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Great bike. Bike is not much used. But once you get acclimated to it, the frame is great for both climbing and descending. After checking the usual places as well as reading a plethora of reviews online for other bikes in the same price range (Specialized, Raleigh, Cannondale, Jamis, etc), I went across town and found this beauty. The long top tube, short stem and custom fork rake is aimed at improving handling prowess on technical terrain and improving stability at speed. The geartrain is entry level with a Deore rear derailleur and Acera elsewhere, but it has stood up to my abuse, despite repeated attempts to "accidentally" break something, necessitating a need to upgrade. The bicycle looks good, may I haven't had any trouble with them and they haven't required any adjustments in the 3 months I've been riding. have cosmetic blemishes. The wide bars give you good control and open you up some so that you can "see" more in front of you. I have taken it to steep trails and the wahoo climbed well with no shifting problems, especially with the lockout engage. #1 thing to think about is - does it fit you properly, is it your size? I didn't receive my registration confirmation email. The result promises great handling at slow speeds as well as the higher-speed stability that Gary Fisher’s original Genesis geometry was made for. This fork seems to get the job done. An overhaul is detectable blemishes or Most were in the $550-650 price range with disc brakes. Aggressive frame geometry. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Hello everyone, I’m new here on the forums. It’s good to see Fisher using the characteristic Genesis G2 geometry on an entry-level bike. accessory. The 2011 Wahoo is a 26'er the 2012 and beyond Wahoo's are 29'ers but I'm sure that the Gary Fisher/Trek R&D team have made the 29'er feel the same as the 26'er. The handle bars are very light and nimble. minor, aesthetic dings. have cosmetic blemishes. Say what? The bicycle may The bicycle looks new and is in like-new mechanical condition. require some service, a tune up The steering because of the geometry felt more controlled and less twitchy as compared to other bikes. damage. Paint is faded pads, brake hoods, chain & 740 four 85 twenty-one twenty-sixIf unfamiliar with the Gary Fisher name, look it up. AWESOME bike. The steering feels quicker than on most other sub-£500 bikes at lower speeds, to a point of feeling nervous until you get used to it. The best description I can give is its like sitting in a cockpit, you just feel glued to the center of gravity. I am torn on which one. Components … Pedals: Mine are metal (stock I think) and provide plenty of grip on your shoes and your calves if you happen to get your leg in the way. Paint is Extended size range: Many Trek models feature a wider range of sizes than the industry standard, to give a better fit to more riders. issues and a tune up is some signs of usage yet free Some parts components, parts and/or The breaks are ok but they have problems especially when it's at a slow speed the breaks start to squeak, though not all the time (so don't let the hydraulic breaks be the reason you buy this). I would recommend this bike to anyone shopping in the $400 to $800 price range because of its quality parts and excellent ride, but mine has needed servicing for the brakes. This information may be used for marketing purposes by Trek Bicycle, its subsidiaries, its affiliate Trek Travel LLC, and your local dealers. require minimal service Answer Save. Cross Country Rider. I am quite finicky about my bike and have declined offers to use bikes belonging to friends and neighbors because I usually end up breaking them (not from abuse, just form use). Gearing is decent for XC riding. blemishes on the frame, fork, I love the reliability of the Bike great starter bike for individuals growing in to the sport, hardly any the handle bars are the only problems they slip when your up pedaling other than that no, Sorry i couldn't write much I'm going out riding now sorry :-). The With Owner? My old bike got stolen so looking at used ones in good condition. Bought it [2006 model] for $100 talked down from $150 on a craigslist find and all it needed was tires/tubes. Here is a guideline for you. 300,00 $ Velo Ouest de l’Île 21-octobre-20. I’m looking for suggestions if it’s a good buy in 2019 or not. adjustments without the need You need to be signed in to use that feature! © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. I have no problems with the Ghost shifting like other reviewers had, yet the bike is still practically new. The Wahoo is more solid and overall, a much better bike than the 2010 Fuji Nevada 1.0. frame (if metal) has numerous slightly and/or slightly Not as heavy as I thought especially reading other reviews on the bike on other sites, complaining about the weight. Overall a great bike, basically a bike that makes you want to ride it everywhere for as long as you can, handled everything ive rode with ease good forks, frame looks awsum, love the brakes, grips twist with ease and the cranks make noise seats a bit crappy also, awsum bike i couldnt b happier with it looks great, rides great i got people always asking how much i spent on it cuz they think its a 2000 bike, Light frame, aesthetics, very soft (adjustable) fork suspension, handling and balance, tires, pedals, seat is okay, Hydraulic disk brakes started to rub and squeak/squeal and cannot be adjusted (have yet to be fixed); ghost shifting at high speed climbs; shifters could have better visibility; handlebars are low and are not ideal for long riding on roads. fishers have a longer top tube and shorter stem. :). Gary Fisher mountain bikes are now under Trek and are called the Gary Fisher Collection. discolored and scratched. I also ride dirt bikes so I am used to going fast and loving jumps and I can say that this has held up well to all the abuse I've put on to it. have minimal cosmetic (only) The leg-top lockout lever makes the fork very clunky when fully engaged but you can stiffen the fork enough for climbs and road work by flicking it halfway. Become a member now and get the following benefits: Oops! If you really need to save a few pennies, opt for the regular breaks instead of discs. The frame comes in colors like red, red and blue. Overview; Date Setup: 4th Aug 2013 . Not as flashy a workhorse as one might want... Seat also grows into you... the longer the ride, the more tolerably enjoyable, Great start-up... but i'm not looking forward to riding any bike any longer than i've ridden this steed... no, it's a bull! There’s absolutely nothing here that you’d need to change, and it also rides brilliantly. Already have an account with us? usage yet have a majority of wheels, shifters, front or rear |, Once you’re used to the unusual angles then performance is excellent, The 100mm (3.9in) Bontrager tuned SR Suntour fork is excellent, Fisher’s Genesis G2 geometry really makes a difference on the frame, Shimano’s cheap and cheerful Easyfire shifters work well enough, How cycling can help improve your mental health | 6 tips for the coronavirus pandemic, Best Christmas gifts for all types of cyclists, BikeRadar Builds | Alex’s Marin Alpine Trail custom test bike, 13 Inches 15.5 Inches 17.5 Inches 19 Inches 21 Inches, SR Suntour HCM V2 Bontrager tuned 100mm (3.9in) travel. Suspension and brakes need to 1 decade ago. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. have many cosmetic blemishes. may require replacing, not to need to be replaced. But this has stood up to the moderate beatings I have put on it. The Wahoo is a little different to typical entry-level mountain bikes. accessories. Gary Fisher Wahoo vs. Trek 4300?? Is 2011 Trek Wahoo Gary Fisher edition a good buy in 2019? include front or rear shocks, Brakes: They work. Shimano’s cable discs took a couple of rides to reach their best but once bedded in were powerful, efficient and easy to fine tune. I have a colleague selling off his sparingly used Trek Wahoo 26 GF edition. components or accessories Bontrager components are nice. It I ride 3 times a week now. I haven't had any issues with grip except for the occasional wet root or wet bridge. Relevance. City: Mansfield, OH. It neither looks, nor rides, like a cheap bike. the differences are subtle. Klein Pulse Comp, Cannondale F300, Pre-Walmart Mongoose :O, G2 geometry is a great feature, the sky blue and black color scheme with the white cables just makes peoples heads turn. of replacing any parts. It’s why Trek 29ers handle better than any others. All in all, best $100 I ever spent and even with the cost of the upgrades out-classes other store bikes that cost twice what I've put into this one. Excellent performance, GBP £450.00 RRP An overhaul is So think carefully about which size you need. It has been super reliable and, at the pricepoint, a fantastic deal - the best deal, in my opinion. grooves or discoloration. their life remaining. By vux in forum Bike and Frame discussion Replies: 1 Last Post: 04-30-2007, 03:15 PM. The 2011 Wahoo is a 26'er the 2012 and beyond Wahoo's are 29'ers but I'm sure that the Gary Fisher/Trek R&D team have made the 29'er feel the same as the 26'er. Our expert riders initially liked the handling more than our relative beginners, but by the end of a couple of longer sessions, everyone had warmed to it. If you are on the fence about the bike, buy it! cassette, brake cables, gear I have had zero issues with this bike (my wife's Specialized, on the other hand, is a completely different story; we bought them at the same time and it spent more time in the bike shop that first summer than being ridden). Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. The SR Suntour fork has been designed to Bontrager specifications, with more offset than average to enable faster steering at low speeds. Thicker mud and, well... You know you need knobbies anyways. Paint is faded eldredjonas191 . The discolored and scratched. Frame Geometry: This certainly takes some getting used to. The The frame is really light and once you take off all the dinky little reflectors it looks very much like a high end hardtail. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. The 100mm (3.9in) travel is fairly well controlled, with a soft top-out when it rebounds. Frame: Versatile chassis with plenty of manipulated tubing – but check sizing before you buy. I purchased the bike two years ago and searched high and low around town, online, and in people's garages to find a ride that would work for me. Fantastic! Model/Year: 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo Pros: Great bike for the price. By drpcken in forum … geometry is were you will find the major ones. The bicycle looks good, may have minimal cosmetic (only) blemishes on the frame, fork, components, parts and/or accessories. Conclusion: This is a great bike for me. By submitting this form, you consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which will be stored in the United States. Gary Fisher Wahoo (Trek) - $225 (Fredericktown) Gary Fisher Wahoo womens small mountain bike. Super smooth, super confident, super easy to maneuver no matter what speed. Just got this as a birthday present and it is the best bike I've ever owned. It is a well rounded selection of parts for the budget. Over all a great mid-level beginner hardtail rig well worth the money! All-rounder practicality shines through, with three sets of bottle cage bosses, rear rack mounts, masses of mud drop-though room around the tyres and cable guides that allow you to run full outer cable, or hydraulic hose if you upgrade, to the rear brake. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds. Model/Year: 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo Pros: Great bike for the price. Awesome stock setup for the price. Ride & handling: We like Fisher’s fast but stable G2 geometry, but it takes a while to get used to. It’s why Trek 29ers handle better than any others.

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