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felix paydirt reviews

We’re loving it! Those who know their gold prefer my Gourmet Gold to any other source. These guys make a killing due to their marketing. Thank you Felix! Pretty good. Complete and total waste of money. Theres some pretty incredible boneheads out there. As for Felix Paydirt, my experience with those folks was for every $100 spent on their "paydirt" you may get back $30 -40 back in gold. I stated that they could not give you dollar for dollar in gold, that they would go out of business. Your password has been sent to the specified email address. I realize this is not at all a way to make money, but more of a fun experience for him. I expect that they probably buy most of it anyway. 20094 times Digging in the dirt & scooping in the water! It will ship directly from Alaska. Thank you. A very, very, small percentage of people may end up with a reasonable amount of gold. Sign up today and Felix will send you "Gold Mining Secrets" as well as his monthly newsletter containing articles about everything that glitters, plus special events and offers! Those prospectors will get the FIRST RUN of this cream of the crop paydirt! The Historic Gold Fields of Fairbanks, Alaska, Discover the BEST KEPT SECRET of successful gold prospectors. Because of their unique product, and their marketing, these guys make a killing, and where we do this for fun, its very expensive and the return is very poor. If you think this is normal business, normal and acceptable profit margins, you have zero business sense.I know this is hobby material, we do this for fun, but man, if you think paying $200 for $100 worth of gold, or $2000 for $1000 worth of gold(and I'm being generous with these figures) is OK, you've literally got money to burn. I love to hear those clinkers hit the pan! Only a handful of prospectors will qualify to get The Jackpot early this year. No fakes, no nonsense... just real reviews. Why would they do all the work and then send you all the gold for face value? Since Felix more than likely buys most of his gold at $1200 to $1500 an oz. I were ghee all gold from three bags. Very disappointed. Rich paydirt from placer mines in the historic Fairbanks mining district, the richest in all of Alaska. I ll NEVER spend money on them again. Fear of Reptiles. I've done a bag, but just to get practice with real gold in the pan. Always had a good experience with Felix Paydirt. salting bags at 30 cents on the dollar is work, if so, I would be happy to "work" sending you 30 cents on the dollar for my "work". My hat is off to them for that. In addition, you'll get free bags and exclusive gold nugget giveaways for club members only. Sorry this post will be to late to help with Christmas, but if you want to surprise your husband and daughter with a good gold panning experience, buy some flakes/nuggets on ebay, say about 2 grams (cost you about $100 - 120), mix that with a little gravel and some dirt and they will have a rewarding, enjoyable winning experience. So Felix got his hands on a couple of claims just outside Fairbanks, and began packaging his genuine Gourmet Gold Paydirt. They forget about the screwing they took when he dangles another bag(specially salted with the good stuff) in their face.Too bad he doesn't make it right with the other 98% of his customers. I work hard for my gold, but I always find it. I love your paydirt because, it's the most fun you can have with your clothing on. You re probably much better off getting a small section dredge and sucking it out of the creeks that spending money on Felix paydirt. Nope not ever. It was fun though. Just kidding but it was an honest sample. The Roi was about 60%. I've had some folks say that you are paying for the "experience" of panning out the gold that you receive, I can understand that, however, wouldn't you rather spend $100.00 on some flakes/pickers and throw in some dirt/gravel and have the same "experience" as paying Felix to salt you about $30.00 in gold and charge you $100.00??? (and I will be in trouble) after reading the reviews I am afraid I'll be setting him up for disappointment. That was 900.00. Weight was three and a half grams. Felix doesn't have to claim he's the best. Get real. We were impressed. These folks are mining the miners. Ratings and Reviews. I panned by the spoonful, and everyone had SOME gold in it. My kid doesn’t have the patience, but when the water clears the sand, she instantly smiles. I found 2 pickers as well. This is the home of THE FINEST gold-bearing concentrates your gold pan will ever see. Best dirt I have purchased, just sent in my order for another bag. We take authenticity very seriously, which is why we're the only review service that only allow reviews from verified paying customers. Why become an Early Bird? Paydirt Reviews Great gold starts right here. Best paydirt I have tried yet.

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