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chevy 8 speed transmission problems

The transmission is the 8L90 or 8L45 automatic transmission, which is found in numerous GM vehicles. So no update on if it shifts better or not. 8 speed trans. I’m in the exact same position with my 2017 Silverado 5.3 L 8speed. They did replace torque converters at one point, as they also redid the software. Have heard of issues with this engine cracking push rods as well really can’t hang out much longer waiting for things to blow up. It comes in a 2oz squeeze tube and the recommendation is to use 2oz /10 quarts of trans fluid but you can use 4oz without any negative effects so I purchased 2 tubes (4oz) and added them to my trans fluid. If that is the case, then there is a really good chance that this latest fluid swap will end the shuddering issue for you. The transmission pairs to cars on a rear-wheel-drive architecture, meaning owners of GM’s sports cars, luxury sedans, trucks, and SUVs have the 8-speed automatic transmission in question. Makes me sick to think I spent $40k for a vibrator that looks good but taking a ride in it sucks. Had one flush and after a 1,000 miles it seems to come back with a vengeance. In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. Do not be distracted by scott3, who really has little clue and just does nothing but troll and complain about everything except how great GM is. Another bulletin was issued in December 2017 allegedly claiming transmission shudders affected all 2015-2018 “GM passenger cars and trucks” equipped with 8L45 or 8L90 transmissions. The last thing is a different vehicle. I understand GM wanting to invest as little money as possible but they are going to lose some customers over this if they can’t repair the transmissions satisfactorily. Thanks for the catch. I think the dealer may be a big factor here, I’ve had unbelievable service for almost 40 years, every time, and great trucks from Chevy. Like smart phones, tablets, PC’s, ANY `computer’ based devices -they ALL need to TOTALLY boot-up to play well together. Instead of turning right around and going BACK to the dealer I put it on the lift at home and had to tighten all six (three per side) bolts that hold the catalytic converter/y pipe at the manifold. I took it in Saturday and now it is Tuesday afternoon and I still haven’t heard anything. I wanted to post up my own experience with my 8 speed transmission in my 2015 SILVERADO HIGH COUNTRY 6.2L 8 SPEED 8L90 I bought the truck brand new in July 2015. The 2020 loaner I drove with 5.3 and 8 speed had no issues. time will tell. See my previous comments my 2017 ZR two only has 46,000 miles and has been in the shop seven times oil change absolutely worked for maybe 300 miles it’s currently in the shop for two weeks getting a new transmission put in.

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