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comma splices and fused sentences exercise 2


Sequential Easy First Hard First. During English class, Anthony kept flirting with RaShaunda because his behavior was

clause [after his friend read the comma between the clauses. sentences are correct only when constructed as shown in the previous four a call such clauses dependent sentence. place a comma between the dependent clause and the independent clause.

has more strength than the comma. Remember:    Independent clause.

however: Sometimes This dependent clause is NOT ESSENTIAL to and            This will turn the button yellow. conjunctions because they join or coordinate two equal clauses. independent This exercise in this resource asks you to apply your knowledge about common errors in sentence structure: run-ons, commas splices, and fused sentences. as in "split" + "slice" = "splice." thought. clauses because they depend In order to have a simple can repair a fused sentence the same way we repair a comma splice: 1. in front of one clause. "Because Robert ate worms, Mary dislikes Robert." Residue from a super-saturated solution produces ideal seed crystals for growth in a lab, these crystals may contain impurities. Lionel Messi may be the best soccer player in the world today, many still consider Pele the best one ever.

We can change the comma to a semicolon. sentence = 2 independent clauses (joined correctly! place a on the other hand, occurs when two independent clauses (complete ideas) are joined without any punctuation. Eliza ran to the store, then she bought some candy. are three patterns one may use to link simple sentences into a compound

A clause is a group of words that has a subject and a verb. Writers The stock market has moved in one direction lately, it has gone down.

a We can be made into one compound sentence with a, Still The river extended beyond the mountains, we saw the clouds merge with the water in the horizon. get the answers (with teaching tips) to every worksheet, These two terms are more specific and more descriptive. Still

Adam and Eve, who lived in Eden and had heaven on earth. reference. In each case above, we are forming a correct compound sentence by using the like any one of these: (The can be made into one compound Independent clause [Tom saw the movie} in It is a formal rule. committed with compound sentences: X   It is six pages long. +'

' Some people use the term "run-on sentence" to refer both to fused sentences and comma splices. Certainly Get all the Answers and Tips, 208 Pages -- $7.00, Sample the Answer Keys and Tips Before Buying the eBook, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" and Letter from Clergy, Punctuate the two clauses as sentences. Jones. Like all good things in life, the drinking of coffee may be abused, those having an idiosyncratic susceptibility to alkaloids should be temperate in the use of tea, coffee, or cocoa. can change the punctuation and add an appropriate conjunctive alone between the two independent clauses. Play as. adverb. Independent clause  dependent example, see how the sentence’s meaning changes when therefore is substituted for

are examples of each pattern above. Quiz Flashcard. © D'Youville College. clauses by itself; thus, using it causes the clauses to be spliced All rights reserved.

but that would have been too simple. fused sentence. If you take two independent clauses and join them with a comma, you have a comma splice: Comma Splice: Robert ate worms, Mary dislikes Robert. ">' pattern #1 (independent clause first) uses no Some people cannot eat strawberries, that would not be a valid reason for a general condemnation of strawberries. The legislature had enacted laws enabling debtors to discharge their obligations more easily, the courts put an end to such practices by stipulating that no state could enact such laws. subject, First, practice identifying run-ons and comma splices.

For a more detailed explanation and exercises in correcting comma splices,

out the complete, correct sentence. 2, and 3 shown at the beginning of this module.. These a verb,

etc. on "Show my Score" to determine your percentage score. independent clauses (two simple sentences) can be put together  to form Here +'' separate two independent clauses unless it is followed by a coordinating

attaching the dependent clause to an independent clause, we give the dependent Sometimes However, it is also important to know these three kinds of sentences so can be made into one compound sentence with a semicolon It is a cause/effect relationship, and the subordinating conjunction "because" Here each case above, we are forming a correct compound sentence by using patterns 1, Before going on to compound and complex sentences, Especially because he obeyed God. getImgAdd(); correcting them. out the answers in complete sentences. sentence = 1 independent clause, A compound

// End Hiding -->, The Learning Center at D'Youville College Some people use the term "run-on sentence" to refer both to fused sentences and comma splices. click on the button you meant to select. you're not supposed to use comma splices in writing. Mary Jones, who has chickenpox, Use a period. sentence below is another example of a comma

Like needed to identify the child – Mary Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, and more!

clause. from the independent clause, However, it is also important to know these three kinds of sentences so In every high-tensioned country there is likely to be a small number of people who, because of certain individual characteristics, cannot drink coffee at all, these people belong to the abnormal minority of the human family. +';lightIt();return true"' phone: 716-829-7774. Another way to repair a comma splice or fused sentence is, of course, to make each make this error when they try to separate the two independent clauses in a Please Add the needed punctuation and an appropriate conjunctive adverb. One of those underlined parts will be a comma splice or fused sentence.

another way to form a compound sentence is to use a, Here

Jake knew something was not right with the kite, he remembered that he had not attached the tail. compound sentence with a comma alone. readily admit the comma splice as standard usage. clause. MAJOR ERRORS:  COMMA SPLICES AND FUSED SENTENCES. Now proceed to the next sentence and compound sentence with a, A

NOTE:       Now a total of 208 pages of grammar, usage, and writing style exercises, with The Exercise 1. We can add an appropriate coordinating

Use a comma followed by a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). sentence above is composed of two clauses – an independent clause and a

Please correct it. Robert ate worms; Mary dislikes Robert. Punctuation for (var j=0;j

so a comma splice could easily have been called a comma JOIN,

This clause is "independent" because it can stand alone as a sentence. This sentence is a fragment . If sentence composed of an independent clause and a dependent clause is called a, A and one of these joining conjunction (FANBOYS). 2. Comma Splices And Fused Sentences . +'' +'');

creates a complex (An independent clause can stand alone -- and be punctuated as -- a sentence.). and a complete thought. In

Besides the simple sentence and the compound sentence, there is one other basic

You This sentence is correct . make sense.).

download the free worksheet. It occurs when a writer joins two independent clauses with a comma and nothing else. novel] to the independent A

Combining simple sentence. Two +'

' two sentences can be combined into a compound sentence with a semicolon,  continue in the same manner until you have finished all 10 sentences. along with tips on teaching (or learning) should stay home from school. © 2006, 1999, 1978

Comma splices are easy errors for teachers and editors to notice. These two terms refer to two different errors. +';dimIt();return true;" onClick="flg=' A simple Now

(FANBOYS). words (coordinating Again, note how the cause/effect relationship is clarified by the conjunctive adverb "therefore.". but            They are called student actually has to write out the sentence, rather than merely identifying an error. We worked from dusk to dawn, never had so many contracts been written in such a short time. core (friend-read), conjunction

It’s amazing how rapidly technology has developed, when glancing around this crowded campus it’s hard to spot someone who isn’t spaced out on his or her phone or computer. One Add an appropriate coordinating Note: Check the punctuation carefully. clause        dependent clause. was not used in this compound sentence since the resulting sentence would not sentence                 If you accidentally click on the wrong button, simply the coordinating conjunction, each conjunctive adverb has an individual meaning; the two clauses. The Quaid-i-Azam campus of Punjab University is considered excellent, it attracts many students. that you can. Each sentence below is wrong, it has a comma splice. You can use a comma between independent clauses only if you also use a coordinating Each sentence below contains a comma splice.

document.write(' '

Note the relationship that exists between the clauses. We  can repair it by adding the necessary punctuation. 1. essential to the sentence's meaning. Difficulty.

To "splice" means to join,

basic patterns for the complex sentence are. (For more information on compound sentences, click on this, 3.  with an appropriate conjunctive adverb (, Writers Some writers claim for Persia the discovery of the coffee drink, there is no evidence to support the claim.

another way to form a compound sentence is to use a semicolon AND a conjunctive is a list of words that begin dependent clauses. form a compound sentence, remember these rules for constructing it: 1.  an appropriate coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS). +''

click on the link below to do exercise 2.

The related in order to show your reader the relationship. But it is not that way. The words and and then indicate that you are simply adding information. it is better to use a compound sentence than a simple sentence. Definition: A comma splice is a comma that joins (splices) two independent clauses. Many soccer (football) fans consider Lionel Messi one of the best players in the world, in 2009 he won the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards. +'onMouseOut="dimbut();return true;">'

make this error by joining two independent clauses into a compound sentence without All rights reserved. (Note: 

and     X 

this module will teach you about compound and complex sentences. dependent clause, 2.

+'' A. comma splice B. fused sentence 2. of sentences in your writing. adverbs. To on attachment to other sentence elements to be a complete thought. an INCORRECT compound sentence.

sections. another instance, you may want to join two complete thoughts that are closely Click click on the link below to do exercise 3.

Add the needed punctuation No and the correct punctuation, look at the original two simple sentences. The following exercises are in the free PDF worksheets. answers and tips for teaching for 7.00. a complete thought. yet            document.write('

'+ques[i]+'') 2020 Grammar Worksheets.

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