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On the other hand, Birch is smooth with grains that may be curly, straight or wavy. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. It is used in home improvement stores. While alder can be used for these purposes, it has several other uses too, as birch wood does too. Your Dura Supreme dealer will have actual cabinet finish samples, cabinet door styles and kitchen cabinetry displays at their showroom so you can see and feel the finish first-hand. Dura Supreme offers a variety of beautiful cabinet finishes for your Knotty Alder cabinetry. Ironically, there was a time when cabinet makers would enthusiastically use amber-toned alder wood to give it off remarkable reddish-colored finishing which resembled cherry wood in appearance. Related: Types of Ebony Wood | Types of Teak Wood | Types of Tiger Wood | Types of Hickory Wood. You can find red alder wood in two kinds: clear red alder and knotty red alder. So, if you plan to make cabinets or drawers out of alder, read on to find out more. To distinguish red alder trees from their counterparts, it is important to note that they are a broad-leaf tree with a medium size and the ability to grow up to 24 meters. Having the scientific name – Alnus maritima, the seaside alder is a small tree species native to the United States and is popularly found in regions like Georgia, Oklahoma, Delaware, and Maryland. There is also classic oak, maple or beech. Alder is commonly used for making cabinets. The green alder is not only lauded for its physical properties; green alder wood is exceedingly useful as it is used in the construction of furniture, manufacturing cabinets and charcoal, and smoking salmons. Grain: European Alder has an even and fine grain with closed pores. "slot_uuid":"da811cd1-ebcc-4644-a4f4-83121f67d703" In a humid environment, it will be reduced to pulp. The wood attained from the tree is used for many purposes such as making frames and cabinets. Resistance to rot and decay: Alder doesn’t have a high resistance to rot and decay, so it is advisable to use this wood for indoor furniture alone. Share. In addition to cabinets, alder wood is also used for the construction of windows, doors, trims, and beam wraps. Ease of working: It’s easy to work with Alder, whether one uses machine tools or hand tools. The leaves are simple and slightly toothed in design. It is interesting to note that this light-brown wood with striking grain patterns came into limelight as a more affordable alternative to cherry wood, and that’s exactly how alder wood got its common name “poor man’s cherry”. Pine is inexpensive compared to other wood types. Sometimes, the wood consists of grain which is usually straight and uniform, similar to Birch, only it is redder in looks. Our cabinets are built from a variety of wood options: from a Hickory, an Alder, Walnut or Cherry. The 2020s and Art Deco Tiles Coming Back with a Vengeance, Two-Story 3-Bedroom Modern Octagon Style Home with Wraparound Deck (Floor Plan), There Will Be an Urbanization Boom Come 2023. The Alder tree takes about 25-40 years to mature and begins to mark a decline in quality of wood after age 70 years. As its Latin name suggests, the leaves tend to be sticky and remain abloom well late into the autumn season. However, cabinet makers do not opt for this wood due to the many finishing techniques this wood calls for, making it expensive than its peers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all the common types of alder wood that you must know about. Raw Elder displays certain characteristics of grain such as burls, sound cracks, closed knots and worm holes, which go to show its true and natural beauty. This odorless wood works like Black Cherry; for example, both of them possess great finishing and staining characteristics. }); Surprisingly, the wood is soft in nature and hence additional care needs to be shown to avoid damaging the wood. Knotty Alder is chosen for its rustic, informal appearance. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // Alder is typified by its consistent color, ranging from white to a light rosy-brown. Unprecedented amenities paired with bold personal style. Well, alder is a bit blotchy. Alder wood is not restricted to one type, luckily, for interested customers, this versatile wood can be found in various forms. - Learn More. Is Alder a Hardwood? They are used to make cabinets, other types of furniture and electric guitars. Takes paint well. To retain the natural color of Alder wood, only a little stain should be applied for a brief time because the longer it stays on the wood surface, the darker it will cause the wood to grow. It also sands very well and being a soft wood, woodworkers should take care not to dent it. DIY Project Idea: Crafting Your First Fireplace. See more ideas about Tuscan decorating, Knotty alder kitchen, Kitchen decor. Related: Types of Wood Joinery | Types of Lumber | Types of Hardwood Flooring | Types of Pine Wood | Types of Mahogany Wood | Types of Cherry Wood | Types of Oak Wood | Types of Walnut Wood | Types of Ash Wood | Types of Beech Wood | Types of Acacia Wood | Types of Poplar Wood | Types of Ebony Wood | Types of Cedar Wood | Lumber Dimensions | Types of Teak Wood | Types of Tiger Wood | Types of Hickory Wood | Types of Fir Wood | Types of Plywood | What is MDF Board. The safety and well-being of our customers, employees and communities is our top priority. Birch, being a hardwood, is far more durable than any other hardwoods. You need to be ready for the fact that different pieces of wood will stain differently, but this only adds to its beauty. previous slide / next slide. Since it is a tough wood type, it is best used to make butcher blocks and tool handles. Another factor that makes this wood more expensive is the fact that it requires certain finishing techniques, especially in the process of cabinet constructions. Referred to as Alnus Viridis, the green alder, like other alder trees, is a deciduous tree. There is no definite distinction between its heartwood and sapwood. When Alder is used for moldings, barely any cracks, knots or splits can be seen. Please note that the leaf base is asymmetric while the leaf margin is serrated. Being versatile, it can bring about any look, from being part of either a sophisticated setting or a casual one. On the other hand, the bark of this type of alder is used for dyeing and tanning as it is packed with 16 to 20% of tannic acid. Its natural appearance lends itself particularly well to country-style kitchens. This kitchen has rustic roots yet still looks chic with its simple knotty Alder kitchen cabinets in our Plymouth door style. Today, it is known to be among the softest type of hardwood, so its position as a hardwood is undeniable. © 2013-2020 The Basic Woodworking. Seaside alder wood is extracted from the seaside alder and is used for manufacturing and construction purposes. Also known as Alnus glutinosa, the black alder is European alder, belonging to the Betulaceae family. Instead of trying to salvage a damaged floor, prevent such things from happening by placing pads below the legs of chairs, sofas, etc in highly used parts of your home. Owing to tight, intertwined roots, the wood is incredibly strong and can effectively withstand storms and extreme water flows. We have adapted and evolved our manufacturing processes to operate safely and be able to meet our delivery commitments. If you have domestic pets, make sure that you trim their nails periodically so that they do not gouge the floor. Since it is soft wood, the stain enters the open pores of the wood and gives it an entirely different character. As the name implies, the tree is distinctly known for having glossy green leaves with a light green under surface. The tree is known for its beautiful yellow-hued flowers with nesting birds. Its plywood is widely used since it can be produced in large and flat sheets of veneer. The black alder is best cultivated in moist climatic regions, extending into a medium-sized tree with a height up to 30 meters. The inner bark is specifically scraped to be used in different kinds of food items like cakes and salads. With time, the light color of the wood tends to darken, becoming deep, intense red in shade. aax_getad_mpb({ That being said, its cinnamon-brown wood is hard to ignore and can be employed for a wide variety of uses. //. “Is Alder a hardwood?” Well, it is a soft hardwood, but with its other defining characteristics, it acts just like any typical hardwood and is therefore readily chosen to make furniture and other hardy woodworking projects. Unfortunately, it is a short-lived tree which grows round pale to dark green leaves, tiny catkins, and small fruits. The wood has the ability to tolerate wet sites, flooding, clay soil, and alkaline soil. Since the diameter of these trees is small, the board widths are narrow. Durability: When used for flooring, Alder wood isn’t very durable. Clear red alder also resembles hardwoods like Maple or birch. Please note that the ideal growth of tree takes place n warm, volcanic soils. A light-colored wood, Birch ranges in color from cream to pale yellow. This species of the tree originated in Europe, northern Africa, and southwest Asia. Differences? In terms of hardness, alder wood ranks above pine and poplar. Its heartwood is usually reddish-brown, which could bring about color variations when making fashioning cabinets. Knotty Alder is chosen for its rustic, informal appearance. Anyone with a good knowledge of hardwood flooring will know that alder hardwood flooring should not be exposed often to standing water in kitchens and bathrooms or it will warp. Room. Of course, it can be used for moldings because of its ability to be naturally straight. Scientifically known as Alnus nepalensis, the Nepalese alder is a huge alder tree which is widely populated in the subtropical highlands of the Himalayas. Identified as a popular finish hardwood, alder wood is one of the softest hardwoods on the market after, of course, pine and poplar wood. There are several kinds of hardwood that can be used for flooring, cabinet making and moldings. The seaside alder exhibits fine-toothed, dark green leaves in summer which changes to yellow-brown in fall.

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