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dark souls 3 sellsword twinblades nerf

For Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Good rings to compliment Sellsword Twinblades? Sellsword Twinblades Very fast upward slash, short range but almost no telegraph. And don't forget that dex weapons ain't got any active poise so you cannot trade hits unless you've got Perseverance running. Downward right-to-left slash followed by jumping circular motion into another slash. By far the best PvE weapon in the game. Spin Slash Tried a mage once but didn’t like it very much and gave up around pontiff. I looked at my sellsword twinblades and it looks exactly the same as before the patch. To be fair though, at your third playthrough you probably understand the game a whole lot more. Simultaneous vertical slash with both blades, into clockwise horizontal slash with both blades, followed by cross-wise diagonal slash. 25.0 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 100 Great versatility and damage output. When one-handed, a single Sellsword Twinblade has the standard "light curved sword" moveset of the Scimitar, and has relatively unimpressive damage output. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Skill ... A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. 0 This is my very first time engaging Nameless King with Melee build. Rolling optional. I'm about to engage Nameless King. Oh for sure, if i didn’t know the move sets and how to dodge t wouldn’t matter what weapons I use, my point is more that I’m dealing so much damage that I’m beating them in under a minute it seems. These swords just do so much damage. 40.0 16 My last playthrough was a strength build with a great sword, and my first playthrough was a typical knight with straight sword and shield. Yes. Horizontal slash with off-hand blade quickly followed by upward slash by main-hand blade. Yeah it’s awesome. Drang Hammers might be decent. Using sharp infused sellsword twin blades +9, and wearing the sellsword armor set with no helmet for fashion souls. One combo is half their health. 364k. And I beat Gael in 2 tries with them. Twinblades are great weapon types all around. 3(-/9) - 100 Twinspears really need a damage boost though. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. DARK SOULS™ III. Attribute requirement ". Same moveset too. Press J to jump to the feed. Attack power Ashen Ones. 9. Stat-wise, the Sellsword Twinblades aren’t the best. Also just beat dragonslayer, ocereiros, and princes without dying once. I never fought Gael before and beat him in 2 tries with those DPS monsters. Continuation of the combo repeats second and third inputs. It’s even nuttier (40/60 w DMB). I use crystal sells on my spellblade and while sup-optimal for the weapon, they still wreck shop. Faron Keep - Keep Ruins Bonfire (pretty sure that’s the one... the one with 3 Ghru clumped together on the bridge right near the BF). Embered. 30.0 You can practically trade with bosses and be fine. 55 25 If anything, crucifix needs a nerf in the weapon art attack to cost FP. Guess I should remove my FC for a DS stolen almost two years ago from me... Mash L1 until whatever’s in front of you dies. We use Sellsword Twinblades in Speedruns because it scales really well with Sharp infusion and Dexterity leveling. However, the true nature of these paired curved swords is brought out when the weapon is two-handed, wielding one in each hand. Slightly less damage, but you get natural bleed effect. The Sellsword Twinblades are notable for having a very fluid moveset, and are able to chain together the one-handed and paired attacks beautifully, allowing for very effective combo mix-ups that can potentially stunlock enemies and very well break through their guard with the proper distance. - I obliterated Nameless King in an instant with my Pyromancer build. Together with Lloyds Sword Ring and Pontiff's Right Eye (which you already use) the damage becomes rather significant at +10 using GPR as buff for most bosses 99 Is this change for other twinblade weapons or has the sellsword's been nerfed in some other way apart from AR/scaling? Slap some Carthus Rouge on if you aren't already. There’s still a reason why they are a starting weapon for the Mercenary class after all. Guard absorption 3 years ago. Done it. 1.4k. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 5.5 I’m staying hopeful for that fight.. I’ve never beaten nameless king or made it past demon princes in ringed city. After failing 100+ tries at NMK I switched to the twin blades and beat him in 3 tries. Miscellaneous Another fairly basic weapon that, you’d be surprised can actually be pretty valuable well into the later portions of the game. My roommates been watching me play and said something to the effect of, “I thought this game was supposed to be hard.”, That said, I’m sure nameless, and the DLC bosses will still annihilate me. Title says it all, went with a dex build for my 3rd playthrough, and while I know I’ve gotten better since my last two, sharp sellsword twin blades absolutely MELT through bosses. Just level dex (and beware the giantdads). Brigand Twindaggers are too weak to really be viable, unfortunately. The Sellsword Twinblades are paired curved swords in Dark Souls III. N/A 40 dex 40 end. Lightening blade as in using the gold resin? The sellswords have always been on of the strongest weapons in the game. Right-to-left slash with slight downward angle, followed by horizontal left-to-right slash. Now try them with a proper buff build. E Wish me luck. This is my first ever playthrough (PvE-oriented) and I had originally intended to go for 40/40 in STR/DEX but have heard that a DEX/FAITH build might be better for Sellsword DPS. Man I love this game, They’re the speedrunner’s weapon of choice for a reason, they’re pretty much unmatched in terms of raw DPS, Yeah I can see why, not gonna lie it’s pretty damn fun and satisfying but almost feels cheap getting to an awesome fight light dancer or pontiff and winning in 30 seconds first try, If you have 60 faith + lightning blade with those babies any boss will be a joke. Quick horizontal slash followed by backwards cartwheel. So bored I tried killing Midir with a broken straight sword. Curved Sword (Paired) Using sharp infused sellsword twin blades +9, and wearing the sellsword armor set with no helmet for fashion souls. I used both Pontiff eye rings since it helped preserve estus and allowed me to play incredibly aggressively without really being punished. I Need Tips on How to Use Sellsword Twinblades For PvE. On top of that, I´d add the Old Wolf CS, Pontiff Right Eye and Lloyd´s Sword Ring. Do i need to get +10 weapon before infusion for best stats? 30.0 0 - This dex build is by far the easiest run through the game so far, Sharp weapon builds tend to heavily favor Dex. Mirrored version of one-handed weak attacks. Im talking about 75-83. What's your build? Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. N/A Slash Additional effects Basically the starting gear for mercenary. First try. What is the minimum Strength requirement to be able to 2-hand a weapon without penalty? In terms of scaling and infusion, the Sellsword Twinblades strongly favor dexterity, making them a solid candidate for infusing with a Sharp Gem. My last playthrough was a strength build with a great sword, and my first playthrough was a typical knight with straight sword and shield.

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