nearly 990 pounds of force. 2nd Floor, Saba General Building, Namanga RoadPO. Your email address will not be published. Some gorillas have been recorded moving over 20 miles per hour. Measuring a moderate 1.7 metres the gorilla gives away a lot in height to its opponent. They follow some kinds of rules in their family. Remove the Spider-Man picture first you little fagget. They say that a gorilla can crush a man skull with just a squeeze of it’s hand but a bear will take a mans clean off with one swipe. Your email address will not be published. Now that we’ve covered our bases on these two mighty animals’ strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to get down to the real question: who would win? Do you still think a gorilla stands a chance against a Lion? Even leopards have killed many silverback gorillas. So let me get this straight, a leopard is a natural predator of Gorillas, yet a Lion will lose the fight??? After that, their family members eat the meat. Leopards (150lbs) are well documented as hunting and killing gorillas, including silverback adults. Would like to hear somebody else thoughts on this, other then insults.

On the contrary, the gorillas do not like to live in a warm and lesser green forest. lions bring down larger prey in packs, and the prey is always running away. While killing a lion with one swipe. The gorilla is feeling out the bear and trying to be the most agile. Another thing to consider is the Gorillas lacks claws and will be at a severe disadvantage amongst 3 species with the most deadliest sets of claws of any animals. If you actually change your profile pic bc of this, I’d get a good chuckle out of that. If you've been arguing this for years I'd think you'd know that. Bear or gorilla? Once its husky frame is hefted forward and running at full throttle, the bear can easily outrun any gorilla on Earth, reaching speeds of up to 56 km/h (35 mph). In such fights of gorillas, a heavy and adult gorilla wins the battle. No way he is just straight Brock Lesnar GNPing the Lion out.

Both able and accustomed to travel on four legs or two, these animals may first appear to be massive balls of fur and fat. The African lions are … In a fight between a gorilla and a grizzly bear, the first thing to note is the size advantage of the grizzly. Leopards do occasionally hunt gorillas, but they go after females and non-mature gorillas, and they only do it at night when they can surprise them, and even then they have to get a perfect bite.

Vulture Vs Eagle comparison- Who will win the fight? Their large canines are designed not for flesh, but for intimidation. With several packages designed to explore unique destinations, you can choose your preferred itinerary as you adventure through memorable landscapes where wildlife is abundant. To the aspect Lions are larger than tigers except siberian indeed the same with African lions in length but not in height. Lots of problems with this article. They slash the gorilla with their claws and the gorilla bleeds to death. It dies not rip the leopard to pieces with its mythical strength. Tigers are too damn big for gorillas. Can A Silverback Gorilla Defeat A Lion, Tiger Or Bear In Battle? Silverback gorillas can lift up to four times their own bodyweight! Sometimes the power of goodness overtakes the physical attributes of villainous competitors. They cannot make a fist. Real life a silver back can stomp a leopard easy. Gorillas are gentle creatures, but why the do fight, it’s extremely nasty.

I know I know many of the haters are just too jealous and start calling names & tagging Spidey’s fan. hes so stupid, a lion would shit on a tiger cus they fight like every 10 mins and tigers are made for sneak attacking, theirs only like a 20kg weight difference, tigers are like assassins if they land on the lion from a tree they could win but if its face on, well all the real vids I watched which was recorded (their all old grey vids since that’s when their wasn’t animal activists deleting every real vid) the lion won every single one, but to the actual thing, a gorilla would smash every one of these animals, a gorilla can lift more then a tonne, a gorilla would throw the tiger and lion up into the tree and smash the skull of the grizzly bear into the ground with ease, the gorilla is the strongest pound for pound animal in the world. Rather than fight each other, these two giants have something more important in common. Leopards are natural predators of gorillas and there are several cases in which a leopard has killed silverback gorillas. The Internet births many questions, from the serious to the seriously absurd. if you dropped both animals in a pit, neither animal would get an easy win, but i'd put my money on the silverback. Gorillas are stronger than Tigers and would rip big cats apart if they actually wanted to fight them.

No, he’s more dangerous than that and is striding out to Thrill My Gorilla by Alice Cooper. In truth, the answer is far from a simple one. Its superior mobility and having four limbs w/ which it can grip is too much of an advantage. You are retarded, a gorilla beats all of them, For those retards think tiger can’t handle gorilla The tiger has becomes the most overrated animal right now, no measurements exist of its bite force or pulling strength(which exist for lion anyways pulling 1500lb on a crane scale). The lion’s fearsome claws can also rake wounds into the gorilla, even as it struggles against the lion’s jaws.

Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8dd42849f272224a0912a23252f40dc" );document.getElementById("ec850665c9").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Silverback gorillas males stand on average 6 foot tall with the females topping out around 5 feet.,juvenile%20gorilla%20was%20also%20found, Jeroen van Leeuwen sa U are faggot tiger fans. On this episode of Animal Face-Off a gorilla and leopard go head to head. The lion would surely put up a good fight but would eventually yield to the gorilla. Yet he wields great strength and cleverness that may just be enough to gain an upper hand. Right. No biteforce measurements exists for a full grown lion on camera and neither for a tiger. Having also read a number of research papers comparing size and morphology of the different big cat species, they all point that on average, Lions and Tigers are of equal size.

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