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chihuahua mix with floppy ears

So a hybrid of the two should be screened early for any abnormalities. All rights reserved. **Please read entire ad prior to messaging ** Unfortunately we have to re-home this cute little fur baby. Chizers are one of the most adorable Chihuahua mixes seen, but they are also quite varied – some look more like their Schnauzer parent, while others take after their Chihuahua parent. In fact, accordingly to the reputable ASPCA, domesticated pit bulls are “noted for their gentleness, affection and loyalty”. I love Chihuahuas. Rare Blue long hair Chihuahua /Imperial Shitzu pup available! Puppy mills,where the puppies found in pet stores come from, will often breed animals indiscriminately and allow undesirable genetic traits such as floppy ears on a Chihuahua to come through. He is a rescue and has stolen our hearts. Although Pitbull Chihuahua mixes generally keep in good health, like every other breed they are more prone to some health conditions more than others. Knowing about their personality to potential health concerns can help you decide if this is the dog for you or not. Due to varying degrees of severity, it can be difficult to identify at first that your dog is suffering from this condition, and the earliest indication is if your Pitbull Chihuahua mix hops about whilst holding up one of their back legs. Early screening for genetic conditions can help increase lifespan and quality of life. Maltese Chihuahua Mix Temperament. Remember, corporal punishment does far more harm than good, and a dog can’t connect it with them misbehaving. If your chi is full-grown and his ears flop over, it might be because he is mixed with another breed. Hip dysplasia, which eventually leads to arthritis, is initially caused by a loose hipbone to thighbone connection. Occasional baths are needed for any dog. The Pitbull Chihuahua Mix is known by several nicknames: Some nicknames such as the “Mexican Bulldog” and Chitbull” are pleasant enough, whereas the sobriquet “Pithuahua” certainly doesn’t trip off the tongue! A chusky. The predecessors to the rotties we see today date as far back as the Roman Empire. I’ve never had a dog this dang smart. Chihuahua ears according to akc breed standard calls for prick up ears but pure bred chihuahuas can have floppy ears. The breed moved over to the US from Mexico as dog lovers from America, upon discovering the Chihuahua, became captivated by their tiny size and humungous personalities. ty for giving me an insight to my babies, “Caper” was my “Taco Terrior ” for 14 great years, we miss her so much; in search of another. He was wonderful. How do I contact you? Both breeds are very intelligent. (905)932-5483. So why are Pitbulls still persecuted till this day due to being bred in the past for fighting (which we humans are also responsible for)? & SMARTEST “child” of mine! $10 Worn a few times by my 6lb Chihuahua Yorkie mix dog. Thank you ! And of course gets the zoomies at times too. Each breed in this equation can be very sweet and become quite close to their families. daddy is chihuahua and mom is a mixture of everything. There are short-haired and long-haired varieties of Chihuahua. 1) Very nice Xs Canada Pooch West Coast rain jacket . Intelligent, loyal, playfully amusing and tries so hard to please. You have successfully joined our pup pack. Leash training is a great place to start whether they’re big or small. PLEASE call or txt any info. Chihuahuas certainly have strong personalities! Potty and crate training has been going very well! A small dog breed who is aggressive on the leash or likes to antagonize other dogs on walks is a different type of problem. Chihuahuas are plucky little pups – but if you adore them, wait until you see our list of Chihuahua mixed breeds! Some things that stay consistent are their big, round eyes and their black noses. Chihuahua with long legs and floppy ears. I have a dachiky, dachshund, Chihuahua and Yorky. That is what I have The coat must not part down the back. A more ethical approach would be to rescue one from the shelter. The dog is from ... We are looking for a puppy to buy for Christmas! He passed away from a heartache five yrs ago. Does the AKC accept any of these “breeds”? Chis with floppy ears are not the standard in the breed but they can still be pure bred chihuahuas and have ears that lay down instead of stand up. Mixing two dog breeds always carries some uncertainties. As we mentioned earlier, both Chihuahuas and Rottweilers can be prone to cardiac and eye conditions. Tricky grooming routines aren’t needed with either breed – but long-haired Chihuahuas will require more frequent brushing to prevent matting in their hair. rotties and Chihuahuas can be very cuddly. No papers needed near Yuma Arizona, How bout a husky n chihuahua. Overall, they’re very loyal to their families, smart, and willing to work when trained properly. They can also grow a little larger than your average Chihuahua, so be sure that you’re ready for a super-energetic dog before adopting or buying one of these little mutts. To ensure that this Chihuahua tendency to become overprotective on walks is quashed early on, a Chipit must be trained and socialized from an early age so they feel comfortable around strangers. Chat Terriers are another one of the turbo-charged Chihuahua mixes on our list. Maybe you’ve found a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix you’d like to adopt, or you’re already the proud pet parent of one of these dogs. Both breeds are intelligent, but poodles tend to be a bit more active. The hair on the tail should be profuse forming a rich plume. He’s smart as a whip too. Aside from putting a stop to barking, it teaches them that if they stop any unwanted behavior, they’ll be rewarded. The result? 5 min read This may explain why finding a long and floppy-eared dog may not be easy. Your chihuahua s body language can tell you so much about their mood. Chihuahua white, floppy ears, approx. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! As members of this breed possess high levels of intelligence, they’ll be delighted to show off what they’ve quickly picked up in training sessions to their family. 2yrs later I was given a Jack Chi (Jack Russell/Chihuahua) as a gift from an ex. Receiving an optimum amount of socialization will likewise alleviate any risk of your Pitbull Chihuahua mix struggling to mix with other dogs over time. Make no mistake, these little guys are packed full of energy and will NOT get their needed exercise out of a simple game of fetch…unless it’s XGames fetch. It’s a gift for my children!! Thankfully, even those with longer locks keep shedding to a minimum, making Pitbull Chihuahua a relatively easy breed to keep clean. Chihuahua ears according to AKC breed standard calls for prick (up) ears, but pure bred Chihuahuas can have floppy ears. First and foremost, you can expect this particular hybrid to have a very robust personality. If you have plenty of time to dedicate to training, this could be the ideal mixed-breed for you. Corgi Beagle Mix – Interesting Facts You Need to Know Now, Everything You Need to Know About The Doberman Lab Mix, Everything You Need to Know About the Teacup Pomeranian Dog…, Corgi Beagle Mix – Interesting Facts You Need to Know…. . They’re not very tall or lanky, but rather, built solid and muscular. My world has never been the same without her. My Chihuahua Live 12 year older and her name PJ. Similarly, Chipits would be banned in Cameron, Missouri, as a result of them even possessing the characteristics of a banned breed (obviously the banned breed in question would be the Pitbull).

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