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e30 strut housing

Strut inserts are the shock absorbers that fit into the housing of the strut assembly. Once it starts moving you're in good shape. The insert was junk so I used a vice grip to clamp onto the piston shaft to prevent it from spinning. Get the vehicle properly supported in the air. Read- A whole hell of a lot less expensive. First, remove the brake caliper and caliper carrier using a 13mm socket/wrench and and 19mm socket/wrench. Once the nuts are removed the entire assembly can be removed from the vehicle and worked on off to the side. By entering this site, you agree to hold Pelican Parts free from any liability arising out of the use of any information contained within. Once the nut has been removed, pull the shock cartridge out of the strut tube. Make sure the spring is oriented in the correct direction and that the ends of the coil spring are fully seated in the lower and upper spring seat. Now it's time to remove the gland nut that secures the shock insert into the strut housing. Both ball-joints must be disconnected. In my case, I was able to remove this gland nut using a punch and a hammer. Tip the strut tube upside-down to drain out any accumulated oil or water. or Best Offer. Replace it as soon as you notice failure symptoms. Install the control arm ball-joint(s). I recommend using a tiny bit of anti-seize on the threads of the gland nut to aid in removal in the future. This issue affects all vehicles of all ages and is not just an old car problem. If you own a car with the ZF 8HP transmission, learn how to locate and use the neutral safety switch bypass in case your battery dies and you're stuck in park. Does your E30's front end feel sketchy over bumps? If on jack stands, throw the wheels under the car as a safety and if you're fortunate enough to work on a lift make sure the lift is sitting on the locks. Install the upper mount studs up through the chassis strut tower and start the three nuts onto the studs. Disconnect the tie-rod outer end from the steering arm on the hub/spindle assembly. If you are getting the 'trifecta' lights on your BMW E39, there's a good chance a wheel speed sensor is to blame. The BMW N20 timing chain is a critical failure point and is the focus of a recall and extended warranty. Replacing the BMW S54 valve cover gasket doesn't need to be an intimidating task on your BMW E46 M3, Z3M, or Z4M. Video: For a full tutorial on the process, click the video below and don't forget to subscribe. The axle nut is torqued in place really tight so an impact gun is recommended. Install the new collar nut over the insert and onto (into) the strut tube. We do not have a video yet scheduled for shock/strut replacement on the E30 3-series chassis (84-91). This nut may be difficult to remove due to rust and corrosion. Replace the trim at home with minimal tools. The gland nut can be seized into place on these strut housings. Remove the three 13mm nuts on top of the strut tower while supporting the strut assembly below. For iX models you will need to remove the axle from the front hub. Disassemble the upper mount and spring from the strut assembly, using a proper spring compressor tool. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3867393, 'bbfabc8c-4a7d-4acf-b9b2-18b88fe9fb83', {}); Gareth is the BMW Catalog Manager for FCP Euro and has been with the company since 2012. On a regular rear-wheel drive E30, you can technically replace the insert with the housing on the vehicle but I find it easier to remove the entire assembly and work on a bench with a vice. Click HERE to see the DIY video on replacing 3-series control arms for an example of disconnecting ball-joints (including tie-rod ends). he can be reached at On some other models the nut is female and threads on the outside of the strut tube. Copyright © 2009 - 2020 Bavarian Autosport. $101.65 shipping. Call us at 800.535.2002 or click Otto to email. On later models, the shock absorber is actually the complete strut assembly, including the lower spring seat and this assembly is then attached to the wheel hub and spindle assembly.

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