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Founded in 1947, Cox Lumber Co. began as a small hardware store and has grown into one of the largest home improvement retailers in Florida and the Cayman Islands.  With 7 locations in Florida, 2 locations in the Cayman Islands and multiple Truss Manufacturing Facilities Cox Lumber is your go to headquarters for all your construction needs.



The story of Cox Lumber in Grand Cayman stems from a long history of entrepreneurship and dedication to home improvement, with a vision to create hardware stores that are more than just a retail business. They envisioned a place that builds and unites communities with the guiding ethic of providing value and continuity through their service offerings, product selection and community support.



 Back in 1949, Linton N. Tibbetts, OBE purchased half interest in the 6-year old Cox Supply Company in the United States (later becoming Cox Lumber Co.) from Mr. T.T. Cox.  Twelve years later Mr. Tibbetts purchased the remaining half of the company and set his sights on becoming the largest independently-owned lumber and building materials supplier in the state of Florida and the largest roof and floor truss company in the Southeast United States. 



In 2006, the Tibbetts Family sold Cox Lumber Co. to The Home Depot after posting record sales of $396 million in 2005; with 28 locations including 11 truss plants and 15 door plants in Florida and the Cayman Islands.  With their unrelenting passion to serve their surrounding communities, the Tibbetts Family continued to own and operate Cox Lumber Ltd. in Grand Cayman as well as Tibbetts International, the family’s Caribbean export and freight-forwarding business, located in St. Petersburg.



Then in 2009 the Tibbetts Family and Mr. Tibbetts decided to re-enter the lumber business in Florida by establishing Tibbetts Lumber Co. with one small location in St. Petersburg and big dreams. Today the company has 5 locations in Florida (St. Petersburg, Land O’Lakes, Ocala, Ft. Myers, & Palm Bay), 3 Cox Lumber Ltd. locations in Grand Cayman, & Tibbetts International in St. Petersburg. 



2015 marked a new era for Cox Lumber, with their newest flagship store opening in Bodden Town to support the future growth in a facility large enough to handle the construction needs across Grand Cayman for years to come.  An additional facility in the industrial area of George Town, off Sparky’s Drive, handled the building of trusses and manufacturing of rebar.

Although the business has changed and grown over the years, the company remains committed to offering high-quality home improvement products at the best prices, while delivering a high level of customer service and continuing to strengthen the bonds of friendship and community.


Joe Shetler

General Manager

  • 40+ years in the industry
  • Worked for the Tibbetts Family for over 25+ years; lives in Grand Cayman
  • Responsible for all Cox Lumber operations in Grand Cayman
  • Officer of Tibbetts Lumber Florida operations

Devin Clark

Truss Plant/Rebar Manager

  • 20+ years in the Truss Manufacturing Industry
  • 20+ years in the Truss Design Industry
  • Owned roof and floor truss manufacturing company in the United States
  • Works in the field helping contractors value engineer jobs during the quoting process; all done in 3D viewer

Linda Bush

HR Manager

  • Over 20 years in HR
  • Worked for the Tibbetts family for over 20 years

Rick Hurtt

Accounts Manager

  • 12+ Years working for Cox Lumber Ltd.
  • 35+ Years working in Retail
  • Accounts Payable Manager


Glenda Martin

Specialty Sales and Support

  • 5+ years in the Building Industry
  • Specialized in job site organization
  • Procurement of all specialty product and windows
  • Glass, Windows, Doors and Hardware Specialist
  • Handles Custom Glass Installations


Maxine Scott

Outside Salesperson

  • 20+ years in the Building Industry
  • Door, Window and Building Material Specialist
  • Prides herself in taking care of the customer

Keith Shetler

Outside Salesperson

  • Grew up in the industry
  • 3 years serving customers in Grand Cayman
  • Totally committed to job site service and delivering emergency needs

Claudia Romero

Outside Salesperson

  • 5+ Years in the Building Industry
  • Stucco, Paint and General Building Materials Specialist
  • Selling on island for 3+ years