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don hewitt for congress

You know, some political hack somewhere…who, who, you know…George bush has got his kid working for some cable outfit out in Denver (laughter).

A number of prominent media and political figures spoke, making jokes and reminiscing.

Heffner: Since you trust him, would you like him to beef up the FCC and pick someone he trusts, in turn, to re-regulate television, broadcasting?
Heading into the election the incumbent is Democrat Denny Heck, who was first elected in 2012.Heck ran for lieutenant governor, leaving the seat open.. Marilyn Strickland (D) and Beth Doglio (D) advanced from the top-two primary on August 4, 2020. "[3] In 1956, Hewitt was the only one to capture on film the final moments of the SS Andrea Doria as it sank and disappeared under the water. Use the 'Report' link on … This Peck’s Bad Boy of broadcast news produced and directed the nation’s first televised Presidential debate way back in 1960, that initial, clearly fateful exchange between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. He said, “that was Charlie Mack, and Marty Barnett, [they were cameramen]”.

His family later lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. . You know, I remember you watched Anwar Sadat get assassinated. [10] The scandal was the inspiration for the 1999 film The Insider. [11], In 2018, an internal CBS investigation found that in the 1990s Hewitt had been accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a former CBS employee over a period of years. Strickland received 20% of the vote and Doglio received 15%. It, it was the specter of Hitler…Joe McCarthy was the specter of Hitler (laughter)…the fact that Ed Murrow could chop him into little bits in front of the whole country. I mean the…you know, Bush kept, you know, he kept saying, you know, “this is a matter of trust” and the…more people trusted Bozo than trusted bush.

"Life and Career of Don Hewitt", April 5, 1994, Radio Television Digital News Association, Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, "Don Hewitt, Creator, First Producer of '60 Minutes,' Dies at 86", "CBS Wants '60 Minutes' Chief To Hand Over the Stopwatch", "Don Hewitt, Creator of '60 Minutes,' Dies at 86", "Don Hewitt, Creator of 60 Minutes,' Dies at 86",, "At '60 Minutes,' Independence Led to Trouble, Investigators Say", "CBS News pioneer Don Hewitt, who invented '60s Minutes' dies at 86", "Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication", "The Open Mind - Tell Me A Story . I was there at the time, and it hurt me so because….

We were very, very close friends at the end. You know, they’re pretty good guys. I’d sell news.

I hope you’ll join us again next time. Few thoughtful viewers would disagree. I think Ed Murrow would have liked Ted Turner.

That’s not it. [3], Hewitt directed the televised production of the first 1960 U.S. Presidential candidate debate between Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Richard M. Nixon on September 26, 1960, at the CBS studios in Chicago. And they haven’t messed with me. Yeah. I don’t think “fairness” is decreed by doctrine. Hewitt: Yeah.

"[3] Within a couple of years, Hewitt stepped aside as executive producer at the age of 81, signing a ten-year contract with CBS to be an executive producer-at-large for CBS News.

After World War II ended in 1945, Hewitt returned to his job as copyboy for the Tribune, then worked for The Associated Press at a bureau in Memphis, Tennessee. You know, we went…we sent troops to Panama…to kidnap Manuel Noriega and bring him back and try him.
It comes down to the guy…. If there’s a better one around…maybe…you want to be the watchdog? According to The New York Times, Jeff Fager, producer of 60 Minutes II, was being floated as a possible replacement,[3] speculation that proved to be accurate.

And Stanton said, “That’s wrong”, and Ed went through the ceiling and, you know, and threatened to walk out and everything else. Who knows where it’s going to end. I’m going of be 70 in a couple of weeks…my contract’s up when I’m 74…we’ve been talking about extending it. Heffner: Okay. I, I think it’s been made better by the inclusion, or the, the hiring of Tom Johnson from, from the LA Times, and the whole Times-Mirror group, who I think has done a great job.

First of all…it’s, it’s a myth…you know, Paley and Murrow were not feuding.

I think CNN has been just great.

Heffner: So it really comes down to the guy you trust. It’s Ted Turner. You know why?

Heffner: Okay, a minute and a half left…let me go back to the first question of the first program that I said I wouldn’t ask…what are you going to do when you grow up? A roast of Don Hewitt, the creator of CBS’s "60 Minutes", was held to benefit the Spina Bifida Association.

Hewitt: Yeah, I, I…no, I have no more plans…I’m glad they never sold me CBS News…Jesus, terrible thing to own right now. Hewitt: More money…”60 Minutes” made more money than any broadcast in the history of television.

Hewitt: More of the same, I hope.

Essentially we’ve been…believed in a government of laws, not of man.

And most of it was about a show called “Person to Person”…it wasn’t about “See It Now” and it wasn’t about Joe McCarthy.

Heffner: Okay, that’s the point.

I mean look at how the, you know, the biggest fortunes in America…Hearst, Luce, Salzberger, Chandler, they made their money selling news. Stanton and Murrow were feuding. Hewitt in 1987. I think so. Scripps Company-owned photo agency ACME Newspictures, which was later merged into co-owned news service United Press[7][8], Soon he received a lucrative offer at the CBS television network, which was seeking someone who had "picture experience" to help with production of television broadcast.

[1][5] Hewitt's family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, shortly after his birth, where his father worked as a classified advertising manager for the Boston Herald American. THE OPEN MINDHost: Richard D. HeffnerGuests: Don HewittTitle: ”60 Minutes with Don Hewitt” Part IIVTR: 11/13/92 I’m Richard Heffner, your host on THE OPEN MIND. But first there has to be an effective agency, an agency that’s really charged with doing something. Would you have the new President pick a Minow to be an FCC Chairman? But my weekly television “fix” still comes best Sunday nights on CBS with “60 Minutes”.

Don Hewitt. Heffner: But, I come back…from all of those things that Dayan had to referred to, but he didn’t put bread on the table, and you’re saying then that what we’ve got here is a medium that depends first and foremost on the bread on the table. Associated with a long preeminent CBS News for many, many years, its everyone’s bet now that he’ll just continue doing what comes so naturally to him ‘til the end of time.

He later became executive producer of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, helming the famous broadcast of John F. Kennedy's assassination as the story developed. I’d sell news, I’d sell news directly to people’s homes, I’d put out newsletters, I’d run out sporting news. If there’s…if there is a publisher in television today, it ain’t Larry Tisch, and it ain’t jack Welch, and it ain’t even Dan Burkett or Tom Murphy…well, Murphy is now retired. And as I said there was once a time when the people who ran broadcasting, I don’t think they, they were honest because they were regulated, I think they were honest because they were honest…because they really believed this. What do you want me to rise above to? It always does. Newt Minow…yes. Anyway, I’m only kidding you.


Heffner: …of what Murrow and Friendly had done. No, I’d take newt Minow tomorrow. Hewitt: It was…sure…Frank Stanton was one of the giants, but Frank Stanton and Ed Murrow feuded. . Never happened. I learned a valuable lesson there. And Ed said, “Oh, gee, General, you know, Cecil Brown and Elmer Davis.

But I don’t think the country feels that they can trust the government to be a watchdog in anything. Listen, I think Lyndon Johnson was…perpetrated the worst scandal of my lifetime.

They poked fun at various aspects of his…, President Obama delivered his weekly address. I mean if, if half the members of Congress weren’t beholden to lobbies and PACs…I mean we say this country’s never been invaded. What’s the answer? Heffner: See that sign over there…”Cut”…thank you Don Hewitt for joining me again on The Open Mind. You just hope it ends at a good place. Laws, and then you choose the men to administer them.

You know I know why “See It Now” went off the air, the first time. The show was still generating an estimated profit of more than $20 million a year, but the decline in viewership and profit meant the show could no longer "operate as an island unto itself, often thumbing its nose at management while demanding huge salaries and perquisites. I mean he’s, he’s another one…he’s like…he’s like Ross Perot (laughter)…he can go, you know, goes a little nutty occasionally…falls asleep at t ball games with Jane Fonda.

Don Hewitt 60 Minutes, CBS 524 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 Don Hewitt: In my letter to Mike Wallace of 04-Jul-2002 titled Mike Wallace's Dark Secret, you will find my critique of your 02-Feb-1997 and 20-Jul-1997 broadcasts of the 60 Minutes story, Canada's Dark Secret.

You know, not enough people watched it. He talked about actions taken by his administration to combat the swine…, In 60 Minutes, Part I (2001)", "The Open Mind - Tell Me A Story . I mean we survived Watergate, we survived Iran, we survived Iraq-gate…we almost didn’t’ survive the Gulf of Tonkin.

Heffner: But they had already offered that to him?

Hewitt: Yeah. close.

Today, essentially, we don’t.

New York City, United States. Ed Murrow…you knew Ed, and I worked very closely with him…Ed Murrow was a marvelous, marvelous man who had the good fortune to look like Walter Pidgeon playing Ed Murrow (laughter). Nobody ever fired Ed Murrow. I think the problem is that the people up top may be not as interested in having an Ed Murrow, an Eric Sevareid, a Walter Cronkite as their watchdog as the guys we all knew and loved did. Hewitt: It’s a business. Heffner: Between now and then…anything on the books? He went…appeared before a Congressional Committee and apologized for things he had done which I wish he’d never apologized for.

Hewitt …yeah…yeah.

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