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astrodienst ephemeris 2021

We 08 05:07:54 16SG06 07AQ20 20SG59 24CP01 26SC14 26AQ22 09AQ33 11TA31 20PI25 25CP13 00GE48 The unique Fixed Star Report, in a free Try-Out Edition. Th 05 20:55:05 12LE48 01CN21 16LE33 16VI43 03VI52 29AQ09 09AQ59 14TA42 22PI48 25CP08 07GE25 Fr 09 19:08:38 17CN01 05CN07 26GE12 14LE18 16LE58 01PI39 11AQ54 14TA05 23PI09 25CP46 08GE51 We 11 21:18:44 18LE34 18VI32 28LE17 23VI51 07VI39 28AQ24 09AQ32 14TA45 22PI40 25CP00 07GE06 Th 08 13:05:54 18AR23 01PI50 07AR02 21AR37 20GE39 24AQ34 11AQ53 09TA23 21PI40 26CP43 13GE43 Th 20 15:51:30 29TA13 01VI39 20GE52 13GE24 16CN09 00PI38 13AQ31 11TA46 22PI51 26CP41 11GE30 Mo 13 05:27:37 21SG11 13AR39 28SG50 25CP40 29SC43 27AQ09 09AQ60 11TA22 20PI27 25CP21 00GE32 Su 24 08:14:09 04AQ13 08GE07 22AQ46 19CP14 08TA21 08AQ10 04AQ20 06TA46 19PI02 24CP57 17GE38 Fr 26 04:20:35 03SG56 16LE18 02SG08 17CP16 17SC56 24AQ45 08AQ36 11TA57 20PI25 24CP55 01GE26 Mo 22 11:58:53 01AR35 05CN56 08PI32 00AR30 10GE29 21AQ12 10AQ32 08TA30 21PI03 26CP29 14GE37 Su 31 02:38:05 07SC47 03VI11 20LI56 24SG42 00SC16 22AQ36 07AQ13 12TA59 20PI41 24CP27 02GE49, Mo 01 02:42:01 08SC47 16VI36 22LI23 25SG42 00SC56 22AQ39 07AQ15 12TA57 20PI40 24CP28 02GE46 We 20 01:54:43 26LI49 19AR46 10LI18 13SG28 22LI55 22AQ20 06AQ57 13TA26 20PI53 24CP21 03GE24 Th 19 21:50:16 26LE15 10CP39 12VI33 03LI19 12VI43 27AQ22 08AQ58 14TA47 22PI29 24CP50 06GE41 Fr 19 03:52:59 26SC52 22TA48 21SC00 11CP60 13SC08 23AQ59 08AQ07 12TA13 20PI27 24CP46 01GE48 Sa 22 15:59:23 01GE08 29VI03 22GE15 15GE52 17CN22 00PI49 13AQ31 11TA53 22PI53 26CP40 11GE23 By using our services you agree to the. Fr 29 08:33:52 09AQ17 11LE44 26AQ14 25CP30 10TA57 09AQ21 04AQ55 06TA49 19PI11 25CP07 17GE22 Su 11 13:17:44 21AR20 09AR03 12AR47 25AR20 22GE27 25AQ07 12AQ05 09TA33 21PI46 26CP44 13GE34 Learn more about your personality - click your horoscope! Su 07 09:09:21 18AQ25 17SG54 21AQ51 06AQ47 15TA47 11AQ29 05AQ59 06TA58 19PI28 25CP24 16GE54 Mo 27 06:22:49 05CP26 04LI11 20CP45 25CP18 09SG33 29AQ35 11AQ22 11TA02 20PI36 25CP46 29TA48 We 29 00:31:55 06LI04 05CN10 25LI17 20SC37 09LI05 22AQ56 07AQ00 14TA10 21PI24 24CP20 04GE30 Fr 04 16:50:38 13GE36 03AR04 23GE48 01CN46 25CN21 01PI45 13AQ25 12TA35 23PI05 26CP30 10GE42 Tu 16 09:44:50 27AQ32 16AR23 12AQ35 18AQ03 20TA47 13AQ36 07AQ02 07TA11 19PI47 25CP40 16GE25 We 06 00:59:31 12LI57 06LI44 20LI47 28SC23 13LI40 22AQ35 06AQ54 13TA57 21PI13 24CP19 04GE08 We 16 17:37:57 25GE05 28LE21 17GE47 16CN24 02LE44 02PI09 13AQ05 13TA10 23PI11 26CP17 10GE04 Mo 12 19:20:27 19CN53 12LE29 00CN12 17LE56 18LE50 01PI28 11AQ42 14TA10 23PI08 25CP42 08GE41 Su 13 17:26:07 22GE13 20CN32 19GE17 12CN45 00LE53 02PI05 13AQ11 13TA01 23PI10 26CP20 10GE14 Sa 23 02:06:32 29LI48 26TA04 11LI47 16SG36 24LI55 22AQ22 06AQ60 13TA19 20PI50 24CP23 03GE14 Ephemeris 2021 9000 Years Ephemeris Swiss Ephemeris Atlas Direct Atlas Query. Sa 09 01:11:21 15LI55 20SC35 17LI24 01SG40 15LI39 22AQ28 06AQ53 13TA50 21PI08 24CP19 03GE59 Su 15 21:34:30 22LE24 14SC00 05VI37 28VI36 10VI10 27AQ53 09AQ15 14TA47 22PI35 24CP55 06GE53 Sa 03 12:46:12 13AR27 25SG11 27PI57 15AR25 17GE38 23AQ37 11AQ32 09TA07 21PI30 26CP39 13GE59 Tu 23 12:02:50 02AR35 18CN20 10PI01 01AR45 11GE05 21AQ25 10AQ38 08TA33 21PI05 26CP30 14GE34 Astrodienst Ephemeris Tables for the year 2021 tropical zodiac contains Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, True Node, Moon's Node, Lilith, Chiron Programming Dieter Koch and Alois Treindl based on Swiss Ephemeris Code D5EPH Astrodienst AG, Dammstr. Su 29 22:29:42 05VI53 21TA46 28VI15 15LI04 19VI04 26AQ04 08AQ19 14TA45 22PI14 24CP39 06GE09 Su 17 01:42:53 23LI50 11PI47 10LI23 10SG18 20LI56 22AQ20 06AQ55 13TA33 20PI57 24CP20 03GE33 Fr 24 06:10:59 02CP23 25LE37 16CP06 26CP04 07SG26 29AQ02 11AQ04 11TA06 20PI33 25CP41 29TA57 Tu 16 03:41:10 23SC50 16AR39 16SC11 09CP31 11SC05 23AQ41 07AQ57 12TA20 20PI29 24CP42 01GE58 Su 23 16:03:19 02GE06 13LI24 22GE50 17GE05 17CN59 00PI54 13AQ31 11TA56 22PI54 26CP40 11GE20 Fr 31 06:38:35 09CP30 00SG31 26CP45 23CP46 12SG23 00PI21 11AQ48 10TA58 20PI39 25CP54 29TA35. Th 11 09:25:07 22AQ28 12AQ42 17AQ09 11AQ48 17TA59 12AQ26 06AQ27 07TA03 19PI36 25CP31 16GE41 Tu 17 21:42:23 24LE19 12SG16 09VI08 00LI58 11VI26 27AQ37 09AQ07 14TA47 22PI32 24CP53 06GE47 What are you dealing with right now? Tu 08 17:06:24 17GE26 20TA46 22GE02 06CN39 27CN48 01PI56 13AQ19 12TA47 23PI07 26CP26 10GE29 Su 05 22:57:18 12VI40 17LE12 07LI49 23LI13 23VI33 25AQ12 07AQ55 14TA41 22PI03 24CP33 05GE47 Th 18 11:43:07 27PI37 18TA19 02PI48 25PI31 08GE07 20AQ22 10AQ11 08TA19 20PI54 26CP24 14GE50 Astrology Energy Healing Phone Psychic Reading Thefeelgoodplace Com, Site officially launched 28th September 2000, Astrology Ephemeris Including Magi Secret, Astrology The Speed Of Light Ebook Free Download, Gemini Horoscope Today California Astrology. Tu 27 14:20:49 06TA58 04SC51 16TA02 15TA07 02CN08 27AQ46 12AQ57 10TA28 22PI17 26CP48 12GE43 Su 26 00:20:05 03LI08 29TA41 25LI24 17SC15 07LI08 23AQ09 07AQ04 14TA15 21PI28 24CP20 04GE40 Fr 22 08:06:16 02AQ11 14TA19 20AQ31 16CP44 07TA19 07AQ41 04AQ05 06TA45 18PI58 24CP53 17GE45 Th 04 02:53:51 11SC47 29LI27 26LI57 28SG37 02SC58 22AQ48 07AQ21 12TA49 20PI37 24CP30 02GE36 Sa 04 22:53:21 11VI41 04LE15 06LI32 22LI04 22VI55 25AQ19 07AQ58 14TA42 22PI05 24CP34 05GE50 We 14 13:29:34 24AR16 14TA58 18AR44 29AR03 24GE15 25AQ39 12AQ17 09TA43 21PI52 26CP46 13GE24 Sa 18 05:47:20 26SG16 13GE24 06CP42 26CP27 03SG13 27AQ59 10AQ28 11TA14 20PI29 25CP30 00GE16 We 13 07:30:47 23CP01 20CP18 07AQ19 05CP27 02TA51 05AQ34 03AQ01 06TA43 18PI44 24CP35 18GE13 Sa 27 12:18:36 06AR33 12VI09 16PI13 06AR43 13GE27 22AQ14 10AQ58 08TA45 21PI14 26CP34 14GE21 Th 16 05:39:26 24SG14 19TA47 03CP33 26CP15 01SG49 27AQ38 10AQ16 11TA17 20PI28 25CP26 00GE23 Tu 30 12:30:25 09AR31 26LI31 21PI07 10AR27 15GE15 22AQ50 11AQ13 08TA54 21PI21 26CP36 14GE12 Fr 20 21:54:13 27LE12 24CP49 14VI14 04LI30 13VI21 27AQ14 08AQ54 14TA47 22PI28 24CP49 06GE37 Su 28 12:22:32 07AR32 26VI41 17PI50 07AR58 14GE03 22AQ26 11AQ03 08TA48 21PI17 26CP35 14GE18 We 09 17:10:21 18GE24 02GE33 21GE30 07CN52 28CN25 01PI58 13AQ18 12TA50 23PI08 26CP25 10GE26 We 21 13:57:10 01TA07 09LE28 03TA19 07TA43 28GE29 26AQ50 12AQ40 10TA07 22PI06 26CP48 13GE02 Mo 30 22:33:38 06VI51 03GE35 29VI41 16LI14 19VI43 25AQ56 08AQ15 14TA45 22PI13 24CP38 06GE06 Tu 02 02:45:58 09SC47 00LI28 23LI53 26SG40 01SC37 22AQ42 07AQ17 12TA54 20PI39 24CP29 02GE42 Sa 29 16:26:59 07GE51 13CP15 24GE41 24GE26 21CN40 01PI22 13AQ30 12TA16 22PI60 26CP35 11GE01 Mo 22 04:04:49 29SC53 28GE15 25SC48 14CP21 15SC11 24AQ18 08AQ19 12TA06 20PI26 24CP50 01GE39 Th 26 22:17:52 02VI59 15AR22 23VI47 11LI33 17VI10 26AQ27 08AQ30 14TA47 22PI19 24CP42 06GE18 Fr 27 22:21:49 03VI57 27AR44 25VI18 12LI44 17VI48 26AQ19 08AQ26 14TA46 22PI17 24CP41 06GE15 Su 28 10:32:09 09PI37 18VI20 13AQ26 03PI04 27TA36 16AQ23 08AQ22 07TA34 20PI13 26CP00 15GE47, Mo 01 10:36:05 10PI37 02LI51 14AQ06 04PI19 28TA11 16AQ37 08AQ28 07TA36 20PI16 26CP02 15GE44 Su 19 23:52:30 26VI17 02PI01 22LI17 09SC20 02LI35 23AQ43 07AQ17 14TA26 21PI40 24CP23 05GE02 Su 10 01:15:17 16LI54 05SG13 16LI13 02SG46 16LI18 22AQ27 06AQ53 13TA48 21PI07 24CP19 03GE55 A fascinating analysis of the personality by. Mo 06 05:00:01 14SG04 07CP51 17SG51 23CP08 24SC50 26AQ05 09AQ23 11TA35 20PI25 25CP10 00GE54 Fr 12 09:29:04 23AQ29 25AQ58 16AQ03 13AQ03 18TA33 12AQ40 06AQ34 07TA04 19PI38 25CP33 16GE38 Mo 02 20:43:15 09LE56 25TA41 10LE24 13VI08 01VI58 29AQ30 10AQ12 14TA39 22PI51 25CP12 07GE35 We 10 11:11:34 19PI38 08AQ59 22AQ38 15PI33 03GE25 18AQ38 09AQ24 07TA57 20PI36 26CP15 15GE15 Su 14 11:27:21 23PI38 00AR08 27AQ29 20PI32 05GE45 19AQ30 09AQ48 08TA08 20PI45 26CP20 15GE03 Mo 11 01:19:14 17LI54 19SG42 15LI04 03SG51 16LI58 22AQ25 06AQ53 13TA46 21PI05 24CP19 03GE52 Tu 19 01:50:46 25LI49 07AR19 10LI08 12SG25 22LI15 22AQ20 06AQ56 13TA28 20PI54 24CP21 03GE27 Tu 02 08:49:38 13AQ21 07LI24 25AQ59 00AQ31 13TA05 10AQ18 05AQ24 06TA52 19PI18 25CP14 17GE10 Mo 18 07:50:30 28CP06 26PI20 15AQ05 11CP43 05TA18 06AQ44 03AQ37 06TA44 18PI52 24CP45 17GE57 Heaven's Child is a good place to find info about Astrology Ephemeris For 2021. Mo 26 14:16:52 05TA59 19LI43 13TA57 13TA53 01CN31 27AQ37 12AQ55 10TA24 22PI15 26CP48 12GE46 Tu 29 18:29:12 07CN29 03PI26 17GE35 02LE12 10LE46 02PI04 12AQ29 13TA43 23PI12 26CP00 09GE23 Sa 20 03:56:56 27SC52 04GE39 22SC36 12CP48 13SC49 24AQ05 08AQ11 12TA10 20PI27 24CP47 01GE45 Th 22 19:59:53 29CN25 00CP50 17CN32 29LE58 25LE05 00PI39 11AQ01 14TA27 23PI01 25CP28 08GE10 We 08 23:09:07 15VI34 28VI02 11LI32 26LI42 25VI29 24AQ51 07AQ45 14TA39 21PI58 24CP30 05GE37 Fr 30 14:32:39 09TA53 20SG05 22TA10 18TA49 03CN57 28AQ13 13AQ04 10TA38 22PI22 26CP48 12GE33, Sa 01 14:36:35 10TA51 04CP38 24TA08 20TA03 04CN33 28AQ21 13AQ07 10TA41 22PI24 26CP48 12GE30 You can delete all data in "My Astro" at any time. Th 09 05:11:51 17SG07 21AQ27 22SG33 24CP25 26SC55 26AQ31 09AQ38 11TA30 20PI25 25CP15 00GE45 Su 11 19:16:31 18CN56 29CN49 28GE48 16LE43 18LE13 01PI32 11AQ46 14TA09 23PI09 25CP44 08GE45 Sa 16 07:42:37 26CP04 00PI55 12AQ04 09CP13 04TA19 06AQ16 03AQ22 06TA43 18PI49 24CP41 18GE04 Fr 12 11:19:27 21PI38 04PI57 24AQ60 18PI03 04GE35 19AQ04 09AQ36 08TA02 20PI40 26CP17 15GE09 Su 04 18:48:55 12CN15 05TA42 20GE58 08LE15 13LE52 01PI54 12AQ12 13TA54 23PI11 25CP53 09GE07 Fr 22 02:02:36 28LI48 14TA07 11LI08 15SG33 24LI15 22AQ21 06AQ59 13TA21 20PI51 24CP22 03GE17 Th 18 03:49:03 25SC51 10TA52 19SC24 11CP11 12SC27 23AQ53 08AQ04 12TA15 20PI28 24CP45 01GE52 Tu 28 00:27:59 05LI05 23GE17 25LI26 19SC30 08LI26 23AQ00 07AQ01 14TA12 21PI25 24CP20 04GE34 Tu 04 14:48:25 13TA45 15AQ52 29TA47 23TA45 06CN23 28AQ46 13AQ13 10TA52 22PI28 26CP48 12GE21 Th 16 23:40:40 23VI21 21CP08 19LI54 05SC54 00LI38 23AQ60 07AQ24 14TA30 21PI45 24CP25 05GE12 We 05 14:52:21 14TA44 28AQ51 01GE34 24TA58 06CN59 28AQ54 13AQ15 10TA55 22PI30 26CP48 12GE17 Mo 14 17:30:04 23GE11 02LE55 18GE45 13CN58 01LE30 02PI07 13AQ09 13TA04 23PI10 26CP19 10GE10 We 20 07:58:23 00AQ08 20AR36 17AQ55 14CP13 06TA18 07AQ13 03AQ51 06TA44 18PI55 24CP49 17GE51 Mo 03 14:44:28 12TA47 02AQ32 27TA57 22TA31 05CN46 28AQ38 13AQ11 10TA48 22PI27 26CP48 12GE24 Su 18 13:45:20 28AR11 02CN17 26AR58 04TA00 26GE40 26AQ20 12AQ31 09TA57 22PI00 26CP47 13GE11 Tu 07 05:03:57 15SG05 22CP46 19SG25 23CP36 25SC32 26AQ13 09AQ28 11TA33 20PI25 25CP11 00GE51 Tu 28 06:26:45 06CP27 17LI42 22CP16 24CP59 10SG16 29AQ47 11AQ29 11TA01 20PI37 25CP48 29TA44 This color test will reveal more about your current disposition. We 22 06:03:06 00CP20 01LE03 12CP59 26CP21 06SG01 28AQ40 10AQ52 11TA08 20PI32 25CP37 00GE04 Tu 13 13:25:37 23AR17 03TA06 16AR44 27AR49 23GE39 25AQ28 12AQ13 09TA40 21PI50 26CP45 13GE27 Su 22 22:02:06 29LE08 22AQ44 17VI31 06LI51 14VI37 26AQ58 08AQ46 14TA47 22PI25 24CP47 06GE31 We 17 03:45:06 24SC51 28AR50 17SC48 10CP21 11SC46 23AQ47 08AQ00 12TA17 20PI28 24CP43 01GE55 We 19 15:47:33 28TA15 18LE34 20GE03 12GE11 15CN32 00PI32 13AQ30 11TA43 22PI49 26CP42 11GE33 We 06 07:03:11 15CP52 10LI38 25CP54 26SG40 29AR34 03AQ56 02AQ12 06TA45 18PI35 24CP21 18GE36 Fr 19 09:56:40 00PI33 22TA05 11AQ16 21AQ48 22TA28 14AQ18 07AQ22 07TA16 19PI53 25CP45 16GE16 Su 04 12:50:08 14AR26 09CP07 29PI43 16AR39 18GE14 23AQ49 11AQ36 09TA10 21PI32 26CP40 13GE56 Su 18 19:44:07 25CN36 03SC08 09CN56 25LE10 22LE35 01PI01 11AQ18 14TA21 23PI04 25CP33 08GE22 We 14 19:28:20 21CN48 08VI29 03CN12 20LE20 20LE05 01PI19 11AQ34 14TA14 23PI07 25CP39 08GE35

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