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Arsenal doesn’t need underperformers anymore. I wondered this but it turns out that only English and Welsh players count as automatically homegrown and it’s always been this way. PS I have no criticism of Özil, just as I have no criticism of Bale or Sanchez or any player offered in part exchange without their consent. Then, once I realized I was lazy and had a bad attitude, I would move on to another job and try not to be so lazy and negative around my co-workers.

All (23) Goalkeepers (2) Ozil is yet to feature for Arsenal since March The news has made many Arsenal fans and Ozil faithfuls saddened and they now believe that Ozil … Arsenal are also required to submit their squad list by the end of today for the UEFA Europa League group stages. Soares: cover for both FB positions, particularly given Bellerin’s form was dodgy and AMN’s future was uncertain at the time. Noting to do with citizenship, homegrown rule is about what association the player is with as a youngster. All very basic principles of the game and stuff you should have learned at… Read more », If you knew anything about the game you would know EPL teams cannot afford to have AMs jog around on defense anymore.

I thought mustafi was an home grown player… The media has successfully done its job. Sideways and backwards. Arteta clearly has had enough of our German friend. We already have Mohamed Elneny for that…. I may be one of the worst buys in the history of the Premiership but I… Read more », The fault lies at the feet of Wenger & Gazidis. As per my specific phrasing, I can’t think of anyone. Winston Bogarde of Chelsea 2000 to 2004 £40K a week During his spell at Stamford Bridge, the club attempted to sell Bogarde due to his large salary (£40K a week), and demoted him to the reserve and youth teams in an effort to force him to leave. Can we at least use the facts we have and not assumptions (unfounded ones at that!)? Under-21 players (born on or after January 1, 1999) are exempt from this rule. It’ll be extremely satisfying to watch Özil being one of them 2 players. His more recent play was possession (sort of) and moving the ball backwards and laterally. Credit to him for taking his chance and forcing his name into the squad. And based on Arteta’s preferences that is Ozil and Sokratis. Always getting balls in behind and creating so many chances for the front men. So the player does not have to be English. Simply type your email address into the box at the top of this article - or any article on the Arsenal section of in fact - labelled 'Get the biggest daily stories by email' and click 'Subscribe'. Otherwise it’s an easy way around transfer rules during the season. Who has been sidelined like Ozil has? And, as far as the rest of the football world is concerned, we’re already a bunch of clowns for having done so.

I am an Arsenal supporter and with that supports the present manager and his team and am more than happy with the vision that the manager is trying to instill in the team and the club. player is sent on loan and gets no playing time. Ozil……..well, he is simply out of favor. Also bear in mind, Sokratis has said he doesn’t want to sit on a contract and would rather leave to play. Arsenal face decision time over non-homegrown players Now that the transfer window has closed, Arsenal will be shortly required to submit their 25 man squad list for the Premier League season. has to be sokratis and ozil? I would have thought he’s been on garden leave since lockdown. MA was starting him each game until the lockdown. My apologies ? His agent turned over Wenger just like Walcott’s agent. Ozil no way! Musti seems to have Arteta’s faith, so looking like Ozil and Papa. Useful enough to have in the squad as cover. Two that look vulnerable to me are the new boys, Cedric and Mari. It will be very interesting to see who he selects, particularly if it’s based on involvement so far this season. Three years at an English / Welsh club before turning 21.

Although, Ainsley-Maitland Niles and Calum Chambers bring the number back up.

could deal with other Prem clubs, but seems that’s not the case. But it’s OUR change, not his and that’s on us. To want Ozil in the side means you’re not an Arsenal fan, but an Ozil fan boy. Kolasinac and Sokratis for me. Saw him getting outmanouvered by 3 years olds all the time. Emi Martinez, so the number of players in … Name single player better than Ozil in terms of creativity in the current squad. Breaking news is that after Jack Whitehall said exactly that, Özil has offered to pay for Gunnersaurus himself.

The rules state that: Each squad contains no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the “Home Grown Player” (HGP) criteria. No, saliba is in the u-21 list, did you not read the article sir? … yep, in the midfield. Willian, Saka, and Ceballos all offer that – maybe 80-90% of Ozil’s current attacking ability and about 1000% of his defensive ability. Releasing players, by agreement, from their contracts makes them free agents as I understand it. Ozil will never have to worry about his mortgage or being able to feed his family like John Smith who works in an office and earns less in a year than Ozil does in a morning. If they find someone who is required urgently I have seen companies way two months wages to original employer and hire the employee. Not too mention how thin on numbers we are in the middle of the park. Ozil walking away from his contract having already amassed tens of millions of pounds from his employer is nothing like an average Joe losing his job. Arteta clearly rates, to some extent, Mustafi and we just have too many CBs so I think that will probably inform the decision.

They love it.

Ozil and Sokratis will probably be cut from the list. Stop believing all that Holy Mickey Larteta say. Arteta clearly wants to play with a left footer there so you need two in the squad, and Kola isn’t up to it.

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