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It was released on the "Walt Disney Legacy Collection" series a few years ago, the series that contained all of the True Life Adventure Series films. Perri An unjustly neglected feature from Disney, Perri was the first and only True-Life Fantasy, which had a script written first before shooting was attempted. Walt constantly reminded the unit to make entertainments, not nature documentaries. unfortunately to my knowldege this film is not on video, and will thus largely remain unknown or forgotten. As well, Walt began to see live-action as a cheaper, less work-intensive way to diversify his studio's output, particularly after his experience producing government-sponsored live-action training films during World War II. As well, at our local second-run movie house, at least once a month a Disney feature re-release of some kind would appear for a Saturday matinee, with a True-Life Adventures short tacked on for good measure. It runs 33 minutes. G

Adventure, Family, Fantasy. The story of a little pine squirrel named Perri and her life from childhood to maturity. It runs 48 minutes. Certainly the good will that these films have promoted concerning our environment outweigh an unfortunate incident in one of the shorts. With Anthony Gerard editing, along with Oliver Wallace's arresting score, Seal Island took shape.

Often, this sequence is pointed to as an example of misinformation purposely staged by Disney to create a dramatic moment (of course, they never mention all of the myths that Disney corrects in these films -- such as the bad reputation that wolves have, which they don't deserve, in White Wilderness). Animals are born, they fight for survival every day, and they die - usually at the hands of other predators. Directed by N. Paul Kenworthy Jr. and Ralph Wright. It runs 70 minutes. When Perri’s life is threatened by a marten, her father sacrifices his life to lure it away from Perri’s nest.

Walt put James Algar, one of Disney's top animators and directors, in charge of the new True-Life Adventures unit, and secured the services of Winston Hibler to co-write and narrate the new short. Directors: Paul Kenworthy, Ralph Wright | Star: Winston Hibler. He also told me that the color balance was often off, because of time factors with the labs, so these restorations, according to Mr. Disney, offer better picture quality than the original presentations, and I concur. Animated effects were credited to Joshua Meador, Ub Iwerks, and Peter Ellenshaw, and Paul Smith wrote the musical score. Winston Hibler is the host. However, it does appear that animals may have been injured in staged sequences. this is truly a forgotten treasure of a film,it brings back the old glory days when disney was king. Walt Disney’s 100 Years Of Magic Collection 172 Movies Set-Brand New GENRE: AnimatedREGION: 1 U.S. and CanadaLANGUAGE: English Walt Disney 172 List: 0 And these cycles, like the seasons, will continue forever. The Packaging:A special note about the packaging for the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries. True-Life nature photography is used to tell the tale of a female tree squirrel named Perri who encounters many different forest creatures, both friendly and dangerous, as she grows up through the four seasons and finds a mate named Porro. Purchasing 16mm color footage filmed in Alaska by husband-and-wife naturalists Elma and Al Milotte, Walt took the shapeless miles of film and gathered together a team of artists to mold the directionless material into a short subject.

The story of a little pine squirrel named Perri and her life from childhood to maturity.

As well, there's an insert which lists the program contents of the discs, with their running time.

You’re receiving limited access to Here, Walt goes back through the studio's history to show the development of the True-Life Adventures series. Just a movie about a squirrel named Perri. The discs are held in a round metal container that is embossed to resemble an old 16mm film can; the can is gold, and adorned with the Disney True-Life Adventures logo, as well as some terrific artwork of an underwater scene. Contained within this masterpiece of film is a hibernation/dream sequence that cannot be described in … When Perri’s life is threatened by a marten, her father sacrifices his life to lure it away from Perri’s nest. When Perri’s life is threatened by a marten, her father sacrifices his life to lure it away from Perri… Of course, they're full screen. Twelfth installment of the True-Life Adventures series of nature documentaries produced by Walt Disney. Perri Disney's first "True-Life Fantasy," this live-action film tells the story of a little Pine Squirrel named Perri and her life in the forest from childhood to maturity. But no one had thought of taking nature footage, and applying to it basic storytelling techniques to create a story focused solely on the featured animals. Of course, there can be issues with staging action; in particular, the infamous "lemming suicide" sequence in White Wilderness. I would suspect most people might get bored after awhile. Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney's Animal Kingdom: ButterfliesHere is the final contemporary segment that features Roy Disney backstage at Disney's theme park, Animal Kingdom. They have been lovingly restored for optimal picture quality, and they look better even then when they were first shown. They were, to her, "phony." It's a short introduction to the new line of Walt Disney's Legacy Collection discs, as well as what's featured on the following discs.

Some historians have gone back now, and have tried to wrangle political motives onto these "survival of the fittest" storylines, hoping to tie in their evaluations of Walt himself with these storylines. Fridays at my elementary school were, for me at least, anticipated not only because of the coming weekend, but also because, quite often, my teachers would schedule a film for the day. Time and again, the films stress that nature is implacable in its disinterest; nature plays no favorites, and cute little animals die in the jaws of less cute animals. Searching for Nature's MysteriesThis 1956 episode of Disney's Wonderful World of Color features a look at the production of Secrets of Life, along with a look at the scientist-photographers that work on the True-Life Adventures series. Promotion and marketing is a huge field of interest to the Disney scholar and fan, and more of these kinds of segments would be welcome in the future.   |  Well, this is an absolute must-see. The film proved to be an enormous financial success, further souring Walt's view of his deal with RKO. Directed by N. Paul Kenworthy Jr. and Ralph Wright.

View production, box office, & company info, Ralph Wright, Here are the shorts and features included in the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries: Introduction By Roy DisneyAn introduction by Roy E. Disney, the son of Roy Disney, and nephew of Walt Disney, is included on each of the four volumes of the Disney's True-Life Adventures discs. These films give an awe-inspiring look at the wonders of our world, and the implacable impassiveness of nature and her laws. Inaugurating the new Walt Disney's Legacy Collection line of DVDs, Disney's True-Life Adventures: Volumes 1 - 4 is a spectacular collection of all the Disney studio's True-Life Adventures shorts and features that were produced between 1948 and 1960, as well as other nature titles that, for various unexplained reasons, were never officially included in the True-Life Adventures series. Leaving behind any specific message of conservation in their narratives, the True-Life Adventures impart a reverence for nature and beauty in their very subtext that has influenced young viewers for decades. What critics of Disney's True-Life Adventures series also don't take into account is the tremendous influence for the good that these shorts and features have perpetuated. Disney / Via Twitter: @disneyplus. But that's a view that's not born out by actually watching the films. It runs 74 minutes. The tracks are strong and clear. Share a limited preview with your friends. Filmmakers' JournalThis 35 minute documentary, again with no date (although it's a mixture of old and new interview footage) features a detailed look at some of the participants in the True-Life Adventures series, including more interesting anecdotes from Roy Disney. Rather, they were necessary tools for making entertaining features; they smoothed over the rough spots of the largely unrelated material, while providing hooks for the audience to appreciate the footage. The story of a little squirrel, Perri has some stunningly beautiful sequences, particularly Perri's moon-lit dream sequence, aided by animation. Roy E. Disney, Walt’s nephew, contributed some of the footage. Perri was the only "True Life Fantasy" film ever released, although I … Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. Much has been written about this problematic scene. PerriAn unjustly neglected feature from Disney, Perri was the first and only True-Life Fantasy, which had a script written first before shooting was attempted. Have you ever stared at 30 minutes of a beaver gnawing on a tree branch? The True-Life Adventures show a decidedly realistic view of nature and its laws, in direct opposition to what Disney critics like to think Disney films are all about: sweetness, light, and fairy-tale endings.

74 min. Educating the public, if indeed that notion was even considered, came subliminally. Perri is a 1957 film from Walt Disney Productions, based on Felix Salten's 1938 Perri: The Youth of a Squirrel.It was the company's fifth feature entry in their True-Life Adventures series, and the only one to be labeled a True Life Fantasy.In doing so, the Disney team combined the documentary aspects of earlier efforts with fictional scenarios and characters. It's an invaluable look at the series' production. But instead of a similar metal tin cover, the True-Life Adventures tin has a thick, clear plastic cover so you can see the displayed can. Of course, there had been nature documentaries before the True-Life Adventures, but they mostly consisted of either exploitation features such as Frank Buck's Bring 'Em Back Alive, or traveling lecture shows, with naturalists and scientists presenting their random nature footage to local clubs and civic organizations (such as the Milottes did). The addition of sound effects, as well as the marvelous musical scores that not only highlight the action, but comment on it (the famous otter slide sequence in Beaver Valley), were in no way considered by the Disney staff as compromises to some vague "truth." This movie has been released on DVD. Walt Disney's distributor at the time, RKO Studios, initially rejected the idea of showing Seal Island. And invariably, we'd see some kind of Disney educational short; if it wasn't something like Seal Island or Beaver Valley, it would be a cartoon like Donald in Mathmagicland.

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