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can optimus prime beat thanos

He's pretty much Superman and Green Lantern rolled into one smug being. YOU FOOL! So we haven't seen Thanos fight someone with strength similar, or equal to The Hulk and whom also knows how to fight. He was literally made by DC's resident "god" himself, meaning he's doubtlessly omnipotent and can manifest as god's wrath in any mortal body when needed. RELATED: 10 Times Thanos Proved He Was The Most Powerful Villain In The MCU. The most similar superhero to Spectre in Marvel is Captain Universe-- someone who can also beat Thanos. Well, Ion is a different and isolated case altogether. In fact, Thanos might have even become more popular than the original DC supervillain whom he was modeled after, Darkseid. ). Once that happens, it's game over for Thanos. This might seem like we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for beings who can defeat Thanos, but the Flash has one thing he can use to his advantage against the Mad Titan: his ability to change timelines (or basically time travel). If the fight takes place underwater, then the scales (no pun intended) might tip in Aquaman's favor, but Thanos is too crafty for that. The King of Atlantis will lose to Thanos even with his whole kingdom to reinforce him. But Optimus could've won if he used the right artillery and never let thanos gets to him. Thanos doesn't really come close to being killed. And that's just a sword, whereas Optimus has energon-encrusted blades. He eats Cybertron, and eats Optimus. He howls in pain as he breaks from the inside. Thanos will easily be able to do anything he wants with a lone Green Lantern before they could even finish reciting their oath. Really, the best thing he could do is to ask for the Hellbat armor from the Justice League so he can survive Thanos' physical attacks. It's kind of hard to judge how powerful the Transformers are. As a result, he can pretty much do what his Kryptonian ancestors can, meaning he's on the same level as Superman. Speaking of someone who can take off the gauntlet, you don't have to look any further than big daddy blue over here. Thanos can snap his fingers as many times as he wants, it won't do anything to Dr. Manhattan. You forgot one thing. His speed, when cranked to maximum, allows him to move through time which is a reliable and proven method to defeat Thanos... or at least undo what he did. TOTAL WAR! While Batman has come close to defeating Darkseid at one point, such a victory simply required too much suspension of disbelief and some Hollywood-level science. Wonder Woman, as her writers admitted, can be as powerful as Superman but does come a bit shy of Superman's omnipotence. - … We see that Gamora believes she can kill Thanos with a sword most likely because she knew him prior to the Gauntlet and knows he can be stabbed. I've never really gotten an "indestructible" vibe from Optimus, in fact he's been at a near-death point at least once in each movie. He's a lot less stronger than Superman or Wonder Woman and a less intelligent than Batman. He's pretty much on the same level as Molecule Man in Marvel. Thanos was shown to be extremely powerful, even without the gauntlet. Now, we know what you're thinking; Thanos can probably foresee that. And which can't he? I'm going to have to go with Thanos, also because he seems like a better strategist. That shouldn't be a problem for Flash since he's faster than Superman. Heck, he even overpowered Hulk without the gauntlet, nearly beat by Stark, Parker, Strange, and Mantis had it not been for Quill [\SPOILER]. Thanos. It basically cancels out his Kryptonian-like powers with the addition of telepathy (which Thanos is resistant to), shapeshifting, and phasing. He's a great bad guy and very few can surpass him in terms of charisma, intellect, and cunning. They promoted him so much that he can now reboot a comic book franchise, meaning he can rewrite multiverses. Now, we did say that most Green Lanterns don't stand a chance against Thanos, right? Add in that he can manipulate objects around him and get into the mind of Thanos too...and you have a huge threat. True, but then thanos is quite agile and strong enough to defeat hulk and resist mantis' power. RELATED: Titan Falls: 19 DC Characters That Could Take Down Thanos (And 1 That Actually Did). RELATED: 10 Of The Most Heroic Things Thanos Has Ever Done. When it comes to supervillains in Marvel, Thanos is often a strong candidate as the evil poster boy. He'll just keep tinkering with the laws of the multiverse whenever the headstrong Themysciran starts making progress in their fight. In short, Thanos is a melee fighter, and Optimus got the upper hand because of his guns. Besides, Thanos has faced lone godlike alien beings more powerful than Martian Manhunter, such as the Silver Surfer. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Galactus laughes. Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Rumblestorm, May 17, 2018. He was literally made by DC's resident "god" himself, meaning he's doubtlessly omnipotent and can manifest as god's wrath in any mortal body when needed. GODZILLA vs TRANSFORMERS! That's hard to trump. Hence it needs that many super powered people to hold him. It’ll be a tougher than pre gauntlet thanos but I believe he’ll hold his ground... (You must log in or sign up to reply here. However, powerful as Thanos might be, his darker DC counterpart is arguably more inherently (without trinkets) powerful. A bright blue beam penetrates Galactus' hide. Still, it's fair to say that Molecule Man is more powerful as he didn't need some accessories. Another Ion who did defeat Thanos in a crossover is Kyle Rayner. Heck, Thanos will probably even need to gauntlet to be able to last against Spectre. Throat chop wins. A squad of all the Earth's Green Lanterns might stand a chance, but that's nothing Thanos hasn't handled before already with the Avengers or the Nova Corps, etc. The transformers avengers: Prelude Optimus prime vs Thanos. Plan A might involve something like snatching the Infinity Gauntlet out of Thanos' hands before he could think. Give Prime the Stormbreaker and he’s not missing the head. that's because compared to his Kryptonite, Martian Manhunter's weakness to fire is just laughable. Now that that's out of the way, what DC did with Dr. Manhattan recently (Doomsday Clock) is just absurdly overpowered. As such, it stands within reason that Spectre can reliable defeat Thanos even with the gauntlet. Without the Gauntlet, Thanos doesn't stand a chance, especially not against Movie Optimus Prime. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Even if Thanos can find a way to beat Cable, he still has the tech to slide back in time and change the result. Dr. Manhattan is one of the relatively new additions to DC's roster and it's a good thing they acquired him. Even then, he'll still lose. One of Spectre's most useful abilities is inherently knowing events long before they happen. Now, to be clear, Ion is an honorary symbiotic willpower that bonds with the best of the Green Lantern Corps. They drop a building on him, and that practically does nothing. (Godzilla vs Optimus Prime 3) Cartoon Fight Club Episode ... 27:56. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Even Thanos without his gauntlet and with a mere flamethrower can probably send J'onn J'onzz running back to Mars. Hulk smash. 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