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338 edge recoil

Years ago this would be considered pure luck, but we know better now. After every shooter completes the qualification stages, the top 10 scores move onto the finals. Even when a projectile’s time in flight can be measured on a stopwatch, pace matters. CMG West, LLC Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news and event postings. So guys shooting R-33 in a 338 Lapua or Edge will most likely see better results from the Super Beast. The other scope has a MOAR reticle, which offers finer floating crosshair that subtends 1 MOA for both windage and elevation. The other long-range shooters at the range and I were pleasantly surprised with the rifle’s accuracy. Were four shot groups into ½ MOA at 500 yards the best it could do?

This same effect can be seen with any developing technology, and the early adopters and trailblazers always pay a premium. So What’s the Verdict? This wildcat reclaims the extra case length Remington gave away with their introduction of the .338 RUM. This is a unique tool that uses the physical principal that a conductor spinning generates an electrical field. Pshh, no. One was large, nearly the literal broad side of a barn rather than the proverbial.
The game starts with communications between the wind caller and ballistician. Some shooters move up to the .406 Chey-Tac or the .50 Browning machine gun. Not only did heavy bullets dramatically reduce increased drop at colder temperatures, but the drift shooting 80 grain Hornady AMax bullets was cut in half. The road is rough and rocky, the tires of the SUV kicking up dust and dirt clods as we make the long journey to a rarely visited corner of the NRA’s Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. Recoil is approximately twice that of the popular.30-06 cartridge, for a given weight rifle. This proved a bit tricky, since I had problem with my factory chambering hard even after resizing – apparently me chamber was pretty tight. But, if you’re that guy who really wants to shoot a 300-grain bullet that stays supersonic out to 2,000 yards and doesn’t mind reconfiguring between each shot because you want a long barrel, but short overall length, then the LRKM and the 338 Terminator are for you.

Years back, every computation would have to be performed by hand or with the aid of spartan calculators. I'm going to test it on a 300RUM with 97grs of R-33 behind a 208 first and I might do my 338 Edge that I shoot 99grs of R-33 in after that. When possible, I shoot rifles with my firing-side thumb on the same side as, and near, my trigger finger. Four-hundred grains of solid copper screaming out of a barrel at 3,200 fps is nothing to turn your nose up at.

More on this later.

The .338 Edge is an improved necked up .300 RUM. He runs both RocketFFL which helps people get an FFL and stay compliant and RocketCCW which gets people qualified for a CCW online. However, it’s worth noting again: the Defensive Edge LRKM has an amazing trigger — and it happens to be a bullpup-style rifle. %PDF-1.6 %���� Toward the end of the training session I got to try my own at two miles. You place the bullet back in the case with the OAL gauge still attached and then measure the overall cartridge length. Long Range Super Star The .338 Edge is Wins in the Wind, Browning X Bolt Varmint Stalker in .223 Remington, Handloads: Browning .223 Remington X Bolt Varmint Stalker. Your email address will not be published. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases.

I did get discounts on some of these items. The Rifle Belying its shorter overall length due to the bullpup design, is the rifle’s weight at just under 16 pounds with the Nightforce ATAC-R that arrived with it, (13.5 pounds for the rifle alone). As I said, I have three .300 RUMs and find them all quite accurate. Rangefinders obviated the need for flat trajectory but even if we knew the true value of the wind all the way to the target shooting bullets with a high ballistic coefficient is still vital for long range hits. But as that first shot whizzed mere inches over that plate, I was hooked. Takedown is pretty straightforward, assuming you can turn two screws. Kirby Allen’s .338 Allen Magnum, when placed next to a .338 Lapua, looks like a .300 RUM next to a .308 Winchester. I loaded up and fired my first shot out of the LRKM. When it comes to long-range shooting, there are nearly innumerable variables at play.

Save my name & email in this browser for the next time I comment. It launches a 300 grain bullet at 3350 fps! Military snipers usually work in pairs; police snipers aren’t always so lucky, sometimes running solo. However, I personally recommend neither for most shooters.
Robin Sharpless informed me that while they supply die bodies for the .338 Edge, Shawn Carlock’s company, Defensive Edge, machines the dies to their specifications. Between the time of this practice session and the competition itself, a Canadian sniper would successfully shoot a militant over 3,500 meters away with a McMillan TAC-50.

Like the Hornady AMAX bullets, I was plagued by high pressures and poor accuracy. Shooting my sporter .338/300 prone off a field expedient "rest" to verify zero before a hunt, I expect to get a few scope dings around the eyebrow. Subsequent loads with even less powder still proved too hot. Recoil is approximately twice that of the popular .30-06 cartridge, for a given weight rifle. The other issue with the .338 Lapua is that it has a case head larger than conventional magnums. A cable connect the bayonet to the microprocessor and electronic display. Both would have a +P throat and would be ran through a 28” or 30”tube. A long-range shooter no longer has to know the equations by heart or spend vital time with complex procedures. The table shows that the 338 RUM delivers equal velocities with less powder and less recoil up through the 250 Grain bullets. Rarely do we hear Coriolis mentioned unless they’re making fun of the movie Shooter, but at two miles it’s significant. But it does have its drawbacks, namely recoil.

[1] It is gaining popularity as a long-range cartridge due to the wide availability of 0.338" projectiles that have a high ballistic coefficient.

Harrison: I saw pictures. Get 5% off all Creedmoor brand ammo with code CREEDMOOR5. His newest project is focused on family and organizational safety at Mayday Safety. Encyclopedia of firearms and ammo of the XX and XXI centuries. The .338 Edge is really impressive; I have used various 7mm and 300 mags for quite some time, but they are left in the dust when compared with the .338 Edge. It was, however, easier to hold off-hand than a similar-weighted rifle and it was very stable on a bag due to much of its weight being distributed toward the rear. Grayguns' New EDC Straight Trigger Kit For SIG P-Series Pistols, Trijicon Announces Intentions To Acquire AmeriGlo, 108dB? the Edge have completely changed the game. Brian Litz documents this in book “Modern Advancements In Long Range Shooting.”  Consider the 6.5mm 142 gr Sierra Match King bullet. I also ordered 200 cases of Beltram brass. All of this happens while the shooter prepares for a fast follow-up and the ballistician stands by for corrections. I inspected the brass and noted no pressure signs. This isn’t like that. - Log in, Posted by  admin-envoy on  2014-06-16, Posted by  admin-envoy That M700 bolt exiting the rear of the action means you have to take the rifle out of the shoulder each time you stuff in a reload. I had provided two cases to Gordy for smithing purposes and he sent one back drilled and tapped for a Hornady Lock-N-Load Overall Length gauge (formerly Stoney Point), which is used to determine overall cartridge length so that a given bullet is just touching the lands. The other was smaller and more practical: a 36×36-inch square of steel. I’m wanting to change it to a 338 edge.

This is a problem with the LRKM. Great. More on this after some ballistics of the round. The Applied Ballistics team pragmatically starts with established, known quantities from other long-range disciplines such as F-Class shooting. The best way to cheat the wind is to shoot bullets with high ballistic coefficients, which in my opinion start with G1 BCs over .5. Deciding that my new girlfriend would be .338 caliber, the next decision involved the cartridge to use. Defensive Edge, the rifle’s manufacturer and designer, did include a kydex holder for two rounds forward of the ejection port so that a couple of spares were readily available. Derek Rodgers of the Applied Ballistics team took the top title this year, and was also the first one to actually hit the 2-mile target.

Do not forget that rifle weight is a crucial factor in the recoil equation, inversely proportional to recoil. This was unexpected. qk>ڟE��'.

That feeling is most definitely magic.

I moved out to 600 yards and then quickly worked my way out to 1,000, where I placed three rounds in a 6-inch group on a steel gong. Increase the gun weight by, say, 25% and the recoil goes down by 25%. and the .338 RCM loads 27.4 ft.lbs. The Chamber Defensive Edge has a patented chamber design wherein they use a special throat to handle the power of these monster rounds without dangerous pressures.

I recently wrote about the Gunwerks G7 BR2 rangefinder. I resized the Beltram brass and standardized the flashholes, but did not neck turn the brass because I didn’t have .338 pilot for my Forster case trimmer. Then they look for limitations in equipment, attempting to fix those deficiencies with new technology. Yep, that’s right — I couldn’t operate the bolt while staying in position on the rifle. The next step was choosing an action. Shooting 0.6 MOA at 1,000 yards is doable for me, but I surely don’t do it every time. For big game hunting, the .338 Winchester Magnum is a favorite; I think it is more versatile than the .30-06. Above all, the rifle was dead nuts accurate. The LRKM rifle is extremely accurate but the bullpup design, although executed as well as it could be, is clumsy on a bolt-action rifle. First Shots At the range, I set up the rifle and my chronograph and prepared to confirm the rifle’s zero at 100 yards.

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