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chinchilla color calculator

About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming. But there is a new generation of Pigeon Calculators now !!! Na klikken worden ze gesorteerd zodat het dominanste allel in de bovenste rij staat. With education all we can have is better predictions. u = Sunshine** Kies een haan en een hen en kruisen maar. Includes advanced option. At special request! With or without white. "Light lilac" in the calculator is often called "fawn". Simplified Turkey Calculator (Kalkoen / Truthahn) Goldfish, Koi | Corn Snake | Guinea Fowl | Peacock | Golden Pheasant | Ring necked Pheasant | Turkey | Muscovy Duck | Goose | Mandarine Duck | WoodDuck | Rhea (ratite) | Pig | Horse | Donkey | Sheep | Fallow Deer | Kangaroo, Bennett Wallaby | Chipmunk, Groundsquirrel | Goat | Llama/Alpaca | Rhea ratite Calculator (Rhea americana / Nandoe) Chinchilla Breeders Both are typical Extension-alleles for other mammals. Basisstof erfelijkheid Note: Sexlinked color mutations. With help of the finest dutch/belgian guinea pig experts! Dilution for instance is accomplished by an opaque overlay of white (black => dun) or yellow (black => brown, red => yellow). De enkelfactorige mannen zijn aangeduid met (EF). j = Lilac tortie New addition to the family of genetic calculators. Upload in one internet folder and name the pictures as the outcome without spaces. Developed with help of Dave Walters. z = Russet**. Back to Blog . White Tail heterozygotes are often called White Rumps. The compromise we have chosen to follow is: For Variants we mark proven carriers Var-0. You can not mess up anyone's data but your own. PEK = ** URL = Ural Rex Longhair function showShank(){dgebi("imgshank").src = getShank("M",dgebi("selE").value+","+dgebi("selId").value+","+dgebi("selW").value);} This is because if you isolate the gene pair responsible for beige color, you will find one of two things: either the chinchilla with have two beige genes or it will have one beige gene and another gene (that doesn't produce beige color). This could be an extension- or a brown-mutation. for documenting your projects as a webpage. Southview Quasue, SIA b, is the daughter of Southview Duae, SIA n Var-1, and Southview Alice who is SIA n (no Var mark). Mozaik is brought in by crossing with a related species and not fully understood. You can manually adjust all the genes or you can pick a common color (button "Show examples", is a bit slow). I call the Black mutation "Dark" to avoid confusion with the dutch nomenclature (Donker wildkleur). Crossing with extended black often causes persistent silver/gold leakage in hackle and saddle of cockerels. Limitations: the gene symbols can not be duplicates of the genes/loci Excellent Chicken Genetics website by Karen Hall ABS = American Bobtail Shorthair FOS = ** Southview Duae, SIA n, is the son of a SIA with no Var mark and CH Southview Unacassiopeia, OSH b Var-0. Also you can pick the colors from a list via this webpage or via the high end Breedbook interface. Daarom kun je deze knop gebruiken om geselecteerde/opgespaarde dieren te wissen. Pictures downloadable here. español: Calculadora de Pollo Worth a visit! Je kunt dan zelf genen aan die calculator toevoegen met de wizard. Je kunt niets verstieren, behalve je eigen experimenten. some recessive melanizers, JBL = Japanese Bobtail Longhair 64 = Green eyed Voor meer informatie: (dutch bird board), Bullfinch Calculator (Goudvink / Dompfaff, Gimpel), New addition to the family of genetic calculators: bullfinch (Goudvink, Pyrrhula pyrrhula). Genes are pickable from lists for heterozygosity. Radio button layout: Wildcards are an essential part of the list, to keep it short. Without extended black the 2 dilution steps (single or double factor) are less apparent. complex calculators like a chicken calculator are not easily made. Tips: 93 = Polydactyl, both front and back** Go to Plug-in version. KOR = Korat About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming, New addition to the family of genetic calculators: european goldfinch (Putter, Carduelis carduelis). |   News and updates... New: on line COI Calculator, Wright's Coefficient of inbreeding  Zijn mijn dieren ingeteeld ? But what to do when one or both parents are Variants? Afhankelijk van je webbrowser wordt dan herhaaldelijk gevraagd of je er mee door wilt gaan/ het script wilt stoppen. Gouldian Amadine Calculator (Lady Gouldian Finch, Gould's Amadine) Breeders who want to check further than that will simply have to search back in the database for themselves. Probeer zijn versie eens of lees de handleiding die hij erbij geschreven heeft. Under construction. SBS = Birman SH (Temple Cat)** There is often a step-in version with colorlists and ALWAYS an advanced version with gene-lists (from there). New feature: you can select one or more offspring for later crossings. This version uses some fancy colornames like Tibetan for Tenebrosus, Note: The western pink skinned pig is called (dominant) white. SGT = Serengeti** Eye Colours. This calculator covers the common mutations available in Western Europe. Met dank aan For instance, if you wanted to get Violets in your first generation, you'd have to breed two Violets together and all the babies will be Violet. TRI = Thai Ridgeback** w = White How to handle this issue so that breeders from all clubs will think it is reasonably acceptable? Radiobutton layout, includes Tabview, Treeview, Browse by picture, short gene/locus explanation plus pictures, etcetera. de Rasek layout. google_ad_client="pub-4520119733373775";;google_ad_width=160;google_ad_height=600; Healthcare Contact Us Die layout bestaat uit twee rijen allelen per locus/gen. New: replace the "#" character by "?run=" to get a direct link ! Sommige browsers kunnen meer aan. BIF = Bichon Frise** Tuxedo spotting is dominant and appears on head, neck and extremities. We all know it is not difficult but how was it again? Not covered or simplified: This is in fact a wildcard module but with the limitation that you should not greatly alter or delete the base genes (descriptions only). 4 = The same as group 3, but with white Note for all calculators: missing pictures are welcome. Ook doorkruisen is ondersteund. Text description should not be ignored! | Go to Wildcard version (Radiobutton layout) Yakshi Hi-Fi, SIA d, is SH and his parents are BAL b x SIA h. He is of course then carrying LH since his sire is LH (Balinese), so he is marked Var-0. 94 = Polydactyl, unspecified** The gene symbols are not the official ones. A^g and A^gl. Er zijn wat beperkingen. t = Amber, light amber for NFO, charcoal for BEN At special request again! a = Blue Different mechanism. Be also aware that some breeds may have different names in different organisations. Simplified Demo for new insights 56 = Hock (between half to hock and hock length)** However, if you breed a White to a White or a TOV to a TOV, there's a 25% chance that you'll get the homozygous version of these genes and they’re lethal (the fetus won’t develop). If the animals differ on too much loci/genes (too much heterozygosity, impure genotype) then the calculation can be very CPU and time demanding. Try it or read his manual! Extended Pigeon Calculator Design Wizard (Demo) 24 = Spotted tabby If you use this address (url) instead of the direct links to the calculator you always get to the latest version of the calculator. EN: Since white wallabies are weaker you can experiment with splits. Kies een of twee nakomelingen om mee verder te kruisen (zie opmerking hieronder over onfokzuiverheid). Grasparkiet Calculator (dutch) Copyright © 2000-2020  (About cookies), All pointed SH cats - without white - in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code SIA, All pointed SH cats with white in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code SYS, White (white all over) SH cats with siamese blue eye colour get the code SIA w 67, All non-pointed SH cats in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code OSH, All pointed LH cats - without white - in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code BAL, All pointed LH cats with white in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code SYL, White (white all over) LH cats with siamese blue eye colour get the code BAL w 67, All non-pointed LH cats in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code OLH. In the first case Menil plus Melanistic should be self red, in the second case it would be a self brown color. News and update at (International Chickenboard) 97 = Legs of normal length, not munchkin** Extended Rabbit Calculator Design Wizard (Demo), Extended Pigeon Calculator (English version, Demo) Homozygote colorsided animals (eg "double" Witrik) are almost white, like Nellore white. The white chipmunks still have visible pattern. This is harmless, don't worry. MCO = Maine Coon Don't be fooled because the gender is indicated in the outcome description. Very interesting web page about cat colors and patterns. kun je daarvoor het beste de effect-teksten zonder hoofdletters of geheel in hoofdletters opgeven. 2 = The same as group 1, but with white Bay donkeys are rare and have dark legs. Note: This calculator is hypothetical. Finally: the Next Generation Pigeon Calculator ! Zebrafinch Calculator English (With Linkage), Japans Meeuwtje Calculator (Bengalese, dutch only, usage is confidential) The latter is my first calculator that calculates percentages including Crossing-over and keeps track of the chromosome in question. The "old" genes are removed from that text. Dave has a very good pigeon (genetics) website: National Federation of Flying Breed Pigeons, UK and has his own unbiased version of the calculator. There are some copyright issues for the pictures. 57 = Three quarter (a naturally short tail but longer than hock)**, 71 = Straight You can couple the genes with the dropdown list at gene/locus-level. No sex linked colorgenes. 83 = Brush Chestnut (recessive red) of donkeys is called sorrel. 63 = Odd eyed By request I can adjust a calculator from the first series to pick up genes from the querystring as for self built calculators. Tags: chinchilla, genetics, calculator. A wildcard against the most recessive allele does not make sense, except with epistasis. 9 = White. BEN = Bengal Redtabby, creamtabby, all kinds of Llama and Alpaca Coat Color Calculator (Lama en Alpaca) Free on line Livestock management programm Breedbook Send To Email. LPS = La Perm Shorthair Er is nu een alternatieve layout volgens Renate Regitz ( Rasek's Genetic Calculator for 43 species of Parrot-like birds | 43 soorten Papegaai-achtigen | 43 Arten Papagaie und Sittiche, Rasek's Genetic Calculator for Ringnecked doves | Tortelduiven | Ringeltauben, Human Eye Color Calculator | Oogkleur Calculator (Augenfarbe) 4 = The same as group 3, but with white Corn Snake Calculator Demo (Rode Rattenslang / Korn Natter / Pantherophis Guttatus) SOM = Somali

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