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cleaning egr valve holden colorado

emissions friendly maybe not but its probably eco friendly because you won't end up running at 50% when its all blocked up and the motor will last twice as long. Answer: Yes. This engine compression test will reveal your gasoline or diesel engine's mechanical condition. If you are still experiencing problems you feel can be traced to the EGR valve, you may have to go ahead and replace it. To deal with rock-hard buildup, leave the valve soaking in the cleaning solution for a few minutes. Our team is available to answer all your questions. Here’s a good article on how to do that from, Test the EGR Valve- A vacuum gauge will help you determine if the EGR valve itself has gone bad. Here are some of the most common fixes to help clear the P0401: Testing your EGR system is relatively easy to do. Electronic EGR valves are used in vehicles dated 1990 and up. If your car is running poorly, you may be having problems with your exhaust gas recirculation valve, or EGR. If the volts measure above 0.9 then the system should be serviced. Once you have removed your EGR valve, shake it lightly. If it’s clogged you can get away with cleaning it and replacing it. Be sure to prevent small pieces of the gasket from falling into the engine side of the EGR ports. During operation, the EGR system pulls a small amount of exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold through the EGR valve, into the intake manifold, and back into the combustion chambers. Newer models use a similar valve with a small box (sensor) on top along with an electrical harness. Hey 4 wheel driving buddy, we noticed you’re using an ad blocker. If you don't see it, search for your EGR valve online by going to an auto parts store website and entering your car's make, model and engine size to look for the valve. Please consider unblocking ads for, or purchasing an annual 4x4earth subscription, which removes the ads on the forum, or you could buy a T-shirt or Polo from the Store, we are currently giving away a free membership for 12 months with each T-Shirt. Question: Would a clogged EGR valve make a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo start-up in power reduce mode? It goes without saying that your vehicle's engine should be turned off as well. By the end of your repair, you'll have restored engine performance and saved your engine—and your wallet—from irreversible damage. Don't forget to reattach your vacuum hose and your electrical connections, if applicable. That can be a mistake. There are three main parts of the Colorado’s EGR system. Closed position (left), and opened position (right). Cleaning the EGR valve assembly is a two-step process. Now you can reinstall your clean EGR valve. Time taken was approximately 2.5 hours Jason Smith JDS Automotive MOOROOLBARK VIC YOU SAID IT! Mine is a Ford Ranger. Try cleaning the EGR and, if necessary, intake manifold, first. Cleaning your EGR valve will solve your car's engine performance issues related to any clogging or system passages problem with the valve. The EGR valve and body was then removed from the car, partly stripped, thoroughly cleaned, reassembled and all parts refitted. Once you've let your EGR valve soak in cleaner overnight (if possible) you need to clean its passages, openings. Answer: There could be a problem in the fuel system (restricted-dirty injectors, worn fuel pump causing low fuel pressure); there can also be an issue with a sensor. There are several ways to clean or change your EGR valve, falling within a broad price range. Sign in! I can hear the exhaust in a muffled tone. The EGR valve is designed to cool exhaust gas by burning exhaust for a second time within the intake system. Most likely there's a leak in the EGR area, a torn gasket or loose bolt. Turn the multimeter on and set the dial to "Volts DC." This guide shows you how to locate, remove, and clean your exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve on Renault Trafic, Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro, and Nissan Primastar vans. Where previous EGR OFF modules would cause the Check Engine Light CEL to illuminate, we now have the Holden Colorado 2.8L 2015+ EGR OFF Module sorted. If everything checks okay, you need to check the voltage in the circuit or the EGR valve itself for carbon buildup interfering with the valve operation. Some auto-parts stores only sell the gasket as part of a new EGR valve. He has certifications in automation and control technology. The exhaust gas recirculation valve within your vehicle is a crucial component in reducing harmful emissions and ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly. The EGR OFF Module electronically switches off the EGR motor valve via the factory ECU for the Holden Colorado 2.8L 2015 onwards. Photo courtesy of Sven Mildner, Freiberg on Wikipedia. Question: Is it possible to damage an EGR valve internally by simply cleaning it? this is the latest in EGR modules for this particular model. Most auto parts stores will show the picture of the EGR valve that applies to a particular vehicle make and model for quick identification. Carb cleaner smells horrible and is nasty stuff, so soak it outside or in a very well-ventilated area. Damaged vacuum hoses cause poor EGR valve operation and EGR system failure. It's fast, cheap, and reliable. Cleaning your EGR valve will solve your car's engine performance issues related to any clogging or system passages problem with the valve. Answer: Look to the rear of the engine (driver side) for a small can with an electrical connector on top. Remove the two mounting bolts and disconnect the pipe with a 27mm wrench. The lowered temperature inhibits the formation of poisonous oxides of nitrogen (NOx). If it doesn't come right off when you have removed the nuts or bolts, it's safe to give a slight tap with a block of wood or a tiny hammer to loosen it. Repeat step 3 to fight stubborn carbon deposits. Possibly an intake or cylinder head gasket leak. Check the vacuum hose for splits, softening, hardening, or cracks. Diagnosing what is causing the P0401 code in the Colorado is typically not very tricky. In some extreme cases, you may notice a slight ping or knock. If this isn't possible, skip to the next step. If it's questionable, install a new one. Install a new gasket. Turn the vehicle off and remove the key from the ignition. The more black crud you get out of there the better your chances of fixing the problem. throwing codes 403 before its 80,000km service . Carbon Cleaning is the solution. the funny thing is Isuzu here in Townsville wanted over 500 dollars for the identical and they couldn't find a part number with out a vin number . I had to supply them a part number , I actually lost the part number I had on a piece of paper so I googled it while the guy waited , I don't think he was to impressed when it took 30 seconds to find what he couldn't . Ever encountered this? No loss in rpms though. Here’s an article from. Question: Where is the EGR valve located on a 2003 Nissan Almera? How to test your vehicle yourself to investigate common and not-so-common reasons for a sluggish engine. You must log in or register to reply here. Look around the passenger side, close to the firewall. they charged me $362.93 plus gst and supplied a Isuzu boxed and branded part . Question: If you clean the tube connected to the EGR will it help? Carefully remove the rubber vacuum line that is connected to your EGR valve. When cleaning by hand, be sure to use chemical-resistant gloves and eye protection. If this process worked, great! Here are the most common causes: The good news with P0401 is that it rarely ever costs much money to fix, and it is usually pretty easy to get the problem, since it is right on top of the engine. As a member of the Carbon Cleaning network. Older vehicle models use a semi-flat, round thick metal disc about three inches in diameter. Toothbrushes and pipe cleaners soaked in carb cleaner work great. If the smoke is mostly blue, there's some oil leaking into the combustion chamber, probably a valve seal is leaking. Colorado RC colorado and D-Max Isuzu Valve EGR 8980139111 Faulty ... Ok I bit the bullet and bought a new EGR valve from Holden . By process of elimination, you can be relatively confident that the DPFE is at fault. Cleaning helps your diesel engine run smoothly and it's possible to bypass the valve to increase performance, and economy. Good luck!! You'll see a thin vacuum hose connected on top. This other post may help: Is when speed is near 100 and slow pick up.mechanic says egr valve problem.can we clean egr valve or replaced. You may recognize some of these bad EGR valve symptoms: That's why car manufacturers recommend cleaning the EGR valve and passages every 50,000 miles or fewer. Answer: Black smoke expelled from a vehicle is associated with rich fuel mixture - during a cold start, this could be a leaking injector. Also, your valve may connect to a pipe coming from the exhaust manifold. If necessary, replace it. Turn the ignition key to the "On" position. Answer: See if spraying some carburetor cleaner around the gasket area changes the idle speed; otherwise, you need to remove it and do a visual inspection.

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