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cva wolf review

This made for a small, but noticeable delay between the fall of the hammer and the gun firing that adversely affected my accuracy. Additionally, they were extremely easy to load and their accuracy did not seem to degrade very much after shooting several shots in a row without swabbing the barrel.
Both were accurate enough for me to use at the ranges I’m likely to take a shot at while hunting this year.

The kit consists of a new firing pin assembly and a breech plug. For more detailed information on learning more about hunting with a muzzleloader, check out these other articles: Blackhorn 209 vs 777 vs Goex Black Powder: Which One Should You Use In Your Muzzleloader? |, Very impressive powder. Congrats on the elk! Affordability: 5/5 Hey, this was my first time muzzle loading, I hunt in idaho, I bought the wolf northwest. As you can see in the table and in the photo below, the Hornady SST bullets were extremely accurate and shot the smallest group of the three bullets. After shooting for accuracy, I fired the SST and T-EZ a couple of times at a paper target at 50 yards and a 6″ steel plate at 75 yards from shooting sticks. Not only is it lightweight and easy to carry, but it worked without fail. However, I was still not happy with a 3″ group at 100 yards.

I’ve still got some more testing to do to compare how well each bullet penetrates. However, I’m a little concerned about using PowerBelts on elk. Even after 20 or more shots, it comes out with just a twist.

Even when I swabbed the bore after each shot, they were extremely difficult to load and did not shoot very well. Even after 20 or more shots, it comes out with just a twist. Though I think I’ve wrung all of the performance I’m realistically going to get out of the 245gr PowerBelts, I think there is still some room for improvement with the 348gr PowerBelts and the Hornady FPBs. So, if you want to use a Barnes bullet but the TMZs don’t shoot well out of your muzzleloader, make sure you try the T-EZs. No animal, not even a big feral hog or a Cape Buffalo (not that I recommend shooting a Cape Buffalo with a 250gr T-EZ), has a shoulder anywhere near as tough as an AR500 steel plate. At this time, Idaho and Oregon still prohibit the use of 209 primers on muzzleloaders, so the CVA Wolf Northwest remains a great option for hunting in those states. However, I was also able to mount a scope on it and switch over to 209 primers to use it on a Quinault Indian Reservation bear hunting trip.

The barrel residue is a white powder and easily cleaned with no fouling even after 15-20 shots.. In fact, you’ll receive a 5% discount any order you place through the web site if you use the promo code “BIGGAMEHUNTER” when you check out. I shot them from both from a bench rest as well as from a “semi-supported” field shooting position. They’ve been very helpful every time I’ve called and I’ve been able to purchase things on the phone that they were not offering for sale online.
The musket cap would always function properly when I tried a second time though, leading me to believe that the spring on my muzzleloader was weak and not allowing the firing pin to strike with enough force. Try and see if your groups improve. Check out this CVA Wolf Northwest bullet review comparing the Hornady SST, Barnes Spit Fire TMZ, & Barnes Spit Fire T-EZ bullets in the CVA Wolf Northwest. All other muzzleloader requirements for Washington remain the same. The new regulations now permit the use of 209 primers and no longer require the cap to be exposed to the weather. As with most muzzleloaders, the CVA Wolf Northwest is designed to use up to 150 grains of black powder or a black powder substitute, such as Hodgon’s 777 or Pyrodex. I paid the full retail price for the muzzleloader and had no relationship with the company at the time. However, they left a significant amount of residue in the barrel after each shot, while the FPBs did not. The fact that both the front and rear sights were fiber optic greatly enhanced their utility in low light conditions. I hit the deer on the right shoulder as he was quartering towards me. Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the product reviewed here is an endorsement and I received compensation by “in-kind” payment to review the product. This likely accounts for the reduced velocity and accuracy I observed with them.

Additionally, I’ve also shot 250gr Hornady SSTs, 250gr Barnes TMZs, and 250gr Barnes T-EZs in the Wolf Northwest and you can read about the details here. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. Called.

At 50 yards, I was shooting about a 3-4″ off of shooting sticks.

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