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dark souls 2 pyromancy build pve

Speedy knightly cleric with a tad of pyromancy. : Old knights shield+ (100%physical def and 70+ elemental) Best heavy armor you can wear. For help on creating your own build, see the Character Building Tutorial page. Get 13 ATN for the spell slots for Great Magic Weapon. Save Flame swathe for large groups of mobs or invaders, and Save soul spear and soul gyser for boss bursting. (With Ring of Prayer) You will also need 15 dexterity and 32 strength to wield both the Greatsword and Sea Bow. Total Weight: 14.3/14.8 wt Stats Soul Level: 130 Vigor: 28 Endurance: 20 Vitality: 8 Attunement: 50 Strength: 12 Dexterity: 5 Adaptability: 10 Intelligence: 4 Faith: 46 (52 with gear) Values Attunement Slots: 11 (with ring) Max Equip Load: 14.3(.8)/50.5 (< 30%) HP: 1014 Stamina: 120 Magic Great Heal (5 casts, 1 ATT) Soothing Sunlight (5 casts, 2 ATT) Caressing Prayer (7 casts, 1 ATT) Emit Force (12 casts, 1 ATT) Great Lightning Spear (12 casts, 1 ATT) Soul Appease (6 casts, 1 ATT) Sacred Oath (5 casts, 4 ATT). My caster with 60 INT/FTH and the hexer chest piece got a bonus +1 INT/FTH. Any spell is allowed (Jutsu, but don't rely on it). Use the Fireball, Fire Orb and Great Fireball spells to deal good damage to certain bosses. This build is very dependent on the versatility of rings. Enchant it with Magic Damage and Scale INT. Pyromancy: best to use Fireball and/or Fire orb when you can. Tank build in Dark Souls 3. Rings: Ring of Prayer (+5 FTH, 0.5 wt), Sun Seal (Increases Strength of Miracles by 5%, 0.2 wt), +2 Southern Ritual Band (+3 Attunement Slots, 1.5 wt), +2 Clear Bluestone Ring (Shortens Casting Time by 55%, 0.8 wt). Related Posts. A Cleric/Hex based version of the mystic knight. Miracles: Use healing spells, homeward (to get out of difficult situations) and lightning spears with Priest's Chime early on in the game! NO. I like to play games and make people laugh. As the name implies this build will revolve around poison. Great Magic Damage. I love you all and PEACE DAWGSTAS! It's an awesome light shield and sounds like a bell when you block. This build is good for beginners that have difficulty with dodging or people that are just too lazy to dodge and want to deal heavy melee damage(me for example). You can of course skip the 3 points I put in VIT and put them in VGR instead. A dark, menacing melee/ranged build, able to use almost every weapon in the game effectively. Even though this build is meant for farming, it can be highly effective vs. bosses in the right hands. If you enjoy the awesome power of spell casting, but also want the thrill of melee combat, this may be the build for you. You might need to rest at the bonfire just next to him. White Mage BuilPriestess Set (+1 FTH from Headpiece) (6.8 wtRH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt) LH: Idol's Chime/Dragon's Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt) Rings: Ring of Prayer (+5 FTH, 0.5 wt), Sun Seal (Increases Strength of Miracles by 5%, 0.2 wt), +2 Southern Ritual Band (+3 Attunement Slots, 1.5 wt), +2 Clear Bluestone Ring (Shortens Casting Time by 55%, 0.8 wt). Ring of Steel Protection +2 / Ring of Blades +2, Defender's Greatsword +5 with lightning infusion (scales S), Watcher's Shield +5 (It doesn't have 100% physical, but close. 3. (A lightning claymore +10 will be more than enough until you reach the throne watcher/ defender. Fairly balanced build, focuses around Pyromancy. U can use any armor but try to make it light/ mid light but mine are listed below, This build is best for co-op and PvE and is going to probably die in PvP. This builds main focus is to take the min/max stating to the limit, to get the highest damage numbers for pure magic fun! VGR: 12, END: 10+, VIT: 8+, ATN: 5, STR: 54+, DEX: 12+, ADP: 14+, INT&FTH:5. and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style. If the the enemy is not a careless fighter (very few openings) use a bow to harass from afar until the enemy is provoked into attacking. First thing is first, try to get your Int, Str, endurance, Vig, Vitality and Attunement to 20. I personally swap between a Grand Lance, a Stone Twinblade, and a Greatsword. Yes, very low, but higher isn't necessary since most of the time you'll be rolling and dodging to evade damage. There is TEN Intelligence as I found that, early on, having the Hex Resonant Soul was very helpful in some early bosses [Scorpioness Najka and The Rotten for example] due to the fact you really don't want to try and tank those two until you have more heavily upgraded gear. Build is obtainable very early game by trading petrified someting with the birds, running through Majula to get to Hedie's Tower of Flame, killing the Dragonrider, and then farming old knights untill they despawn. Please note that if you want extra speed pick up a Katana of any kind and use that fully upgraded, with Fire imbune it slays all. You want to run a strong Glass Cannon who wrecks bosses and kills players in 1-5 shots depending on the magic used?Can you roll through most attacks but will sometimes need a shield to block some attacks? An extremely effective PVP build but versatile in PVE as well. Using simple sorceries like Soul Arrow while zooming in with the Binoculars, you can land critical hits before the enemy even knows you're there! This build focuses on using fast attacks, dodges, stunlock, bleed, and poison. Dark Souls 3. Mace of the Insolent: No. Pyromancies: Many enemies are weak to fire. Having a Hard time with Dex in PvE? Make sure you grab the dagger, too. The Pyromancy Flame and Dark Pyromancy Flame are the only catalysts in the game able to cast pyromancies. This build is for people who want to use a knight build with strong pyromancy. My end game stats at SL 150 are VGR 11 END 6 VIT 8 ATN 40 STR 3 DEX 7 ADP 8 INT 60 FTH 60 these stats makes my character a beast in both PvE and PvP. Armor: Wear Hexers hood and any light/medium armor until you can access the black witches set, then wear that except for medium armor pants for the physical protection, I recommend Alonne grieves.Rings: Ring of Dispelling, Stamina recovery Ring, Right of steel protection, Southern ritual ring.Stats: Level vitality to 20, then equally level int and attunment until both are around 70.Weapons: Right :Staff of wisdom, pyromancy flame, magic maceLeft: Drangleic ShieldSpells: Keep balance between sorcery and Pyromancy slots about even. Developed by From Software, Dark Souls 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the punishing 2011 hit Dark Souls.

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